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Every guy would have that one friend, who is a girl, whom you trust for a lot of things, and can seek help without giving a second thought. You would have watched movies, commented on that cute guy or girl passing by, fought over something really bad, but still remain to be friends.

Your parents know each other well, and they are always ready to prepare the food he/she likes when they visit your home.  It’s more like the sister/brother relationship that keeps the bond strong.

And, one fine day she is getting married.  And choosing the wedding gift for best friend female is tricky, like most of us, you would be wondering and confused on the gifting options available for your best friend’s wedding.

Here we have done some extensive research about wedding gifts options and are giving you some wedding gift ideas your best female best friend.

The tip being, it is more about the person.  Think what she/he likes, and work on personalizing the item using a jewel or anything that they like.

1.  Custom Made Wedding Gift

As the wedding bride, she is going to get lot of gifts, if don’t want to give boring gift; same that everyone going to give her then you can opt for customized gifts for wedding.  Something that depicts her unique personality or names or some message you want to convey.

You can show her how much you care through some personalised gifts that comes from the heart and you can make it special. You can find many affordable gifts for a female friend with personalization options like silver coin which has couple’s photo which will convey your thoughts very easily.






2. Magazine subscription

If your female friend loves to read books and magazines, favorite magazine subscription for a year or two would be the suitable gift for your female friend on her wedding. If you are not sure about her’s favorite magazine you prefer beauty related magazines and every other girl will love to read beuty.

beauty & style magazine


3. Spa treatment

Wedding shopping, pre and post wedding ceremonies and a long day photo shoot will make her tired. You can present your friend some spa treatment that she can use it to relax after marriage.



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4. Makeup kit

Girls go crazy over makeup. Presents like makeup kit with basic makeup tools and accessories will make your friend female crazy.You can find many famous makeup kits from among best brands like Bare Minerals, Coloressence.

Make up kit for women


5. Gift her a plant

You can choose Eco-friendly gift if your friend is nature loving friends. Before choosing this gift, make sure they have space to plant it in their home.

plant as a gift for wedding


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6. Perfume

Select her favorite fragrance and you can choose from some major brands like Taylor of London Panache, Victoria’s Secret, LanCome, Calvin Klein.

deodorant-perfumes for girls



 7. Gift Cards

If you are not convinced with any of the ideas or you don’t have much time to decide what gift to buy for your best friend wedding then you go for traditional gift choice in a modern way.

Preload the money you wanted to gift for her, let her buy what she wishes for. Online store like Flipkart, Amazon are giving the gift card or you can go with the gift card provided some banks.
gift card for wedding


9. Jewelry

Jewelry is always a top favorite thing for a girl and its a best gift for female friend. You can find a variety of gold jewel designs within Rs.5000. You can also prefer diamond jewelry if you are looking for expensive gifts. or consider personalized jewelry if you are looking for a unique gift for your friend.

Many individuals still adore and cherish their signet rings, whether they are vintage heirlooms or contemporary creations. are timeless and will be so for many more generations, whether they are utilised for functional or purely cosmetic reasons.

Gold pendant for baby girl with baby doll in yellow gold. Free shipping in chennai,mumbai,hyderabad,kolkata, pune

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10. Watches

Watch is one of the important accessories as a gift for best friends wedding. There are many watch collections available in online for girls so it will be easy to find a watch that suits her taste and your budget.

titan watch for girls as gifts


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11. Bridal Clutches

If you are looking for a wedding gift in the range of Rs.1,000 then you can consider buying this for your friend. You can prefer some ethnic clutches that are best marriage gifts for girl.

clutches for girls online


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12. Wedding Jewelry Boxes

For sure, she might have purchased lots of jewelry for her wedding and she might have forgotten to get a jewelry box. You can present her a jewelry box with her name engraved on it. This could be the unique for your female friend which she will keep throughout her life.

Wedding jewellery box


13. Personalized Wedding Card

You may want to convey your heartfelt wishes to your friend on her wedding. The greeting card is one among the best marriage gift for girl by which you can show your thoughts.

Though greeting cards are old fashion, you can go one extra mile to make it special and surprise groom by making it personalized. You can prefer adding bride and groom photo on the greeting cards in a meaningful way.


personalized wedding greeting cards


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Bonus one would be Wallpics Canvas Prints.


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