Capturing your baby’s first cry on a jewel and other creative ways to preserve their memories! May 15, 2017 – Posted in: Blog, Kids, Personalized Gift

Some memories of our lives are timeless and always remain fresh in your heart. You want to be able to relive them time and again, any time you want. Whether it is your wedding, birthdays or anniversaries, each of those special days are captured in pictures that transport you back in time. And with kids, every day is eventful. There are hundreds of instances when you wish you had captured the special moments of your baby. The moment when they roll over in bed for the first time, when they learn to sit all by themselves, when they start to crawl, stand on their feet for the first time, take their first step, when they utter their first word, they create their first piece of art and most special of them all, when you hear their cry for the first time.

That moment when you hear your baby’s cry for the first time is magical. Truly blissful, isn’t it? You feel on top of the world. Words can never explain and the mind can never fully comprehend the beauty of that instant and no matter how much you want to, you cannot preserve that first sound forever. Wrong! Now, you can do that and much more. How? Read on…

Clicking pictures and recording videos are now passé. There are thousands of such pictures and videos on your devices which you seldom have time to sit back and watch. Why not do something different? Some memories deserve to be with you forever. And a jewel is a great way of doing that. After all, these memories are too precious and what better than a precious jewel to carry them around with you all the time. Here are the top 5 ways how you can preserve the memory or the picture of a loved one in a jewel.


Baby’s sound in a jewel

How can a sound be captured in a jewel? Well, it’s possible. A sound is basically sound waves that vibrate your ear drum, which then translates the sound into electrical signals. The brain recognizes these signals as sound. So, a sound can be easily expressed as waves, called sound waves. And these sound waves could be imprinted on any piece of jewel you want. Preferably on a ring or a bracelet.

It could be your child’s first cry or the first time they say a word, all you have to do is record the sound. The sound waves that would be generated from it can then be easily engraved or carved or printed on any piece of jewellery you want . It’s really that simple. And you can have your child’s sweet sound with you forever.


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Baby’s first drawing as a pendant

“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” You must have heard this famous quote by Pablo Picasso. If you’ve been around a child any time, you’d know that the moment you give them a pen, pencil or a crayon and a paper, they are transported in their own wide world of imagination and what comes out on the paper is something truly beautiful and unique, although not always fathomable.

How about capturing their first creation on a jewel? Yes, you can get the first drawing of your little one on a pendant, which could be worn either by you, your partner or your kid. Here are some of the little but priceless creations that have been captured on jewels by AuGrav.


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Baby’s fingerprints on a jewel

Do you remember the time when your child first closed their hand around your finger? How could you ever forget! These are the moments that make life truly worth living and special. Wearing a finger ring or a pendant with your child’s fingerprints will constantly remind you of their touch and what beautiful that feeling is.


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Baby’s picture as a pendant

We’ve seen how a drawing could be made into a pendant. You could go one step further and get a picture that you clicked on camera transferred onto a gold or silver pendant. It could be a picture of your kid taking their first step or the one in which they sport their oh-so-adorable smile. Just select your favourite photograph of your kid or your family, and get it made into a pendant that you’d love wearing and flaunting to your friends and family!

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Baby’s toy as a remembrance

We all had our favourite toys when we were kids and your child has their favorites too. It may be the beautifully long-haired Barbie for your little girl while for a boy it may be the toy cars, cycles and other vehicles. Whatever your kid loves as a child could be preserved and made sure stays with them for life, by getting it made into a gold toy. While all other toys break, gold toys would never break and serve as a remembrance for life about the games and toys they used to play with when they were little!

AuGrav is fully adept in helping you with the execution of each of these ideas. Once your design is finalized, you have the flexibility of selecting the metal – gold, silver, white gold or rose gold, their purity and weight, and any other customization that you may want. Still have questions? Just give us a shout and we’d be happy to reach you!

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