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Some parts of planning your wedding are more fun than others. Figuring out the guest list and where everyone is going to sit probably isn’t the most exciting task. On the other hand, however, there are things like trying out your wedding dress and choosing your accessories for the day. These are items on the to-do list that any bride-to-be looks forward to.

Once you’ve got your wedding dress selected, one of the final stages of the wedding preparation process is choosing the rest of your look. That includes things like hair, makeup, accessories, and, of course, jewelry. Here are some things you can consider to make this process easier.

Keep it Simple and Stay True to Your Style

We’ll deal with the specifics such as hairstyles and jewelry later, but for now, we want to give you a more general piece of advice. You must approach your wedding day with the right mindset, and keeping things simple is always a good idea.

You also want to make sure that your style shines through on your wedding day. If your guests can’t recognize you under the makeup, or you make too sharp of a turn in terms of style, you’re not going to feel like yourself. The point of dressing up on your wedding day is to present the best version of yourself, not disguise who you are or pretend that you’re someone else.

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Put Some Extra Thought into Your Hair and Makeup


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Picking the perfect hairstyle for your wedding is far from simple. For most women, this process takes longer than choosing a wedding dress, and it’s no surprise. With so many options available, how is one to make a decision? 

Before settling on a hairstyle, we recommend enlisting the help of a professional. They will be able to assist you in choosing the right hairstyle for your type of hair, features, and shape of your face, and even your personality. Taking the dress into consideration is hugely important, as well as the venue and the planned activities.

When it comes to makeup, things are not much different. Many brides choose to do their own makeup for their wedding or get their bridesmaids to help, but going to a professional makeup studio would be our recommendation. 


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It might be a bit of a cost depending on where you live, but professional makeup artists know how to make you look good in different lighting conditions, such as those created by the flash of a photographer’s camera. No matter what kind of makeup you choose, don’t forget to bring a touch-up kit with you. 

Find the Perfect Jewelry

Once you’ve chosen your wedding dress, and you know what you’re going to do about your hair and makeup, you might think your journey is done, and all that’s left is to wait for your wedding day. However, there’s still the small matter of picking your jewelry. 

Moonmagic can help you find exactly what you need, as long as you remember to trust your gut and keep things simple. With their extensive selection, you’ll achieve the timeless look you’ve always wanted, and you’ll be proud of your wedding photos even at your 50th-anniversary celebration.

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Think About the Venue

Another thing to consider when picking out the accessories for your wedding is the venue. It’s not the most critical factor to the point of deciding against a piece of jewelry you really love, for example, but it should be involved in the decision-making process.


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If the venue is slightly over the top, as they tend to be, feel free to go a bit over the top with your choice of jewelry and hairstyle as well. However, if it’s a more casual place, consider adjusting your look accordingly. Don’t let the venue dictate your decisions, though. It’s your day and the crucial thing is that you enjoy yourself.


Always keep in mind that your wedding day is your day. Whatever makes you confident and comfortable is what you should be wearing. All of the tips that we’ve given here are not going to matter unless you feel great, so above all else stick to your instincts.


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