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Rose gold jewellery has changed how a lot of people think about gold.  Rose gold offers a vintage vibe with minimalist jewellery that is typically found in more heavyset designs.  It’s an alluring new twist on yellow gold and fashionable women everywhere are adorning it. What sets it apart is the reddish-pinkish hue that comes from the copper mixed in with the pure gold.  


Rose gold rings are made up of copper and gold – blended to create a metal alloy that (as the name suggests) has an attractive rose colored hue.  The mix of copper with gold dictates the actual shade you end up with – ranging from an orange tint to a pinker tone and through to a more prevalent red tinge.  The dusky pink variety has seen a sharp rise in popularity and is now viewed as an on-trend alternative to yellow and white gold. You will see many bride-to-be sporting dazzling rose gold couple rings alongside their wide smile, as they happily share the news of their engagement.


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From fashion shows to conference rooms to romantic restaurants, here’s why rose gold jewellery has become so wildly popular:

1. It’s unconventional yet traditional:

Rose gold, as a colour, is a favourite amongst fashion lovers today.  It’s a hot trend that can be seen in everything from bridal attires to airport looks (and even the most popular smartphones).  So, if you’re looking to stand out and want to go beyond yellow gold, opt for rose gold jewellery to make a subtle and graceful fashion statement.

2. It’s minimalist but never forgettable:

Rose gold is a favourite for workwear because it adds the bling to your professional look, without looking over-the-top.

3.It is a versatile jewellery option that plays extremely well with other colours :

When pairing rose gold couple rings with clothes of different colours, you need not restrict yourself to plain pastels because dark and dull hues create a fashionable contrast.


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4. It can be worn on a wide range of occasions and looks beautiful regardless the accessory

 Rose gold jewellery currently is in rage for workwear, but that smoothly translates into casual outings, date nights, and even evenings out.

5. It complements all skin tones

The hue of rose gold is often described as being warm and romantic, and against dark skin tones especially, its sparkle looks extremely sensuous.

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Getting engaged is a milestone moment in any relationship and what better way to cement the union than with a beautiful ring? There’s a plethora of engagement rings to choose from, including traditional yellow gold rings, precious platinum and fashionable rose gold rings. Engagements are also synonymous with sparkling diamonds and for a real showstopper rose gold couple rings are hard to beat.


Engagement rings and wedding bands are a time-honored tradition when it comes to nuptials, but that doesn’t mean that traditions can’t be customized.  In fact, customized wedding jewelry is becoming increasingly popular.

Trying to find a truly unique wedding ring is difficult, you don’t want your ring to be like anyone else, your love isn’t so why should your wedding ring be?


Having a finger-print engraving connects your rings together like no other, and adds such a lovely detail to your unique wedding ring.

This is such a lovely touch, and makes your wedding ring like no other.


Two-tone jewelry is making a comeback, this is great news if you love this style.  If you love both metals and can’t stand to limit yourself to just one, then break those old customs and wear your platinum and gold fusion couple rings together.




For the person who loves simplicity, you can’t look past this engagement ring.  It is a brilliant representation of your love. Watch as the jewel sparkles in the light and makes your hands shine.  Perfect for the unique partner, this rose gold ring is made for the bold.



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Pendant  is a sweet and petite accessory to grace your neck.  Simple and chic, this gorgeous piece of jewelry conveys rich emotion. 

Perfect for everyday wear and a wonderful gift choice, this necklace works as well for a teen as it does for a mature lady.  The pendant has been plated in rose gold for attractive contrast. Your outfit isn’t complete without a hint of shine.  Accessorize with rose gold and rose gold tone jewelry to give your everyday looks next-level allure.


Your outfit isn’t complete without a hint of shine.  Accessorize with rose gold and rose gold tone jewelry to give your everyday looks next-level allure.


Rose gold is seeing a resurgence in popularity due to their warm tone and vintage-inspired charm.  Made from a mix of high-quality gold and brilliant copper, rose gold bracelets range in color from a light pink to a deep red, but they still have the soft, beautiful gleam of gold. 

Add a touch of color to your outfit by choosing a rose gold.  Look for mixed-metal designs for an understated yet unforgettable look.  Whether you’re wearing jeans and a sweater to a casual lunch or donning your best dress for a black-tie event, rose gold bracelets add a lovely touch to your outfit.

Rose gold is a great choice.  It hits the right notes in the fashion stakes and suits a whole variety of people – regardless of hair color and skin tone.  You can match it with plenty of other jewelry and showcase it with varying garments from your wardrobe. We can confidently say that rose gold rings are for anyone.  If you are fortunate enough to be getting married and are looking at engagement rings, look no more. Rose gold couple rings are real statement items and offer a fantastic way to declare to the world .  We are in love and are getting married.

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