Best 10 Wedding Planners In Bangalore You Should Hire For Perfect And Stress Free Wedding November 3, 2015 – Posted in: Blog, Wedding Inspirations

Wedding is a once-in-a-life-time event. The amount of joy, the love, the emotions, the people, and a lot of other factors make our weddings a most memorable one.

That being said, it’s an event. And for those doing an event for the first time, it really looks like a very big and difficult task! It’s not only difficult, but everything needs to sync up.

You make the best of everything and if your food sucks, the entire josh is lost. Thanks to internet, and the ease of finding businesses these days. You could easily check up the review of your make up artist, before calling her in. And, like the make up artist, you need to figure out where to buy jewelry, and there is a long list of things to be checked.

So, here comes the wedding planners to rescue.

Its like out-sourcing the most difficult tasks to them! Be it arranging the marriage halls, to planning for the honeymoon, there are planners who could help you sit and relax, and make the event of Wedding an even more memorable one.

We have sorted out a list of the best wedding planners in your city, Bengaluru!

1. Rings And Roses

It’s a brain child of Christopher and Rosemary Ratnam. They claim to be the one of it’s kind and have organized more than 300 weddings! One of the old timers in this game.

eings and roses dot in

2. Divya and Vithika

Divya and Vithika — The 1997 and 1998 reigning Miss India, met during 2009 to start this portal. This duo seem to have extensive experience in planning weddings, and have an amazing team to execute the weddings. While high profile NRI’s are their primary audiences, they are open to small scale creative weddings!
Katha Weddings bangalore

3. Katha Weddings

They claim every wedding has a story(katha) and they really want to play a vital role in making the story a more memorable one! They get inspiring ideas from around the world, to create a very unique wedding!

Pannaga and Nikkita's Wedding

4. Elegant Weddings

Be it the RSVP management to transportation, they seems have the services in their list. The one stop solution for the W-day!

Elegant weddings dot co dot in (1)

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5. Lime Light Events

They not only specialize in wedding planning, they also plan for other business events. They seem to have a very huge list of elite clients, and promise on making your day the most memorable one.
limelight events

personalized rings-augrav-india

6. WedLock Planners

Started by AJ and Vima — With their vast experience from Interior Designing and gemologist, to wedding planners. They seem to use their creativity that they acquired in designing homes to design the beautiful fantastic wedding!

Wedlock planners India

7. Taarini Weddings

They literally want to make your “dream” wedding to reality. They seem to organize their services in a-la-carte packages, based on your tastes and interests.
Taarini weddings dot com

8. Krafted Knots

Etta and Shreya’s — The founders have a common goal, that is to create a breathtakingly beautiful wedding. With their offices in Bangalore and Karnataka, they seem to have planned Marwari, Punjabi, Bengali, Sindhi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannadiga, Telegu, Malayalee, Garwahli, Mangalorean, Coorgi , Kutchi Memon weddings.

Krafted Knots dot com

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9. We Plan Weddings

They believe marriages to be planned in heaven and are performed by them on earth ! They have a huge list of amazing testimonials, adding lots of feathers to their caps! Along with weddings, they seem to plan birthdays and corporate events as well!

We plan weddings dot in


10. 3 Production Weddings

They believe “Everyone deserves a ‘Happily Ever After’ and shouldn’t be afraid to dream of a truly exceptional wedding!” .  Their services include Wedding coordination, Guest management & logistics, Venue selection and Menu planning. They will help you “keep calm and marry on!”

3 Productions

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