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Nowadays you can’t think of a wedding or an engagement without a Cake.  We’re pretty sure some of you close buddies would have planned a surprise cake on your wedding, or may be well it’s already a part of the big plan.  Cakes not only make us happy but also give us good memories!

Ancient Romans’ believed in praying over the flames; as they believed the smoke in the flames go up and eventually reaches God.  And, hence, the tradition of cutting cakes with candles were born.  It’s believed the wish you make will reach God, and then be fulfilled.

So, remember this small story and impress your friends the next time someone cuts a cake and blows the candle.

Fun facts apart, there are lots of challenges in choosing the right Cake.   The most important thing being the taste and the looks of it.   Most of us get mesmerized by the look of the cake that we forget to care about the taste of the cake.

So, a good cake must look nice, as well as taste good.  Coming back to looking nice,  what does it mean to look nice? Enter Personalization.  Like personalized jewelry and personalized clothes, there are personalized cakes.

The term used in the industry is “fondant” cakes.  Fondant is basically the icing on top of the cake that decorates the cake to make it look as how you wanted it to be!  Fondant artists create fondant cakes, and there are a growing number of fondant artists in Bangalore, who create amazing cakes!   They are literally the modern day Michaelangelos’ who sculpt on cakes.   All you have to do is to tell them a story, and based on your story, they design a theme and come up with beautiful, as well as a tasty cake.

Some tips in choosing the right cakes would be in choosing the right color that goes along with your wedding dress, or the decorated theme, making sure it’s well captured in the photos!  And, next would be to choose something both the bride and groom likes. For eg., you both might be crazy over a celebrity, or a place, or a device etc., You could try to bring in those elements onto the cake.

With the growing Cake artists in the City and increasing confusion amongst customers on where to buy and how to buy, we thought of listing some of the best Cake makers around you!  We have also provided the link to their Facebook page, wherein you can check out their profile and the cakefolio ( The Cake Portfolio).

1. Mira’s Dial A Cake

Mira’s dial a cake undertakes personalized cake and deliver cake anywhere in Bangalore.  They also give you the option to order online. The cake you get from them definitely give you memories of the delicious taste.

Mira's dial a cake in bangalore


Facebook Page :


2. Just Bake

Just Bake is in the industry from 2005 and has won st Bakery in south India at Indian Restaurant awards. They provide express delivery and standard delivery option, you can choose based on your need.
Just bake

Facebook Page:

3. 4th sense cooking

Nithya is behind 4th sense cooking. She is sharing her cooking recipes with the world through her blog and you can be sure that only the tastiest and mouthwatering cakes are going to come out of their kitchen, and they are best known for theme based cakes. You can visit their store at Malleswaram.  They also make specialized cupcakes for specific occasions like Diwali and Christmas.  Their cakes are not only beautiful to look, but mouth watery to taste!

4th sense cooking

Facebook Page:

4. Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings is specialized in customized cakes to celebrate any occasion. You can find their store in Whitefield. They make each cake with care for minute details. You can choose flavors, size, design based on your budget and guest count and your dream wedding cake will be ready in 1-2 days.
Sweet nothings bangalore cake

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5. Buttercups Cupcakes

Buttercups cupcakes are simply beautiful and they are more specialized in customized cakes and cupcakes. They provide different variety of cakes that meets anyone taste. They have everything you need to make an extra special cake.
butter cups cup cakesin bangalore

Facebook Page:

6. The Cake Studio

The cake studio provides home made cake and cupcake for birthday, wedding and anniversary celebrations. You can avail any theme party cake in 36 hours.  Make sure you order an extra cake when you buy a wedding cake from the cake studio as cake’s taste will tempt everyone to ask for more.
The cake studio, Bangalore

Facebook Page:

custome voice ring


7. Itsy Bitsy Bytes

Divya based out Bangalore specialized in the personalized cake. She runs this store with the mission “Whatever’s your occasion, we help make it memorable”. So can say how do you want the cake, she will make one for you to meet your interest. She always keep up with the latest trends.
Itsy Bitsy cale art by divya in bangalore

Facebook Page:

8. Floured

A husband and wife duo in Floured good at making fresh homemade cakes. They make all kind of cake goodies like cupcakes, brownie, tarts, and muffins. Each cake they make is the testimonial of their creativity. You can also get customized cake as per your wish.

Facebook Page:

9. Culinart

You can come out with creative ideas for your wedding cake and they will help you to get it done for real. They have a strict policy of using a fresh combination of ingredients and won’t use any preservatives. Culinart would be perfect if you are looking for traditional and perfect wedding cake.
Culinart cakes bangalore

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10. Aubree

Aubree delivers most delicious and tempting cakes for all kind of celebration. They are sourcing most ingredients from mostly from Belgium, and around the world. They also use only organic and natural ingredients to make a cake. You can find their store in Sadashivanagar.
Aubree bakers - Bangalore

Facebook Page:

11. Spoonful Of Sugar

Spoonful of sugar is operated by mother-daughter duo and they are specialized many desserts. They will make a cake for your wedding that meets all your expectations. You can place an order in Indiranagar and Koramangala stores.
spoon full of sugar

Facebook Page:


And, finally, like diamond jewelry, cake’s are girls’ best friend too! So, keep impressing her by gifting personalized cakes often, even after getting married!


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