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Hey, We are really happy you found our blog. Diamonds have long been the obvious choice for Engagement Rings, but other types of gemstones are growing more popular among brides-to-be. Whether for budget reasons or simply personal preference, these unique alternative engagement rings offer a pop of color—and value—that has become increasingly more attractive.

The term “gemstone” can refer to almost every stone used in jewellery-making, even when it’s not a mineral. While some gemstones are ancient and some are more recently discovered, each has its own special colour, geological origin, and story. 

This compilation of unique stones showcases alternative, vibrant gemstones that will enhance the value and diversity of your collection.



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“The future development of medicine lies with treatments based on light and colour” – Stephen Hawking 

Gemstone engagement rings have existed as long as diamond rings, but they are growing in popularity more than ever before, especially among millennials. There are many reasons couples choose gemstones over diamonds, but mainly, colored gemstones highlight individuality more because colours have deeper meanings. Whether someone wants an engagement ring in their favourite colour or in a colour that represents something important to them, there is a gemstone for everyone.



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Selecting a coloured gemstone is a fresh and exciting take on the traditional engagement ring. Numerous celebrities and public figures have chosen to rock spectacular gemstone engagement rings

According to astrologers, there are nine planets and all nine play a significant role in the life of a living being. Well, if you are facing issues in your love life, personal life or related to your financial status, then this is something related to astrology. 

To capture a bit of that Hollywood glamour for your own life, and choose a gemstone engagement rings, you’ll be in great company!  Let’s take a dive into what gems make up the jewellery.


Yellow Sapphire

Kanakapushyaragam stone is another name of Yellow Sapphire. In Sanskrit, the terms mean ‘Golden Flower’, which rightfully describes the beautiful colour of the Yellow Sapphire. A member of the Corundum mineral family, it is also referred to as Pukhraj.

 Taking on a warm light sunshine yellow colour the yellow sapphire can brighten up jewellery pieces while adding a touch of warmth and colour to them, unlike any other gemstone. Frequently, yellow sapphires provide a popular alternative to the diamond when designing wedding and engagement rings.



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Yellow sapphires have a special relevance within the Vedic astrology system, correlating, similar to other gemstones, with a specific astrological entity. Yellow sapphires are thought to be related to the astrological powers of Jupiter. Jupiter is thought to signify a number of different important and positive characteristics including wisdom, knowledge, power and good fortune. 

Astrologically, this bright yellow coloured gemstone of the Corundum mineral family is worn to gain professional success, good financial status, health rejuvenation, marital bliss and healthy progeny.

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If there is one gemstone that represents nature in its truest form, then it has to be the stunning green colored Emerald Gemstone. Just like the gorgeous Earth, this gemstone boasts of a lush green hue which is hard to be ignored.

The sparkling and glittering green colour of the Emerald gemstone can instantly make anyone fall in love with its charming and attractive looks. What is icing on top is that the Emerald is considered to be one of the most important and influential gemstones in the Indian astrology.


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The gemstone is not only famous and loved for its gorgeous and sparkling looks, but at the same time it is beneficial and brings along with it the benefits of a Greek goddess. The Greek goddess is said to be the represent or of the most beautiful feelings, beauty and love in life. Perhaps this could be the reason why this gemstone is also called as the “gemstone for successful love”.


Ruby needs little introduction.  Regarded as one of the most precious gemstones after diamond. Rubies are the second most popular choice for engagement rings. Rubies are bright and bold, representing passion and love, making them a great choice for enthusiastic and confident brides.  Moreover, it is considered to be rarer than diamond. Natural ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, which is also the origin of Sapphire, a different gemstone.

This rich and regal red coloured gemstone of the Corundum mineral family often shares the limelight with the beautiful diamonds at the international auctions. Purchasing a ruby gemstone is itself a matter of pride.



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This beautiful gemstone which is considered to be a woman’s best friend scores rank for being the hardest and the strongest. The saying “only a diamond can cut a diamond” is absolutely true as a diamond is used to cut or scratch another diamond. Its harness makes diamond the perfect gemstone for everyday wear.

Astrologer says “You need to strengthen Venus! Wear a diamond on your middle finger.”

Wearing your birthstone is said to bring good fortune and health to the wearer. A piece of jewellery set with a     sparkling diamond will inevitably make a meaningful gift for a special occasion such as a birthday or the celebration of an anniversary.

As this gemstone is often associated with everlasting love and beauty, it is bound to make a very precious gift for your loved one.




The English word `Pearl` comes from Middle English and from old French `Perle`.

After diamonds, women favour pearls the most. For centuries, the Moon has been the epitome of beauty, tranquillity and penance. Pearl gemstone posses the healing properties that soothe the physical and mental conditions of life.

Do you know that it takes around 1 to 4 years for a pearl to come to fruition? Cultivating a pearl involves the plantation of a small bead (nucleus) within the mollusc, and it is left for at least 1 to 2 years to grow into a beautiful pearl. So the next time you wear pearls, do consider the story and work behind them.

A true sign of class and elegance, the pearls are just beautiful.  It is believed that one who possesses or wears a good pearl enjoys the blessings of Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. 



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Red Coral

One of the first and foremost benefits of Red Coral Gemstone is that it gives the power to overcome hurdles and enemies.  Since the Coral represents Mars which is considered the god of warfare, it provides the courage to the individual to defeat its foes and conquer hindrances.



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Hessonite (Gomed)

Hessonite gemstone is also known as gummed in Hindi and Gomed is the gemstone of the shadow planet Rahu which is generally used in India to fight the adverse effects of Rahu, a concept which is unique to Indian astrology. 

It is found is a light to deep brownish yellow to maroon-ish hues. Generally said to resemble the color of cow’s urine or even honey

It is also believed to possess properties to relieve mental tension and improve strained relationships. 

Gomed is found In India, Gomed, also known as Gomedhaka in Tamil, can be found in several regions like Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, Shimla, Mysore, Orissa and Kullu. 



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Cat’s Eye (Chrysoberyl)

Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia stone) is also known as Cymophane or Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye, this is the name given to the yellow, yellow-green, or grey-green variety of Chrysoberyl, which displays the phenomenon of Chatoyancy (Cat’s Eye). Some fine gemstones are honey brown.

It is the gemstone for Ketu (Ketu is the rest of the body of Rahu). It bestows spiritual tendencies, asceticism, and non-attachment to worldly desire1s and ambitions.

Ketu is also a half-planet that bestows wisdom, powers of discrimination, and spiritual knowledge, the knowledge of the self.



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Amethyst gets its name from two Greek words “A” means ‘not’ and “Methustos” means’ intoxicated’.  Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz that is found in many locations around the world and forms as terminated crystals of all sizes inside geodes, clusters and as long single terminations. 

Unfortunately it has become a gem that is often thought of as “old fashioned”, “dull”, “boring” and “common”. But, is actually a beautiful, vivid stone – “the essence of purple” that has captured our hearts for hundreds of years!

In crystal healing, Amethyst is believed to remove evil or negative thoughts and improve intelligence. This was a claim made by Italian astrologer, Camillo Leonardi.

It is a Gemstone that is supposed to fortify one’s intuitive abilities. However, the best use of Amethyst besides Astrological Purposes is alcohol addiction. Amethyst has shown distinct benefits wherein individuals who have used it for getting rid of alcohol addiction have shown definite improvements. Amethyst also helps in overcoming complexes.



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Citrine (Sunela)

Citrine (meaning sunela in hindi) is a natural, yellow to golden brown coloured, semi-precious gemstone from the quartz mineral family. It is used to improve psychic ability in the wearer as well as to probe clarity and. The stone redirects energies in such a way that the wearer’s wallet remains heavy.

Most of the people get confused between similar-looking stones like Citrine, Yellow Topaz & Yellow Sapphire.  In Fact, all three stones are completely different, with just one similarity of colour. All there have different Physical, Optical & Chemical properties.

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The name “Garnet” originates from the medieval Latin granatus, meaning “pomegranate,” in reference to the similarity of the colour red. Garnets have been used since the Bronze Age as gemstones and abrasives. Necklaces studded with red garnets adorned the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Signet rings in ancient Rome featured garnet intaglios that were used to stamp the wax that secured important documents. 

Garnet is actually a group of several minerals. Five of these – pyrope, almandine, spessartine, grossular and andradite – are important as gems. Pyrope and almandine range from purple to red. Spessartine is found in exciting oranges and yellows, while andradite is mostly yellow to green (the gem variety demantoid). Grossular may have the widest range, from colourless through yellow to reddish-orange and orangey-red, as well as a strong vibrant green called a favourite.


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According to Indian astrology, garnet helps eliminate negative feelings (depression, guilt) and instill greater self-confidence and mental clarity to promote creative thinking and peace of mind. In ancient and medieval times, gems like garnets were also thought to be remedies for inflammatory diseases and to soothe the angry heart.


Lolite (Neel)

The term iolite comes from the Greek word ‘ion’, which refers to the colour violet. Depending on the cut, its beauty can be enhanced. Unlike several other gemstones, iolite’s maximum sales come from the fact that is is extremely elegant and beautiful. Also called cordierite, has been called water sapphire due to the resemblance of blue sapphire when cut. 

Iolite, or neeli, is a really special, powerful and beautiful stone. It is believed to be the gem of the Vikings. It is uncommonly hard and firm, but can obviously be broken in case of intentional physical damage.

The stone is available in several places. But it is believed that the stone in Brazil as a unique power to stimulate the imagination capacity of an individual. This might also help you to develop your creative skills and is very useful for writers, poets, artists and craftsmen.



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Wearing Navarathna Jewelry is more than only wearing pretty, shiny things.  It’s a statement of self. An expression of identity, personality and belief.  For many, the metals and stones people wear go even further: Their Jewelry is a source of balance, strength, and guidance in their life.  Navarathna has always held a special place in everyone’s heart. In Vedic astrology, all living beings are influenced by 9 planets — The Navagrahas. 

Each of the Navagrahas has a gem associated with it. These gems are said to regulate the cosmic rays coming from the planets, helping to bring the wearer into balance with them.  The Navaratna is significant in the Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh cultures. They’re recognized as sacred and royal throughout almost the entirety of Asia, across nearly every religious and cultural boundary.   They’re even an official symbol of the kingship in Thailand.

That’s because they’re so beautiful in how they pull together 9 distinct gems in one cohesive package. This one-piece turns dull clothing or things like your simple black dress into something uniquely noticeable, becoming the centrepiece of a fashion statement.




Opal Stone is considered a stone of Venus and Venus is very auspicious for charms and artists. The opal stone is considered to be the gemstone of the planet Venus. Opal is a very beautiful stone and it produces the same quality in humans as well. This is the speciality of this stone.

You can absolutely say that you are a synonym for happy married life; therefore married people whose Venus planets are weak should take an opal stone after consulting the astrologer. These are considered as opal stones only to get the love of your husband and to attract your husband. Opal stone is included in “Navratna”, so it has great importance and the effects are also fruitful. Opal Stone has the status of National Stone of the country of Australia.



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Peridot, ranging from bright yellow-green to deep lustrous green, receives its name from the French, the last syllable pronounced “doe”.  Prized by Egyptians and believed by Native Americans to have mystical powers, Peridot has been popular throughout history.

The traditional colour of the Peridot is lime green, a lovely colour for silver and platinum jewellery. Owing to its green hues, the stone symbolizes prosperity, life and progress. The lime, green, gentle Peridot gem, the August birthstone is associated with less tangible qualities of peace, good fortune and happiness. The mellow glow of the Peridot, a soft, light green under the starlit sky or lantern has earned this lovely gemstone the title ‘The Evening Emerald’. The august birthstone is associated with prosperity, growth, dignity and love.


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Pitambari Neelam

Neelam / Blue Sapphire is the stone of planet Saturn.  Pitambari Neelam is a stone that contains in its natural form Blue and Yellow colour both. The ratio of Blue and yellow can vary from stone to stone.  The Pitambari is usually a stone that has more than 60% yellow colour in it. A stone that has more Blue in it is called a “Neelambari” stone. Yellow Pacifies Jupiter / “Brahaspati” or Guru and Blue pacifies Saturn / “Shani”. So according to every person’s unique birth chart, the percentage of colour in a pitambari is also recommended.

A Pitambari Neelam can help if you are suffering from any bad period in relation to money problems, lack of guidance, failure in business, promotion, feeling you are cursed or something is there which is unexplained.



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Turquoise Stone is considered as a representative of Venus Planet. Its sky blue or green-blue colour stone is enough to recognize this stone. 

Turquoise gemstone is a symbol of courage, hope and love. For those who fail often in love or who are unable to get success after a lot of efforts, Turquoise is a life changer stone for them. It increases the positive thought and tremendous self-confidence inside the wearer, which can easily overcome difficult situations. 


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A Coral Gemstones is formed from generation after generation of calcium carbonate exoskeleton growth by marine polyps. While all Coral isn’t made into precious or semi-precious Gemstones, it’s certain varieties of red and White Coral which have attracted attention as semi-precious Gemstones for their durability and intense colours.

While the medical benefits of powdered White Coral are a stable of alternative medicine therapies, even the use of white coral as jewellery (in rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants etc.) has proven beneficial to the wearer. White Coral Gemstones helps with the wearer’s mode of self-expression and communication. When worn, the stone promotes balance and resonance in the wearer’s voice. It helps to cure backache and strengthens the body’s immunity. It also helps in bonding and interpersonal relationships.



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Yellow Topaz

Topaz is a brilliant and lustrous semi-precious gemstone that is suitable for most types of jewellery. This gemstone has mystic healing powers and is considered to facilitate emotional balance and protection from greed. It also represents strength, wisdom, courage and is a symbol of friendship.

Though both , Topaz and Citrine are the birthstone for November, yet both are quite different. 

Topaz is mostly found in yellow colour. Pure Topaz is transparent and colourless, the impurities are what causes variations in colour. The colour range of Topaz is broader than Citrine. Topaz comes in various colours like yellow, pink, green, purple, orange, and many famous blue tones. Blue Topaz is very rare and virtually all Blue Topaz stones are heat treated and irradiated. The most valuable colours of Topaz are the golden orange-yellow type known as ‘Imperial Topaz’.  



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Zircons, chemically known as ZrSiO4, is the oldest mineral of the earth originating from all three different rock types: igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.  The Zircon, however, similar to the sapphire, spinel, tourmaline and garnet, have a multitude of colours associated with them. The most popular colours of Zircon are blue, green, brown, yellow, orange and red. Of course one must not forget the colourless Zircon when talking about the most popular colours of Zircon. Overall the colour adds to the zeal of the zircon.

 Currently, colourless Zircons are once again rising in popularity for the beauty that they truly possess, rather than their ability to rival diamonds and it is amazing stuff for the wedding engagement rings 

Colourless zircons, as mentioned before, can arise from the heating of radioactive zircons; however, natural, colourless Zircons exist and are also common. These colourless zircons can be used to rival the beauty of diamonds and were used as imitations in the past.



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Note : Before buying or wearing this gemstone, one of the basic steps is to first consult a renowned astrologer or the one who has expertise in the matter of gemmology. This will help you to know if you will be benefit.


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