7 Best Wedding Site Builders – New Way To Invite Your Friends For Your Wedding October 28, 2015 – Posted in: Blog, Wedding Inspirations


Wedding as we all know is a one time occasion, and we should definitely strive to be at our best. Organizing a wedding is a time consuming, joyous process where in we start by shopping wedding rings, wedding jewelry, booking the location for our wedding etc., And, we do all these to stand-out amongst our friends, and relatives who will be “invited”. And, how you invite really does matter!

Invitations, though they look very simple, convey a LOT to your wedding guests. They in fact reflect your personality as a whole. Doesn’t mean they have to send expensive invites, but creative ones, that reflect you as a person. For eg., if you are a fan of Shakespeare, you could may be introduce a small couplet in your invitation., etc,

That being said, your friends are always special. And thanks to technology that most of our friends are spread all over Globe, for whom you won’t be able to send invitations personally.

Hence comes the wedding-invitation-making websites. There are a ton of them, which has a lot of design elements, and ease of using them, and of course with different price variants. We have profiled a few such wedding-invite websites, so that you could sit, relax and choose the one that you like.

These are the list of seven wedding invitation creating sites, in no particular order.

1. Invity.com

They have a colorful logo, and and easy to use interface. They are in the business for a while now, with attractive pricing plans. They also have a good number of features and themes on their plate. And, it’s free.

screencapture-www-invity-com-index-php-1446030688749 (1)

2. OurWedding.in

They have a free way to create a website. And, they call it the “i” way to invite your friends. They also have marriage halls list, vendor directory as well which would help you do stuff like engagement shopping etc.,
screencapture-ourwedding-in-1446030719514 (1)

3. MyShaadi.in

They have a subtle interface, and a free to create website option. They also help in finding the best photographers, and bridal wear.
screencapture-myshaadi-in-1446030814550 (1)

personalized rings-augrav-india


4. Euphoriq.in

They call themselves a wedsite, as opposed to a website. And, they really are true to their word. Along with the wedsite, they provide options to organize a complete wedding, including SMS alerts and email reminders. Their pricing is clear, and crisp. But, you get most of the stuff for free!
screencapture-euphoriq-in-1446030845976 (1)

5. The ShubhVivah.com

They help in creating the wedding website, as well as help you in creating the real paper invitation. They are one such brand that help you invite both the ‘i’ way and the normal physical way 🙂

screencapture-www-theshubhvivah-com-1446030878807 (1)


They make wedding invitations, email invitations as well as the wedding website. Based out of Gurgaon, and they seemed to have bagged a lot of international customers.
screencapture-www-weddings9-com-1446030885262 (1)

7. Shaadisaga.com

They are more of a forum, and do a LOT more things than just the wedding website. They also have a list of artists, like photographers, bridal makeup artists on their pool.

screencapture-www-shaadisaga-com-create-wedding-website-1446030922836 (1)

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