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When we shop for weddings, most of us are only thinking about a few things: fit, style, and matching. Does the ring fit your finger well? Does it match your general sense of style? And will it match what you typically wear, or in the case of the bride-to-be, does it go with the engagement ring? These are the most important concerns, and will mostly dictate the decision in the end. However, it’s important to get wedding rings right, and sometimes that can mean taking personal interests into account.

Here we’ll look at a few creative ideas for what we’re calling “the worldly fiancé,” which is to say anyone interested in travel, history, different cultures, etc. A lot of precious materials and pieces of jewellery have stories to tell about where they came from and the cultures they represent, and these things can be important, and even fun for people to embrace. So without further ado, here are a few interesting ideas to keep in mind.

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California River Gold Ring

Whether or not you happen to live in the United States, the idea of the California Gold Rush in the 19th century has to be intriguing. This incredible movement started with a carpenter found two gold nuggets working on a California mill in 1848, and it would change the course of American history. The gold rush is largely responsible for stretching the early American population out West, as well as for attracting immigrants from around the world, not to the established East Coast cities, but to California. Some might even argue that the Gold Rush laid the foundation for California and Washington state being “cradles of innovation” in the modern U.S., though that’s more of a stretch. At any rate, you can still buy rings made from gold from this part of the world, and enjoy their unique attachment to history.


california river gold ring


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Welsh (Or Cymru) Gold Rings

At a glance, Wales might just seem like one more part of the world with some gold reserves and local jewellery shops. But the history here is actually quite unique. We think of Ancient Rome as perhaps the greatest civilization in human history, and certainly one of the most impressive empires. We also think of it as opulent, extravagant, and wealthy. History tells us, however, that Rome’s gold came largely from mines in Wales once the Empire had established outposts on the British Isles. Thus, by purchasing a locally sourced Welsh or Cymru gold ring, you’re tapping into the same resources that ancient Romans used to express their wealth and status.





Ref: https://www.welshgold.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Welsh-Gold-Engagement-Rings-815×500.jpg




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Colombian Gold Rings

The legend of El Dorado has become well known through numerous highly fictionalized accounts. DreamWorks made a whole movie about it back in 2000. And modern gamers may be familiar with an arcade slot machine online that offers a fresh animated take. The game actually delves into the history a bit, professing to let players follow in the footsteps of Gonzalo Pizarro – a very real 16th century conquistador who sought the mythical gold city. That bit is actually accurate. But the idea of El Dorado existing has been twisted over years. It’s believed that rumors of a golden city actually came from a small civilization in present day Colombia, where rituals were conducted with extravagant gold décor. Thus, in a way, purchasing gold jewellery from Colombia is the closest thing to getting a ring from the “real” El Dorado!



Ref: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-wroCwNczrsE/V0_8sSpJUaI/

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Silicone Rings

Up until now we’ve focused on rings with material that’s closely connected to fascinating chapters of history. But for the last idea we’ll cover the growing trend toward silicone wedding band alternatives, which are for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts among others. The idea here is simple: these rings are symbolic of commitment, but far more affordable than typical jewellery, and thus better for activities that might get them dirty or even lost. These are perfect for the worldly fiancé in that they’re wonderful for travel and exploration. People can wear them without worrying, leaving their
actual wedding rings back home and safe, perhaps for special occasions.





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