30 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Both Him and Her January 28, 2016 – Posted in: Blog, Gift Ideas, Wedding Inspirations

That perfect time of the year for people who are in love is just around the corner. Yes, you have guessed it correctly, we are indeed talking about Valentine’s day. And we can bet that with every passing day your excitement is seeing new highs.

Just like every true lover even you are busy thinking of ideas to make it the most special day for your partner. How sweet is that! However, after all the thinking, you are still not sure on the gifts you should buy for him or her. How about a little help? Here
are our top 30 gift ideas for this Valentine’s day.

Gifts for her

It is no secret that women love gifts. And on a special occasion like Valentine’s day, she would be longing for that perfect present. Yes, you can gift her anything and she will be happy. But it is your responsibility to give her the best gift.

You don’t want her to fall short when she discusses her gift, with her girlfriends, do you? Make the most of this opportunity to surprise her and make this coming Valentine’s day the best day of your relationship.

You can gift her something she was planning to buy in the near future and make it a useful gift, or you can surprise her altogether with something creative. If your girlfriend likes personalized accessories then you can even opt for personalization and add a unique touch to the gift.

If you are looking for a gift for your wife, then buying a romantic gift is an apt choice. Owing to the everyday hustle you might not get time for the old romance, but this Valentine’s day buy her a romantic gift and rekindle your love.

To help you in the process of finding the best gift for the love of your life, we have worked out a list of gift ideas you can choose from. These will leave her ecstatic.


1. Reasons I love you mug

Reasons I love you mug for girlfriend gift

Price range: Rs 1000-1500




2. Love You More Teddy Bear


I loye you more teddy bear for her valentines day gift

Price range: Rs 2000-3000


3. Make Up Cake

Makeup cake for her as valentines day gift

Price range: Rs 4000-5000


4. Bouquet of 100 roses

100 Love roses

 Price range: Rs 3000-4000


5. Always together wall clock

Always together wall clock for her on feb 14

Price range: Rs 500-1000




6. Love Is You Cushion

romantic ideas fo wife on lovers day

Price range: Rs 300-700


7. Custom be my valentine puzzle

Hearts puzzle with both pictures him and her

Price range: Rs 500- 1000


8. Valentine photo collage

Photo collage for her online

Price range: Rs 500-900


9. Hugging Teddies Cushion

Teddy and heart cusion Pillow

Price range: Rs 500-1000


10. Hungry for you couple tshirts

Couple t-shirts for men and women to show love

Price range: Rs 1000-1500


11. Heart shaped box of chocolates

Chocolate box for your girlfriend on valentines day

Price range: Rs 1000-1500

12. Personalized Jewellery from Augrav

Stylish name pendant

13. Photo Coaster

Photo coaster with her photo

Price range: Rs. 250-500




14. Gift hamper with beauty products

Gift hamper with beauty products

Price range: Depends on the items in the hamper


15. Creative Jewellery hanger

Model jewellery hanger for her

Price range: Rs. 1500-2000




Gifts for men

Men don’t like gifts, this is an old myth. Men love gifts, especially if it is from a person close to their hearts. Your husband/ boyfriend might have pampered you with a host of gifts on every occasion that is special to you.

Be it your birthday or your marriage/ love anniversary, he never falls short to make it special. And for the Valentine’s day, he leaves no stone unturned in showing his love for you. This time, it is your turn to make him feel special with a gift that he will be delighted with.

Show that you love him as much as he loves you, with a special gift and he will not forget it anytime soon. Men love electronics, along with other things that are useful, give him something on those lines and he will be more than happy. A personalized gift like a named pendant can also do the trick. S

till worried about what you should choose as the gift? We have compiled a list of popular Valentine’s day gift for men. The perfect gift idea is the one that has love wrapped around it. Here are the gift ideas, we are sure that you can take care of the wrapping.

1. A valentine hamper

Valentine Hamper for men

Price range: Depends on the items in the hamper




2. Personalized photo wallet

Personalized photo wallet for him on lovers day

Price range: Rs. 1000-2000


3. Engraved MUSCOLO Beer Mugs

Engraved beer mugs for husband on valentines day

Price Range: Rs 1000-1500


4. Personalized passport holder

Surprise him with personalized passport holder

Price range: Rs 500-1000


5. Gym cake

Gift idea with gym cake on valentine day

Price range: Rs 3000-4000


6. Best boyfriend ever mug

Romantic gift for boyfriend from his girlfriend

Price range: Rs 500-1000




7. A chic watch

Watch for him fro girlfriend to show love

Price range: Rs 2000-4000


8. Be my valentine phone cover

Valentine phone cover

Price range: Rs 500-600


9. Colors of life desk lamp

Life desk lamp for him

Price range: Rs 2000-3000


10. Grooming set

Trimmer with t blade

Price range: Rs 2000- 3500


11. Custom Made Gold Jewellery

Couples face can be engraved on the coin which is the best gift for wedding anniversary of your parents, husband or wife.

Price Range: Starts from Rs.8,999.

12. 3d clones (Avatar)

3D clone of him with favorite match

Price range: Rs. 3000-4000


13. Caricature t-shirts for him

Caricature T shirts for him

Price range: Rs 1000-1500


14. Tie set

Tie set for m

Price range: Rs 500-1000


15. Creative cufflinks

Hammer cufflink

Price range: Rs 500-1000



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