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Packing for a trip can be stressful, and worrying about winding up with a tangle of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in your luggage is often a major issue.  The key to picking jewellery for travel is choosing versatile pieces that will work with the clothing you plan to bring, so you don’t overpack pieces that you don’t wind up wearing.  Finding the right way to organize your jewellery so it doesn’t get damaged or lost is also important. The right jewellery case definitely helps, but you can even use items from around the house to help keep all of your pieces tangle-free when it’s time to travel.

Photo credits: liagriffith.com

Photo credits: liagriffith.com

What about your wedding band and engagement ring? Depending on your destination and activities, it’s often best to leave your engagement ring at home and wear just your more subdued wedding band. (If your wedding band is flashier or more expensive, do the reverse.)

Don’t leave your accessory plan to the last minute.  Instead, start by reviewing these travel jewellery tips.



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If you travel frequently, it might make sense to invest in a travel case made specifically for jewellery.  It doesn’t have to be pricey, but a good travel jewellery case will have compartments to keep your individual jewellery items both organized and free from tangles and scratches.


Don’t you hate it when you pack a few necklaces or bracelets for a trip, tucking them into your makeup bag, and they somehow manage to get themselves all tangled up on the way to your destination? And sure- you can go out and purchase a travel organizer for your jewellery- but I always say, “Why to spend the money if you don’t have to?”

So here is a super simple way to pack jewellery securely and tangle-free when travelling, using something you likely already have in your home- a microfiber cloth!

1. Take your microfiber cloth and lay it out on your counter.  Microfiber is recommended because there are no loops in the cloth which could catch onto the jewellery.  Lay necklaces, bracelets, even earrings in rows- spaced just a bit apart.


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2. Beginning on one end, roll up the cloth, making sure that no two pieces of jewellery touch one another during the rolling process and they are each secured within their own roll of the cloth.

Keep rolling until you’ve reached the end.

Then just fold the ends together.


Photo Credits:momofb.com

And place inside of your makeup bag.  When you arrive it is easy to unroll, select the pieces that you want to wear, replace the rest and re-roll and store!


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Easy-peasy, right? And it didn’t cost you a thing!

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This is such a simple yet genius little hack.  If you thread one side of a necklace through a straw and then clasp it, it won’t get mixed up with anything else — even as it gets tossed around during transport.

Depending on the length of the necklace, you may need to trim the straws down to size with a pair of scissors.


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You can use the straws for any necklaces that are thin enough to thread through them.  For a chunkier necklace, you can use empty paper towel rolls.


Store gold couple rings and earrings in an easy-to-grab pillbox when you go on vacation. The compartments keep your baubles safe, and the limited cubby space encourages packing light.


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Nothing beats the seven-day pillbox when it comes to travelling with jewellery.  You can even arrange your accessories by day and plan out your jewellery with outfits ahead of time if you choose.  Pill cases are small, strong, and can keep all of your jewellery ultra-organized.

This one comes in a pretty zippered case, but you can get a plain plastic pill planner.


If your jewelry is low maintenance, use a soft pouch.  This can be an easy DIY project: just get some fabric and tie it up with a bit of rope or even a shoelace.

However, you can also purchase an affordable jewelry pouch online because the idea of a soft pouch around the favourite jewelry is always the best one.  


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You know those tiny, sealable plastic bags you often get with inexpensive jewellery? Consider saving them to store your jewellery for travel.  Put one jewellery item in each bag to keep things organized and prevent tangling.  Then drop all the little plastic bags into a larger ziplock bag for travel.  If you don’t have any tiny plastic bags on hand, check your local craft store. Even easier, head no further than your kitchen pantry and pull out some snack-bag sized ziplock bags.

Jewellery in poly bags


Photo Credits: Sally Davies



Buttons are a great way to keep earrings organized.  Insert the pair into a button and keep them together to prevent loss.  This is one of the favourite tips for travelling with jewellery!

You can combine this button trick with other organizers, such as the pill case, jewellery box, or jewellery roll.  Using buttons on your earrings will be very helpful in keeping those small studs with their match.

Old buttons are small and easy to pack with earrings.

Because they have holes in the centre, spare buttons that come with clothing are an ideal way to organize earrings for travel.  Place the earrings through the holes and fasten them closed to keep them together, so you don’t lose any.


Ideal for necklaces, you can prevent tangling by lying the items out on one piece of the “Press N Seal” style and pressing them together, making sure to give space between them.  You should be able to find it easily at the grocery store, but standard cling wrap will also work if you roll it.

A travel jewellery roll keeps jewellery organized and safe in your luggage. 


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Extra Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

We’ve mentioned it briefly in the intro, but choosing the right jewellery can be an easy way to take your outfit from day to night. Here are some extra tips to consider.

  1. Pack a statement necklace. Something bold will take the attention off the clothing underneath, and it will trick you into feeling like you’re wearing a completely new outfit.  Plus statement necklaces can dress up the most simple ensembles! 
  2. Pack cheap jewellery. It goes without saying that you should never pack any jewellery that you’d be upset with losing or having stolen.
  3. 3. Surround the jewellery with soft clothing: The best spot for your jewellery in your bag’s interior is right in the centre.  Place rolled-up clothing around the roll or case to serve as a cushion. If your bag is dropped or banged around, the clothing will lessen the impact to prevent damage to your jewellery

No matter where you’re travelling or for how long, keep in mind vacation is a break from routine and daily worries.  For most leisure travel, the simple rule is don’t bring anything you’re going to worry about losing. It’s best to leave items of great monetary or emotional value at home unless they’re a key part of how you plan to outfit yourself for a special trip event.

But this doesn’t mean you should leave all jewellery at home.  A vacation’s a great time to accessorize, and a great excuse to expand your jewellery wardrobe to include some inexpensive basics.

For the most part, stick with just a few neutral pieces — small hoop or stud earrings, a small pendant, a chain-link bracelet — that will work with multiple outfits. But throw in a few whimsical statement pieces, too.  They’ll dress up even your most basic travel outfit. And since you’re sticking to less expensive jewellery, you can likely afford to go trendy.

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