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Showering gifts on your beloved ones can sometimes get overwhelming. The reason is simple – there are so many things that you can give as gift! Clothes, perfumes, home decor accents, watches, the list can be endless! So how do you decide what’s the right choice?

If you want to give something that’s both special and meaningful, then you should definitely consider jewellery as an option. Gold and other precious metals are considered auspicious, and since their worth increases over a period of time, they’re valuable too. That’s why jewellery gifts are cherished for years and even passed down from one generation to another as heirlooms.

You can also make your jewellery gift more personal and meaningful, by gifting your loved one something that’s close to their heart. How about something that’s related to their hobby? Such a wonderful gift will not only make their day, but will also reflect on your thoughtfulness and love. To help you do this, we’ve picked put a few popular hobbies, and listed some jewellery gift ideas for each of them. Take a look!

Singing and music

Music lovers rejoice! It is rightly said that music is food for the soul. So there has to be some special jewellery for people who are into music too, and we have found it for you! Right from simple guitar shaped lockets that you will find in a large number of jewellery stores, to lab made diamond hip hop jewellery that’s something more luxurious, there’s so much to choose from. You will also find wonderful music note necklaces that can feature a voice note or a musical note from any song, custom name chains that can have the name of your favourite singer, and other musical themed jewellery. Many jewellery designers can create custom made chains for men, all you need to give them are your ideas and customization requests.


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Films and TV series

This is a common hobby, as most of us love to watch movies and are hooked onto many TV shows at once. For filmmakers, a camera pendant necklace would be apt. You can also get more creative and get a personalized movie clapper, an engraved clapperboard or a custom production slate designed in a precious metal like gold or silver. Those who are fans of popular TV series such as Game of Thrones, you can gift a Game of Thrones dragon necklace, Game of Thrones house rings, or other Game of Thrones replica jewellery that will make a wonderful addition to their collection.

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Avid superhero movie fans can be given a striking batman necklace in sterling silver, a gold superman pendant, or something more fun like a superman logo necklace.


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Pets and wildlife

If your friend or family member has a pet they love with their heart, then you can give them custom pet jewellery as a present for a special occasion. They won’t hesitate to don it at any celebration! Slip a little gold paw print charm on a gold bracelet, purchase sterling silver dog jewellery, or even try and get special gold dog tags for their beloved pooch. For those who love wild animals more than domestic, there are lots of fun options too, such as a gold lion head pendant, tiger nail gold pendant, or tiger pendant necklace.

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Sports enthusiasts spend their free time watching or playing sports. Hence gifting them a sports-themed jewellery piece for their birthday or any special occasion makes perfect sense. They will love to flaunt something like a tennis racket charm necklace, volleyball earrings or golf gold pendant. Tennis racket jewellery is very popular, and you can also find other unique jewellery designs including women’s golf jewellery. Since cricket is more popular in India, you will also be able to buy cricket ball pendants and charms, which you can attach onto necklaces and bracelets.


So there you have it. So many ideas and suggestions; we hope we have inspired you to go and purchase some wonderful jewellery gifts for friends and family. Happy jewellery shopping!

Automobiles and motorcycles

For those who love motorcycles or automobiles, there are a wide range of jewellery gifts available. You can opt for silver or gold biker rings, which exhibit designs like skulls, Aztec warriors, and anchors. For something more specific, you can design your own club ring. This can be very exciting and interesting, and all you need is club or group logo to design a unique piece of jewellery. Another option is to gift a gold miniature such as a Royal Enfield miniature model which is ideal for a motorcycle enthusiast. A chain with a Mercedes Benz pendant, is also sure to wow the recipient of the gift.

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