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The design and type of your wedding band or engagement ring (or any ring for that matter!) is probably on the top of your mind; but have you thought about the finish yet? You may not know it, but the finish on a ring is just as important as the style, and it affects the final product in a big way. It’s the last piece of the puzzle, the ultimate, crucial detail that can make or break the appearance of any ring design.

So we’ve got a complete guide here, to help you out with your designer ring hunting. It includes the different types of finishes you find on both traditional and contemporary jewellery, and what they look like, so you know which one sounds right for you or your loved one.

10. Polished/Shiny

You’ll find that shiny finish rings in India are very common as wedding bands for both men and women. The smooth, reflective make is achieved by polishing metal, and looks elegant. There’s no texture on this classic ring finish and it beautifully highlights the brilliance of the metal, be it silver, gold or platinum.


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9. Satin

As the name suggests, this is a polished look too, without the glossy, shiny appearance of a regular polished ring. Although it’s smooth to touch, the satin finish has a lovely matte look. Indian wedding rings in matte gold are popular among modern wedding and engagement rings, due to the refined, airy style.


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8. Brushed

This is a twist on the above mentioned satin finish. Brushed finish rings sport a matte look just as the satin style, but have an interesting bristled texture. This type of finish flaunts a look that seems like it’s been created using the bristles of a paintbrush. The strokes are usually vertical. A more durable finish, it stands up to everyday wear.


7. Wirebrushed

A style that takes its inspiration from the brushed finish, but highlights it further. This finish appears as though the strokes on the ring are created using the bristles of a rugged wirebrush, rather than a delicate paintbrush. Wire brushed rings are preferred by those who want more masculine designs.


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6. Wired

Again a matte look, but featuring a striking texture that attracts attention instantly. A wired finish gives the ring an appearance of being scratched or beaten multiple times with a thin wire piece. This captivating jewellery finish is mostly seen on contemporary and offbeat ring styles.


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5. Diamond Cut

Created using a diamond cut machine, this exquisite finish features lots of diamond-shaped facets along the length of the band. It has a glossy look that captures and reflects light. The finish is textured and slightly rough, yet looks very impressive and one-of-a-kind.


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4. Hammered

First hammered and then finished with a lovely sheen, this style is all about lending impressive texture. The multiple dents and bumps appearing on hammered-effect rings make them popular among men who seek rugged designs. A micro-hammered finish features tiny dimples and bumps.


3. Sandblasted

Grainy and sand-like, this rough finish creates very unique rings. It’s a matte, textured style that makes it look as though the ring was blasted with lots of fine sand granules to create a bumpy, uneven appearance. It may have an added clear coating on top for an element of coherence and allure.


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2. Florentine

Another unique wedding band finish, that’s both expensive, as well as rare to find. It features ornate lattice-style perforation and engraving on the surface of the ring. The design features a mix of strokes and cuts. This finish adds a distinct look to the ring and looks great on women, especially when accented with gemstones.


1. Rippled

Taking the essence of the hammered style a step forward, the rippled finish adds consistency to the otherwise random dents. This finish strives to achieve the look of ripples in water, and can be glossy or matte. It also enhances the visual appeal of the ring, by making it look offbeat and different.

Ripple ring

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While a satin or polished finish ring will have a smooth appearance, it will show scuffs and dings more than a brushed finish.

The polished finish will be loved by those who prefer a classic design, while the brushed one by people who want to look for more masculine, rugged options.

Even though hammered finishes are popular among males, adding a diamond or gemstone to the piece makes it appealing to a woman too.

All these factors emphasize the same fact: all these different types of wedding rings in India have their own unique charm. So choose the one which reflects your personal taste and your personality!

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