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Wedding shopping is crazy, isn’t it? We bet, it is! Right from the perfect wedding outfits, shoes and accessories, to the invitations, rings, cake, photographers, bridal makeups, and even honeymoon tickets, it can get pretty overwhelming.

Even for the best of the organizers among you, it is just too much to handle. Where do you even start? What do you buy first, which shop do you go to? How do you decide which product is the best? The questions seem to be endless.

But if you’re going to get married in the near future, don’t worry! With the online shopping trend, people are looking for their wedding essentials online, now more than ever. So why should you be left behind? Online shopping is easier, less stressful and more enjoyable.

There are plenty of things you can buy for your wedding online. And you can also read reviews to ensure these products are just the perfect ones that would make your D- day even more special. Check out these top five wedding supplies that you can shop online in India.

1. Jewellery

Jewellery is something that cannot be missed at an Indian wedding. In India, shopping for the bridal jewellery starts very early, even years before the marriage is fixed. However, these days, the bride and groom often shop for the jewellery themselves. So if you want to purchase your wedding rings and other jewellery online, then we’d say, just go for it!



You’ll find everything from rings and mangalsutras, to necklace sets, bracelets and earrings in the online jewellery stores. Take your pick from different precious metals and gemstones from among the wide range of collections to choose from. Make your outfit look even more stunning with the perfectly matched jewellery. Stores like AuGrav will also allow you to personalize the designs to make them even more memorable and special.

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2. Clothes

One of the most fun and exciting parts of the wedding is shopping for clothes! But, as fun as it is to shop for outfits, it could be extremely exhausting to visit innumerable shops to select and try the different outfits. Now, you don’t want to look exhausted on your wedding day, do you? Instead, brides can shop for beautiful sarees, lehengas and salwar kameezes online and make your shopping a smooth and hassle-free experience for you and your family.

Grooms will also enjoy browsing through the various sherwanis, kurtas, suits and blazers online. In the online stores, you could not only shop for the wedding outfits, but also the outfits you’d wear for the engagement, sangeet, mehendi and other important days before or after the wedding.



You’ll be surprised at the options you’ll see online! One of the advantages of online shopping is that you can access outfits manufactured from anywhere in the country delivered to you right at your doorstep.

You may buy the readymade or semi-stitched clothes, or just the dress materials so you can get them stitched the way you want. You can also buy outfits for your family members and relatives.

3. Decorations

Why hire people to manage your décor when you can most of the work from the comfort of your homes? Gone are the days when you would expect the venue or banquet hall to arrange the decorations for you. Young brides and grooms, nowadays, want to have special themes for their wedding decorations. They want the décor to be unique and customized to suit their tastes.



Decorations, undoubtedly, play an important role in your wedding. You’ll find plenty of retailers, distributors and wedding planners who offer wedding decoration supplies. Shop for a wide range of decor accents, including door decorations, flowers, lights, and more, just with a click of a few mouse buttons.

You can then ask the management team from the venue to put up the decoration for you. Or if you want to make it more fun, gather some young family members and friends, and request them to decorate the venue. They’ll be more happy to help you. But, do remember to treat them with delicious food and drinks!



4. Footwear

Amidst all the chaos and making arrangements, do not forget about your footwear. Remember, every look is incomplete without the perfect pair of footwear. Shoes can play a great role in defining your look.

Buy some good pair of footwear that go with different outfits you plan to wear during the wedding. Your shoes should be beautiful but also comfortable at the same time. Buy footwear that won’t just complement your outfit, but would also keep your feet happy all through the ceremonies.



You’ll find some amazing styles of footwear including fashionable high heels, ethnic strappy sandals, comfy slip-ons, traditional mojris, studded flats and more, when you look up online. Make sure to check out your size before ordering shoes online. Also, we suggest you order them well in advance in case you need to exchange them for a bigger or smaller size.

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5. Cake and Cake Toppers

Amongst all the wedding planning that has to be done, the cake sometimes gets side-tracked. Thankfully with so many wedding, designer and party cake suppliers online, life has become a lot simpler! You can get beautiful tiered cakes in various shapes and flavours.

These cakes are also offered with extravagant decorations, ribbons, layers and more. Along with the perfect cake for your reception, you can also shop for cake toppers online. Novelty cake toppers are offered in fun designs, miniatures of the bride and groom in different poses, decorative phrases, etc. Choose any of these designs based on your wedding theme and setting.


It’s less stressful and more fun to shop for wedding essentials online in the comfort of your home, rather than hunting from one shop to the next. Take a break from the heat and relax at home; you’ll find most of the things you’d need for your wedding online in a variety of different stores.

So if you’re soon going to jump on the marriage bandwagon, then head to these online shopping destinations and take your pick from thousands of products for that special day!


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