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Customized jewellery is the new trend. It makes your jewellery unique and most importantly, personal. Online jewellery stores such as AuGrav, are constantly working on improving your experience of buying jewellery online. And customized jewellery is one of the many ways to achieve that goal. With the penetration of technology in almost every industrial sector, including jewellery, customizations in jewellery are now possible in ways one could never have thought before. In this post, we introduce you to some of the lesser known, albeit, interesting ways to customize your platinum rings.

Name and Message Engraved Platinum Rings

Okay, so let’s begin with this classic customization option. For a long time now, couples have been engraving each other’s names on the wedding rings, parents engrave their children’s names and so on. Names are a great way and of course, the most tried and tested method of personalized jewellery, which to this day is one of the popular sought-after choices. You could give this idea a slight twist by using just the initials or nicknames that you use for the person who you’re buying the jewellery for.

Don’t want the world to know your name? No problem. At AuGrav, we also have provisions to imprint the names or even your special messages in the inner band of the ring. Nothing makes the gift more special than a personal message like “I Love You” written in the inner band hidden from the world. And with this being Valentine’s season, it might be the perfect gift for your partner.

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Fingerprint Engraved Platinum Rings

For those of you who want to ditch the traditional name rings, can go for something far more uncommon—fingerprints. Now, your names might be shared with others, but fingerprints? No! Fingerprints are unique. They’re only yours. This is a rare yet wonderful form of personalization for any couple ring design.

All you both need to do is to send us the photographs of your fingerprints, and the AuGrav team will engrave the inside of the bands with the prints, for a one-of-a-kind, exclusive look. Your platinum ring with fingerprint will surely get you a lot of attention wherever you go, and everyone will want to know where you got them made from. We give you the option of having the prints engraved on the top of the ring as well as on the inner band.

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Voice Wave Inscribed Platinum Rings

Voice or Sound Wave or Music rings are another unique styles of personalizing your rings, that’s sure to make your loved one smile. The fact that sound waverings are so unique and unheard of makes them even more special. Now, what exactly are voice wave rings? They’re basically your sounds or could be any sound of your choice, converted into sound waves, and the picture of those waves are them inscribed onto the rings.

All you have to do is send us a voice note, or even a music note, or a song sung by you, and the designers at AuGrav will engrave it on the outside of the band for you. These sound wave platinum rings will stand out in your collection of precious jewellery. We guarantee that.


Platinum Couple Rings

Customizing couple rings is a relatively new trend and is catching on like a wildfire. Why? Imagine, you can design the platinum love bands for you and your partner just the way you want. Whether you want a heart that crosses over to the partner’s ring so that it looks complete when put together or a see-through cross ring that seeks Almighty’s blessings on your love! These are just a few inspirations to get your ideas rolling. You can do just about anything with customizations.



So, if you want to purchase a set of gorgeous platinum rings for couples for your engagement, wedding, anniversary or any other special occasion, don’t forget to pay a visit to We have an amazing collection of platinum rings just about for anybody.

Be sure to head to AuGrav and browse the vast collection to buy customized platinum rings in India, for an outstanding shopping experience, and have the jewellery delivered to your doorstep.

See you soon!

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