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Pitter-patter raindrops! The rains are here and so is your increasing struggle to get dressed. Every woman wants to look her best without a lot of hassle.  What if a piece of jewellery could help to transform your entire outfit? 

We all love monsoon for its refreshing experience.  Every rainy-day wash away the staleness and brings newness to life.  Like every season, this one too inspires you to look your best with trendy accessories.

Go out there and let your monsoon jewellery be the talk of the town.  Let the positivity within you radiate via the jewellery you choose to wear.  You can also make a statement with diamond couple rings and Platinum Couple Rings.


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Before you know it, we’ll be switching out our swimsuits and sandals for sweaters and boots.  But, don’t forget that all of those cold-weather essentials look so much better with a little bling.  So it’s time to start thinking about the fall 2020 jewelry trends too.

Many of us avoid wearing jewellery this season.  But, if you know how to sashay it with the right choice of jewellery, then nothing can stop you from being a fashionista.

Trend setters, this is your moment to get ahead of the curve.  So keep scrolling for  2020 jewelry trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this season.


Diamonds are timeless.  They are known as one of the toughest stones.  So, why not choose a dainty pair of diamond stud earrings to match your favorite rainy outfit?  You can go for simple studs or choose an elegant earring with floral designs, twin leaves or a butterfly. 

So, wear some twinkle on your ears and let them add more glamour to your style.  The diamond studs are also celeb’s all-time favorites.


This season is all about lush greens and blooming flowers. It’s an ideal for your little floral dress.  You can perfectly wear coloured stone jewellery and make a statement at any party. An elegant pendant with green or red stone is all you need to grab some eyeballs.  These contemporary white and green stone studded earrings go perfectly well with a saree or any casual look. 


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If you are a minimalist at heart, this trendy pick is just for you.  A sleek longline drop earring can add sophistication to your style. Inspired by floral elements, classic hoops, these stunning drop earrings are too good to be irresistible.


For women who prefer little bigger earrings than the studded ones, dangling gold earrings can make for a good alternative that not only makes for a pretty appeal but as it dangles on your ear, it imitates you dancing in the rain, free.


The geometric style is an evergreen trend of this generation and is expected to last long. These designs are not just light in weight but can literally upgrade your look like never before.  You can worry-free shop and wear these minimalist designs with least diamond /platinum studding so you don’t have to worry about getting them damaged in monsoon. 




Monsoon often comes with trekking plans, hiking and exploring lots of natural beauty.  Our range of pendants is inspired by our notion of beauty, that is minimalist and stunning. 


These Pendants are best suited for the taste of a modern woman who takes pride in flaunting her real self.  It’s also a choice of women who cherish small things in life because of the way they make them feel.  


When we talk about the monsoon, you prefer to wear something light weighted in jewelry as well.  Go for a minimum jewelry or light weight jewelry for this season. It is important to choose minimum yet perfect matching jewelry which will go well with your dress instead of heavy covering jewelry.  These elegant pieces of jewellery are very comfortable to wear as well as add that bling in a very sophisticated way.  You can also go for the Gold Couple Rings that can well complement your outfits. 


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One more type of statement jewellery that has power to steal your heart is nothing less than a beautifully crafted cocktail ring.  A chunky design with lots of detailing can make you look elegant and a true fashion icon.  You can choose the linear or floral pattern as per your contemporary taste.  If you like traditional yellow gold, go for a minimal diamond couple  flower ring. It’s modern design can work well with a pair of jeans and white shirt.  So, let your fingers do all the talking.


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As the breezy-fizzy weather arrives, it also brings the time when the chic style is to be taken to the level next.  Because no season should be the barrier for your fashion, your style statement should be as ravishing as spring/summer and winter.  You will need fine gold diamond jewellery online which matches your grace and reveals your vivacious cuteness during the season.

Monsoons are a time when you need to wear rain-ready clothes, which customarily includes a raincoat.  Chunk does not work in this season because most of the jewelry remains invisible under the coat. Moreover, you might lose the jewelry while braving the rains. Therefore, it is best to stick to the minimal, which goes both with your casual wear and formal wear.

Don’t just buy jewellery for monsoon but also learn how to take necessary care steps during the humidity season.  Because your  jewellery needs extra attention and care during monsoon, you should not step back in doing so.  So get yourself ready with fresh designs and care for them so they accompany you for years!  Hope you have a happy and stylish monsoon.

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