Planning For A Big Fat Wedding ? New Trends To Reshape Weddings In The Post-Pandemic World August 28, 2020 – Posted in: Blog

Marriage ceremonies across India have been put on hold due to the coronavirus lockdown.  But some couples choose to swap their big fat weddings for small intimate affairs.

Unfortunately, most wedding planners and others involved in the business of weddings are suffering.  Most couples have postponed their weddings, but a lot of them have cancelled outright, either choosing to hold a small ceremony at home or shifting the wedding to another town.

In the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, couples are getting creative with their wedding preparations and re-examining what they can do to protect their guests.

Weddings are one of the grandest occasions of your life – a day, a week that turns into a weeklong celebration!  We all have seen one too many times, the wasteful dump of used tissue papers, thermocol glasses, or plastic-based wedding decor wasting away once the celebrations are over, not to mention the carbon footprint of all your guests travelling there! 

Even though we might be doing this unconsciously, somewhere down the line we fail to see the long-lasting effect this would have on mother nature and its bounties that we have all taken for granted! 

The face of the wedding industry has changed, but that doesn‘t mean your big day should be compromised.  Here’s how you can do things differently. 


Celebrate not just your new beginning but also the bounty of mother nature as you tie the knot.

Think green, think eco-friendly! Opt for an outdoor wedding space like a marriage garden! One of the biggest ways to cut down on the consumption of manmade energy is to get married outdoors, like on a farm or vineyard, where the sun can provide all of your lighting needs.

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Incorporating digital technology and streaming aspects to include apprehensive guests will be one of the biggest trends.  Sanitizing incorporated into décor and design. Smaller more intimate experiences are however more decadent.  Perhaps brides will play on smaller number prohibitions to elevate the intimate wedding experience and not feel obliged to invite peripheral guests.

Airfare might become expensive due to airlines looking to cut losses as soon as possible due to the lockdown and air travel suspension.  International travel could also become more complicated as many restrictions might come into play; countries will look to safeguard their borders against disease.


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In such a situation, there could be a rise in requests for live-streaming of events for friends and family who wouldn’t be able to fly out for weddings but would still like to be a part of the ceremony.

The Power Of Personalization

Unique and personalized weddings. Where less is more and the essence of the couple is a priority.

It’s a piece of jewelry you’ll wear forever, so it’s really important that your wedding ring matches your personal style.  But in a world of seemingly endless choice, how do you ensure that your wedding band is a true reflection of your style?  With the trend for personalization growing by the day, many couples are customizing their platinum wedding couple ring designs with incredible individual touches.

Is there a meaningful phrase, address, or nickname that connects you with your partner? Subtle yet impactful, hand-engraving heartfelt messages, significant dates, and even evocative song lyrics can give your ring an extra-special touch. You could even engrave a lyric or phrase that starts on your ring and ends on your partner’s as a way of linking your gold wedding couple rings as a matched pair.

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While practicing social distancing in the post-pandemic era, weddings will scale down in size making it more meaningful.  Couples can actually plan the affair for their closed ones and family making it more about the experience.  The big fat Indian wedding of 500+ guests will reduce to 50 to 100 guests.  Not everyone will travel or want to attend large public gatherings and as a result – this would allow the couple and family to focus on the guest experience of the wedding.  


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We’re all getting used to receiving wedding invitations via Whatsapp and email.  But there’s still a whole generation that needs the physical printed card – in some cases, tradition calls for it and in others, some guests don’t even have email addresses or Whatsapp on their phones!

  • If you need printed cards – You can still go for eco-friendly wedding invitations by opting for seed paper invites or invites printed on recycled paper.


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  • If you’re ok not printing – Send e-vites to most people, especially to all your friends! You can either use a service such as Paperless Post, or DIY by creating a JPEG or GIF invite to send to everyone via email.  These days, people are directly sending Whatsapp wedding invitations as well. Yes, it is totally acceptable. But do try and type out a quick personalized message along with the Whatsapp invite, so that the friend/relative feels like you do want them there on your big day.
  • Create a wedding website that gives everyone all the details of your functions! There are some downright GORGEOUS options available these days. 


India’s big, fat weddings are just another casualty to the coronavirus pandemic.  What used to be dazzling multi-day affairs with thousands of attendees is now clearly a thing of the past.  Just when you thought planning a wedding was laborious, planning one now would require even more attention to detail.


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When the lockdown was initially imposed, it created quite a stir among the country’s many to-be-married couples, whose wedding plans had to be postponed indefinitely.  With the pandemic still looming large, some wedding planners eventually resorted to the concept of minimalist, intimate weddings, which can be conducted even in one’s house.  A few couples and wedding planners in the city take stock of the situation and understand what goes into planning and curating small-scale celebrations amid the shutdown.

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Reusable Wedding Signage

Display signs at the wedding have moved on from the basic “Welcome to Karan & Ashima’s Wedding” to now displaying the couples’ favourite love quotes or even the wedding hashtag at the venue! You can choose to use a material that can get reused later. 

  • Opt for a handwritten chalkboard sign.
  • Or ornate mirror signage to welcome your guests into the venue.

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Choose Local Flowers & Other Materials

As awesome as it is to have hundreds of kilos of a certain flower flown down from another city (or country!) it’s not an Earth-friendly decision.

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Using local and in-season flowers is totally doable – just ensure you request your decorator for the same.  You can also use locally sourced materials, like bamboo lighting fixtures for a wedding.

Cutlery: Edible & Eco-Friendly Cutlery is a Very Real Option in India!

Ditch plastic cutlery and straws and choose crockery that doesn’t go into a landfill.  For example, you can choose steel straws instead of plastic ones, and use edible cutlery.  It may seem like an additional task amidst all the planning you have for your big day, but it’s decisions like these that will help us live a life devoid of waste and plastic!

Pickle jars re-used as centerpieces, with flowers


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With Coronavirus wreaking havoc in India, as well as globally, a lot has changed.  But the one thing that will always remain a part of our lives, are weddings.  But that too had to undergo many modifications in order to make the whole affair suitable for the current circumstances. 

Thermal checks instead of flower showers, disinfectant sprays at entrances instead of rose water, bottles of sanitizers an and a face mask for each guest in place of mementos and strictly n late evening rituals. The wedding will undergo a change in the world post-Covid World.  Even the mandatory group photos with the bride and groom are no longer allowed: neither the countless hugs and handshakes.  It’s a new challenge for wedding planners.  The Decoration make will be focussed on social distancing and disinfectant themes.

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