10 Stunning “Engagement Ring Selfie” Ideas with Bonus Tips! May 29, 2017 – Posted in: Blog, Photography, Wedding Inspirations

The big question has been asked and the ring has been popped. Well, well, well, and you’ve said YES! Congratulations!!! It’s now time to let the world know…but in style. And the best way to make one of the biggest announcements of your life is through an incredible Engagement Ring Selfie.

We know, you’ve been waiting all along for this day, while you were commenting and liking the engagement ring selfies of your friends and family. And finally, it’s your time to shine, literally. So, why not make it the best and the most beautiful picture ever? Here are some awesome engagement ring selfie ideas with additional tips, so you never go wrong with your selfies. Shall we?



1. Holding Hands



Holding hands is one of the best expressions of love and togetherness. A selfie with you and your partner holding hands with you wearing the ring, is almost perfect. Something, you and your partner could cherish for life. After all, the moment is special for the both of you. Why should he be left out of the selfie?


2. With your partner in the background




Yet another fantastic way to include your partner in your selfie, is to have him go on his knees while you pose with your ring. The picture would be testimonial of the time when he proposed to you. You could also make him do a little work while you pose for your engagement ring selfie, such as jump with joy or simply, let him smile in the background.

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3. Against the backdrop of a city







You want to show your ring to the world, right? Well, a great way to do that is to pose for an engagement ring selfie against the backdrop of a city. It could be your home city, the place where he proposed, or any city that reminds you both of your amazing times together. Find a way to get on the roof of a tall building, or a place from where you could capture the skyline of your city. It would not only make for a fantastic background, but also look like you are flaunting your diamond engagement ring, for the world or at least, your city to see.



4. Nothing is more romantic than flowers




Arrange some flowers on the table and voila, you have the most beautiful background for your engagement ring selfie. Yes, it’s clichéd, but flowers are romantic, and you cannot deny that. They can bring out the feeling of love and happiness like nothing else. So, pick some flowers that’ll perfectly compliment the beauty of your ring and you’d have the perfect selfie for the occasion.

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5. Holding the coffee



A ring selfie along with your coffee mug is classy! What’s more, you could have your Barista write your name with a “Mrs” or “Bride-to-be”. Now, that’s a picture will bring a smile to your face even after years.


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6. When you’re just going by your day





Quite close to the above idea, is posing for a selfie with your ring while you’re doing any of your daily routine. Anytime such as when you’re tying your shoelace, holding a clutch, stirring coffee, or simply relaxing is a good time for an engagement selfie!

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7. Against fabrics




Beautiful soft fabrics look elegant and bring out the true beauty of your ring, of course, if the colours match the colour of the stone on your finger. So, whether it is the curtains, or your sheets, pull them out and as they make for a cool engagement ring selfie background.



8. With nature





A diamond ring that shimmers in the blue sky or the gorgeous day amidst the greens of the trees or a flowing stream of water – a nature engagement selfie would be superb to capture the essence of your ring while you’re enjoying your time in nature.

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9. Against the setting sun




Sun sets are gorgeous, we know it! So, what better than a perfect sun set at the background while you share your happiness with the world? You could also go for an early sunrise selfie, which would be equally awe-inspiring. And if it’s by the beach, it couldn’t get better. Look at these diamond engagement rings, shimmering in the sun!


10. A message selfie




Well, a picture says a thousand words, but sometimes, you do need words. Engagement selfies with messages such as “I SAID YES”, “MARRY ME” or something funny or romantic will be remembered for days to come.

Those were some of the cool engagement ring ideas for you to get inspired from. Have an idea that we missed? Do let us know in the comments. And before we end, here are some additional tips when taking an engagement ring selfie.

  • Make sure you take time to announce your engagement to your loved ones – close friends and family personally and not through social media. They won’t like that!
  • Stick to one or two selfies at the most, do not annoy your followers with multiple pictures of the ring.
  • Make sure your hand and nails are groomed.
  • Is the background safe? You don’t want a cluttered room to spoil your selfie now, do you?
  • Don’t go overboard, be you’re natural self. Your friends and family would clearly understand when you’re not being you.
  • It would be nice to include your partner in the selfie, as he was the one who made this occasion possible.


Now, you’re just one step away from taking your perfect engagement ring selfie. What’s that? Clicking it! Go out there and share your joy with the world!

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