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Marriage doesn’t always have to be serious and stressful. There is nothing better than a good wedding prank that can brighten up even the dullest wedding party and turn your special day into a memorable affair that will be remembered for years to come. Whether you play the prank on your partner or on the wedding guests, it will be taken in the right spirit because it is your day!

April Fool’s day has come and gone, but it is never too late to enjoy and have fun. In celebration of April Fool’s day, we have come up with a list of 10 best wedding pranks that the couples can play on each other and on their wedding guests.

However, couples take note – These wedding pranks can also be played by the bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man, friends, colleagues or other guests of the wedding party to surprise you on the most exciting day of your life!

1.Hire an Impersonator

Fool your guests by hiring a celebrity look-alike. Imagine the guests’ excitement when they see a famous celebrity attend your wedding. Or picture their shock when they realize they have been tricked. Priceless!


2. Lost Wedding Ring Prank

This prank can be played by the best man and the groomsmen. When the groom requests the best man for the wedding ring, pretend that you don’t have the ring. Instead, put the blame on the groom by saying that he never gave you the ring. This will make the groom even more irritated and angry.

Finally, when the wedding couple has given up all hope, bring out the magic ring from your pocket and give it to them.  And, don’t forget to capture the shocked expression on their faces!

3. Drunk Bride

The bride can scare the living daylights out of everyone with this trick. Arrive at the wedding ceremony completely drunk, swaying and swinging uncontrollably. This can make even the calmest groom turn very nervous. You can add even more drama to the scene by pretending to do a wild dance and laughing hysterically. Pretty evil, we say!

tanu weds manu


4. Hiding/Stealing the Groom’s Shoes

Joota Chupai or hiding the wedding shoes is one of the most popular and enjoyable traditions of the Indian wedding ceremony. The groom takes off his shoes when he enters the mandap for the marriage ceremony. Taking advantage of this situation, the bride’s sister/cousins/friends steal the shoes and run off with them.

It is the responsibility of groom’s brother/cousins/friends to prevent the girls (from the bride’s side of the family) from stealing the shoes. The girls then hide the shoes and the groom has to pay money in order to receive his shoes. Very playful and interesting indeed!

indian-wedding-games- shoe


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 5. Wedding Objection Prank

Another fun and delightful wedding prank. Have someone from the audience oppose the wedding. Or if you want to add more emotion and drama, hire a fake boyfriend/girlfriend and let them object the wedding. 

6. Dropping the Wedding Cake

Weddings are no fun if there is no excitement and drama! Dropping the wedding cake will make your emotions run wild and this is exactly what we need to spice up a dull wedding ceremony. Couples can add more twist to the wedding by rubbing the cake all over the best man and the maid of honor. Sweet revenge!

7. Wedding Guests Dressed as Superheroes

You always wanted to be a superhero during your childhood. Make your wildest dreams come true by dressing up in a superhero themed attire at your wedding ceremony. Guests can impress the wedding couple by wearing funny superhero costumes. Turn up in a superhero outfit and see how the wedding couple looks at you in amazement.

superherowedding pranks


8. Surprise Wedding Dance

A funny and cheerful wedding dance can add a dash of excitement to any dull wedding party. Hire a flash mob for a fun-filled dance party or let your friends, family, and relatives perform wacky dance steps!

9. Funny Message on the Groom’s Shoes

When the bride and the groom kneel during the wedding ceremony, a funny message like “Help me” or “I am doomed” on the groom’s shoes, can bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Message in grooms shoe


10. Runaway Bride Prank

Last on our list – The bride running away from the groom. If the groom is a little bit on the heavier side, he may not run after you and might leave you on your own. Now, don’t say we didn’t warn you! The video below will have you in splits.

What are your favourite wedding pranks? Do share your thoughts and comments below.

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