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New year, new wedding ring trends! 2020 is going to have some edge. so naturally, everyone is curious about all the new wedding trends that will filter into 2020.   Customers’ behaviours and expectations evolve quickly. To differentiate themselves, companies have to adapt their strategy continuously. More and more digital channels and the expectation for seamless journeys mean the need for outstanding customer service has never been stronger.

Most of the designers we polled are betting on their brides-to-be wanting something personal and breaking with tradition. 

For 2020 we think clients will continue to seek out non-traditional wedding rings that feature unusual stones. We’ve seen the rise of diamond-alternative gemstones for engagement rings over the years, but the experts agree that 2020 will be all about continuing that break with tradition. Emerald, black diamonds, unique-shaped diamonds and non-traditional shapes like open rings are going to be a hit next year.



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Whether you’re choosing your own engagement ring or looking for inspiration for the perfect piece to match your heartfelt proposal, we shine a light on the biggest engagement ring trends for 2020.  Below are a few engagement ring trends we are loving right now and current trends that we definitely expect to stick around in the year 2020.


Twisted Engagement Ring

A twist engagement ring typically features a sweeping effect in the claws or shoulders of the ring. This beautiful ring design features within our most popular engagement rings. Typically, we create this style as a white gold engagement ring. In addition, we create Platinum twist settings.  Finally, we create twist designs in 18K yellow gold and rose gold.

Many variations of the twist exist. For example, a partial spiral turn makes an appearance in many twists styled engagement rings. Furthermore, this simple styling feature adds a flowing movement.


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Double Band Raised Ring

Double band engagement ring styles are very appealing to women who want a more extravagant and unique ring. The biggest trend this year is the switch from mined diamonds to cultivated diamonds.  Customers are able to get larger stones at a higher clarity 

They are naturally larger than single band engagement rings and will take up more space on the finger, which many women prefer.  The double band engagement ring does not necessarily mean that the two bands go all the way across the entirety of the ring. Some rings will just have a double band on the front of the ring, and then they will connect into a single band on the back.  Double Band Engagement Rings can feature any diamond cut.



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World Map Rings

To the couple that marks their relationship by planning trips — whether it’s the first life-changing trip you take together, romantic weekend, or, of course, your honeymoon — these wedding bands are literally made for you.

Use the big idea of the world and amplify the love that exists between each other!  Share the eternal promise of your life that the world belongs to you at any special moment.



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Constellation Rings

Many of our brides-to-be are favouring bands as engagement rings.  Women want something they feel comfortable wearing every day, something that’s ok to jump in the ocean with or head to spinning in.  The constellation ring has a beautiful sense of motion and almost looks as if the diamonds are floating in its gentle curves. Casual enough for every day, but very fine at once.


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Anitque Diamond Ring

For those looking for a more subtle, antique diamond ring, this gold band is adorned with a variety of small baubles all the way around.



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Fingerprint Rings

Customized wedding bands have been a popular alternative to readymade rings for a while now.  In the past, personalized pieces usually featured minimal alterations, like unique stone placement or subtle interior engravings.  Now, however, AuGrav has gotten a bit more creative, as particularly evident in the growing trend of the fingerprint ring.

There’s something magical about a ring with an inscription, something that turns it from a regular piece of jewellery into a kind of physical artefact of your love story.

This unique process is a very sculptural technique, which produces a one-of-a-kind ring that is your very own unique fingers’ texture.  Your loved one literally wrapped around your finger.  




Simple Open Rings

An engagement ring isn’t an excuse to get a fancy new piece of jewellery.

It’s a symbol of your relationship and it should represent the most unique love that you can give you carefully and will have classic style and a unique charm that you were looking for.



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Hidden Halo Ring

Chunky halos that were solely meant to make your diamond appear larger from afar have been on the decline for a while.  They have been replaced by super-thin dainty halos that almost appear to be an extension of the centre stone.

Hidden halos have become one of our most popular requests. A hidden halo is essentially decorating a structural part of the existing ring.  It is adding pavé diamonds to the metal wire in the basket of the ring. A hidden halo doesn’t change or affect the look of your overall ring as a typical halo would.  It just provides a glimpse of sparkle from the side that may bring you a bit of joy.


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Ambigram Rings

It combines word-art and optical illusions – a word is drawn so that it will appear the exact same when flipped upside-down. This creates a beautifully symmetrical piece of artwork and a great conversation piece.  These are a wonderful way to pair the names of a couple, your children’s names, a first and last name, a name with an adjective, or any two words.




Asymmetrical Rings

An engagement ring trend emerging for 2020 is asymmetrical engagement rings. As brides are venturing further from tradition, their rings are following suit.   Asymmetrical rings provide for more creativity and diversity regarding shape, design, and colours in a ring. The capability to use different coloured stones, various shaped jewels, and creative accents allows tons of inspiration to come into play. 

Asymmetrical rings are unexpected, bold, and organic.  These rings foster designs that are often nature-inspired because of their innate free-flowing feel.   Without the limitations of symmetry, these trendy rings have unlocked a whole new world of possibilities.


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Coloured Diamonds

Coloured diamonds are making a big comeback not only for engagement ring styles but for anniversary rings, dress rings and statement rings too. Diamonds that adorn the fashion-forward woman’s fingers include rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanite and, of course, exquisite coloured diamonds, such as the radiating Fancy Yellow diamond. They are becoming more and more popular in wedding bands too, as they are used as a way to bring eye-catching colour to the ring set.

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Aside from the gushy speech and bended knee, the most important part of a proposal is the engagement ring. Given you’ll be wedded to it for as long as your future hubs, it’s important that it’s something you’ll love and enjoy wearing every day.

For 2020 we can see the brides playing with shapes and angles in their engagement rings in a bolder way than they ever have before.  As we can see from 2019 brides are moving away from the round and oval shapes that have so dominated the engagement ring scene for the last decade.  Marquise shapes and emerald cuts are surging back into popularity as more and more engagement rings become an exploration between the traditional and the non-traditional.  The point is that it’s fun, it’s fresh, and it’s not your grandmother’s ring.

We love doing rings for weddings because it is celebratory.   It is a positive and happy occasion. The ring is something you wear every day and is a constant reminder of your commitment.


AuGrav (Au-Gold, Grav-To Etch, to Engrave) Strongly believes that any Jewel should be a natural extension of yourself.  It could be as simple as your names, to your Fingerprints, your Voice Waves, or anything that describes your Persona.  To create a piece that will be worn by only 1 out of 7 billion people on earth, Get In Touch with us.  Our Jewelry experts have all ears to listen to your story and suggest to create a masterpiece.


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