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Women love accessories! And there can’t be a better accessory to round off your look than a well-matched Jewellery.  Platinum has come a long way from being a metal affordable only by the elite, being accessible even to middle-class patrons. Both industry experts and jewellery retailers are slowly changing their opinion about the exclusivity of Platinum Jewellery especially because the trend is spreading from the metro to other parts of the country as well. It has a premium cost compared to gold and silver.

A symbol of unsurpassed quality and prestige, platinum’s low reflection rate acts as the perfect canvas for the icy brilliance of diamonds, making it the preferred white metal for engagement and wedding rings.

Platinum is also 30 times rarer than gold. If you put all the platinum ever mined and melted into one Olympic sized swimming pool, it wouldn’t reach further than your ankles.

Gold, on the other hand, would fill three pools.

While shopping for Jewellery. Try comparing rings made from different metals. Feel the quality of each material.

Observe platinum weightiness and study its texture. If you are concerned with durability consider that platinum will hold its characteristics.

Unlike the other precious metals, platinum scratches, no metal is lost. It maintains its weight, so complete restoration is almost possible. Platinum doesn’t wear down and gets thinner and lighter in weight over time.


Plain Platinum Couple Band Starts at Rs.10000

This classic style Platinum Couple Rings, Platinum Wedding Rings has a traditional higher dome profile and substantial weight.


Plain Platinum Band

Plain Platinum Band

Name Engraved Platinum Band Starts at Rs. 12,000

Increase the sentimental value of your wedding band with the Name Engraved Platinum Rings by adding a personal engraving. You could also consider engraving the date of your first meeting on your Platinum Engagement Rings or Platinum Wedding Rings by making a note of the day that changed your lives forever.


Name Engraved Platinum Band

Name Engraved Platinum Band

Designer Platinum Band Starts at Rs. 15,000/-

Impress your partner on your wedding, to fall in love all over again with the designer Platinum Engagement Bands, Platinum Couple Bands. This type of Platinum Wedding Bands has a traditional higher dome profile and substantial weight. Surprise your better half with the Platinum Rings For Men or Platinum Rings For Women which is specially designed for them.



Designer Platinum Band

Designer Platinum Band

Diamond Platinum Bands Starts at Rs. 25,000/-

Everyone loves Platinum Diamond Rings. So whether you love them for their beauty, craftsmanship, or the prestige they bring when wearing, it is important to pay attention to the 4 Plus 3C’s of Diamonds.


Diamond Platinum Bands

Diamond Platinum Bands

FingerPrint Platinum Band Starts at Rs. 20,000/-

For a truly unique engraving choice why not consider a fingerprint engraving? This relatively new engraving choice utilises the latest laser engraving technology to produce stunning results to your Fingerprint Engraved Rings, Platinum Wedding Rings, Platinum Engagement Rings, Platinum Couple Rings, that will last a lifetime



FingerPrint Platinum Band

Finger Print Platinum Band

Love Story Platinum Bands Starts at Rs. 20,000/-

An expression of your love and loyalty, truly symbolize your shared tomorrow and rare connection. Create your Love Story with the Life Story Platinum Bands.


Love Story Platinum Bands

Love Story Platinum Bands

Wedding Bands Starts at Rs.15,000/-

Wedding Rings are symbols of your commitment. Exchanging your Platinum Wedding Rings, Platinum Engagement Rings, Platinum Couple Bands on the day that changes your life is a true highlight. Keep that moment special when the choices seem overwhelming or start to swim together in your head.


Platinum Wedding Rings

Platinum Wedding Rings


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Soundwave Bands Start at Rs.20,000

An opportunity to design a kind of Wedding Band. Record anything you like with your Voice and engrave your voice pattern on the Voice Engraved Platinum Wedding Rings, Platinum Couple Bands.


Soundwave Engraved Wedding Rings.

Soundwave Engraved Wedding Rings.

Elvish Font Platinum Rings Starts at Rs. 20,000/-

To keep your Wedding beautiful always in your mind go with the Lord of the Rings Elvish Font, Platinum Couple Bands.


Elvish Font Platinum Rings

Elvish Font Platinum Rings

Fusion Platinum Rings Starts at Rs. 25,000/-

Strong characters come together and there is motion in it. The Fusion Wedding Platinum Bands, Fusion Platinum Engagement Bands are a change for togetherness and are stories written by life.


Fusion Platinum Rings

Fusion Platinum Rings

Matte Finish Platinum RIngs Starts at Rs. 10,000/-

Wedding band with a Matte Finish Platinum Wedding Bands, Matte Finish Platinum Engagement Bands and polished edges will serve as the perfect foundation for a lifetime of style and sophistication.


Matte Finish Platinum RIngs

Matte Finish Platinum Rings

Spray Dull Platinum Rings Start at Rs.10,000/-

Wedding rings like  Spray Dull Platinum Rings is the new trend of jewels preferred in the current fashion world. This kind of rings gives your jewel a rich look.

Spray Dull Platinum Rings

Spray Dull Platinum Rings
                 Image Ref : www.google.com

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Diamond Dull Platinum Rings Starts at Rs. 10,000/-

Designed in timeless style, it is a fitting symbol of Love and Honor. It is wrought in the precious Platinum Diamond Rings to last for a lifetime and beyond.


Diamond Dull Platinum Rings

Diamond Dull Platinum Rings


Also, keep this in mind – most alternative metals do not have lasting value. They may look or feel cool, but most have been made cheaply overseas and have tremendous mark-up.

More food for thought – almost all of the designs can be specially made in this metal. It doesn’t matter if it appears in a showcase or online in another metal or colour.

All you have to do is ask!

AuGrav (Au-Gold, Grav-To Etch, to Engrave) Strongly believes that any Jewel should be a natural extension of yourself.  It could be as simple as your Names, to your Fingerprints, your Voice Waves, or anything that describes your Persona.  To create a piece that will be worn by only 1 out of 7 billion people on earth, Get In Touch with us.  Our Jewelry experts have all ears to listen to your story and suggest creating a masterpiece.


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