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Everything related to weddings in India is elaborate – be it the dresses, functions, rituals, or the invitation cards. The amount of energy, time, and money involved in an Indian wedding is nothing to be talked about, as rarely there’s anyone in the country void of the details.

With time a lot of things have evolved/changed and so are weddings. Couples and parents (consent is essential) are free to try new and modern themes for various wedding programs and so is the case with wedding cards. Each couple wants a unique wedding invitation to be unique something that’s in trend or unconventional.

One such trend is, couples designing their own wedding cards or in some case, close relatives are involved in the process. They are skipping the traditional wedding cards printing companies and instead creating a personalized, fully-custom DIY Wedding Card.

Online design platforms like Canva, Spark Adobe, and Fotojet have made the job so much easier for to-be couples as they provide them with space to create personalized wedding cards. Plus, at portals like Canva, you can find a vast collection of ready-to-use professional wedding and engagement cards. Couples can edit these designs or get design inspiration from them and see what’s currently in trend.

However, there are few tips and design clues that wedding couples and amateurs must keep in mind before designing a wedding card. These guidelines come directly from the experts and will be useful to create beautiful save-the-date or even elaborate wedding cards.




1. Pick a Theme

The first and foremost step in creating a wedding card is to select a style category. Your card can either hold a specific style or can be a mix of several styles. It can be in line with your wedding theme or something that couples love in person. There are basically three styles that work for wedding cards –

Traditional & Elegant Apt for both formal and casual ceremony, these card styles are timeless and liked and approved by elder family members.

Retro This one is for risk-takers, such designs are inspired by the hip culture and bring an ‘it’ feel to the invitation.

Art Deco These are the cards with a lot of symmetry, glamorous edges and luxe colours.

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2. Pay Attention to the FONT

The font makes a lot of difference to the overall appearance and appeal of a card. Unlike the style, you can not pick any ‘out-there’ font as it requires to be clear and readable. However, at the same time, it should also be in-line with the design. You have to create a balance; these part can be a bit tricky, therefore choose a designing platform that offers a variety of font options and combinations.



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3. Don’t Forget the Essentials

Before going further deep into the design world, it’s best to clear some basics like – what’ll be the dimension of the card, will the card be portrait or landscape, and similar. Look out for wedding card designing portals that give flexible dimension options.

A small tip, keep the size of the envelope a millimetre bigger than that of the card. otherwise, it won’t fit.




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4. Center Align Works Best

It doesn’t matter if your design is vintage, modern, or retro wedding card– centre aligned text works best with all formats. It’s a tried and tested formula which shouldn’t be messed around.




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5. ‘&’ Instead of ‘AND’

It’s called an ampersand and unlike the boring and somewhat sorry-looking ‘and’ it’s more dramatic and elegant. Therefore, when clubbing the couple name use the gorgeous ampersand.




With this, we come to end of our wedding card design guide. Try scrolling through different designs, collect references and then with a fresh and mind, start designing your wedding card. All luck from our side!

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