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A constellation is a recognized pattern of stars in the night sky. The word is from the Latin constellacio, meaning a set of stars. There are 88 official constellations.  Many are very old. They’re a link between us and our ancestors, a projection of human imagination into the cosmos: ancient people looked at the stars and thought they saw mythical beings, beasts and cultural touchstones among the stars.  On the other hand, most asterisms are relatively new. Most are small patterns within a constellation, although some are large patterns made of bright stars from several constellations.  There’s nothing official about asterisms, but people on all parts of Earth still love them and enjoy them.

Stars in a constellation all lie at different distances from the Earth.  While a constellation may look as if all of its stars are the same distance away, in reality that is only because, as we now know, stars vary in size and brightness, so two stars which appear to be the same brightness in the sky may actually be separated by vast distances.  This means that an alien astronomer on a planet a hundred light years from Earth would know very different constellations, because they would see the night sky from a completely different perspective.


The pictures we see at night are formed because we only see two dimensions in the night sky, missing the depth that is also present.

Still, with a bit of imagination, the constellations can provide a great source of entertainment. They can also help the lost find their way, and aid skywatchers in the search for planets, comets, or other events, by a process called star hopping. And, as they surely did in ancient times, constellations can provoke a sense of timeless wonder.

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Aries is a mid-size constellation in the Northern Hemisphere. Aries is a midsize constellation that’s not particularly luminous, with only a few stars that are easily visible to the naked eye

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The first sign of the zodiac and ruled by Mars, people under the star sign of Aries are assertive, vibrant with childlike wonder, and great ambition.  A real ball of energy, the Aries is also a natural leader, never afraid of new ground.

Strengths: courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate

Weaknesses: impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive.


Taurus the Bull is a constellation of the zodiac that you can see during Northern Hemisphere winter and spring or Southern Hemisphere summer and autumn.

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Taurus, or ‘the bull’, is a large prominent constellation located in the Northern celestial Hemisphere between Aries to the west and Gemini to the east. Taurus is one of the oldest documented constellations and is best seen in winter.

The second astrological sign of the zodiac, people born under Taurus are strong-minded, stable, and sensational at getting things done.   Folks under this earth sign are trustworthy and ambitious, with a profound love of nature and serenity.

Strengths: reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable.

Weaknesses: stubborn, possessive, uncompromising.


The Gemini constellation is located in the northern hemisphere of the sky.  Its name means “the twins” in Latin

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The constellation of Gemini is located in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere and is prominent in winter and most visible between the months of December and January.  The best way to find the Gemini constellation is to look for its two brightest stars, Castor and Pollux.  These can be seen eastward looking from the familiar “V” shape of Taurus and the three stars of Orion’s belt.

The third astrological sign of the Zodiac, the Gemini has a bubbly personality and affable nature.  A complex and intuitive chameleon, the Gemini is also great at blending and adapting, shifting to suit different social groups based on the vibe they perceive.

Strengths: Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas.

Weaknesses: Nervous, inconsistent, indecisive.


Cancer constellation is located in the northern sky with its name means “the crab” in Latin.

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Cancer is Latin for ‘the crab’ and this is its most common depiction.  Located in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere, Cancer is the faintest constellation in the zodiac and can be tricky to see but it does contain several notable stars.  Your best chance of getting a glimpse of this elusive constellation is in the spring.

The fourth astrological sign of the zodiac, people born under Cancer are compassionate, intuitive, and sentimental. Cancerians can be sensitive and sometimes challenging to get to know.  Folks born under this water sign can also be quick to retreat into their shell if they feel cautious or threatened but can also get a bit crabby so beware of those pincers!

Strengths: tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive.

Weaknesses: moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative, insecure.

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Leo represents the lion and is usually associated with the Nemean lion in Greek mythology.

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Leo is said to be one of the earliest recognised constellations.  The best way to locate Leo in the night sky is by looking at the Big Dipper, the “pointer stars” of which point toward Leo at the head of the lion.

The fifth sign of the zodiac, people born under the star sign Leo thrive on being the centre of attention. These natural-born leaders are braver than brave, fiercely ambitious, and the most authoritative of all the star signs.

Strengths: Courage, leadership, playfulness, charisma, generosity and protectiveness.

Weaknesses: Can be stubborn, demanding and a bit of a show-off!


Virgo is the second largest constellation and is visible in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Virgo is the largest constellation in the zodiac and the second-largest constellation in the sky, containing Spica, one of the brightest known stars. Virgo is also Latin for ‘virgin’ and this constellation can be found in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere.

The sixth sign of the zodiac and one of the most ambitious and compassionate, people born under Virgo have a deep sense of humanity and pay attention to the smallest of details.  Virgos also set high standards for themselves and are often practical yet perfectionistic.

Strengths: loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical.

Weaknesses: shyness, worry, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play.


The stars that make up the constellation Libra were once considered part of Scorpius.  Libra is Latin for weighing scales, making it the only constellation of the Zodiac representing an inanimate object.

Libra is Latin for ‘weighing scales’. This constellation is located in the Southern celestial hemisphere, sitting between Virgo to the West and Scorpio to the East. Although it can be quite faint in the sky, Libra is usually seen in the evening. It is most easily seen during Northern Hemisphere summers and Southern Hemisphere winters.

The seventh astrological sign of the zodiac, people with the star sign Libra strive to establish equilibrium in all areas of their life.  Libra is an air sign, and people born under this sign are also the prime aesthetes of the zodiac.

Strengths: Cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social.

Weaknesses: Indecisive, avoids confrontations, will carry a grudge, self-pity.


Scorpius constellation lies in the southern sky.  It represents the scorpion and is associated with the story of Orion in Greek mythology and is one of the oldest constellations known.

Scorpius is Latin for “scorpion” and is one of the oldest known constellations, even pre-dating the Greeks. The Scorpius Constellation features a distinctive “J” shape and can be found in the Southern Celestial hemisphere.  In astrology, this star sign is of course the symbol of Scorpio.

The eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. People born under Scorpio ooze mystique and are extremely passionate and intuitive.  Get on a Scorpio’s bad side though and you’d better stay alert for that venomous sting!

Strengths: resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend.

Weaknesses: distrusting, jealous, secretive.


Sagittarius is one of the largest southern constellations.  It is easy to find because it lies on the Milky Way and its brightest stars form an asterism known as the Teapot.

The Sagittarian Constellation is located in the Southern celestial Hemisphere.  Sagittarius is Latin for ‘archer’ and the constellation’s most common depiction is as a centaur pulling back a bow and arrow. However, some amateur astronomers in the Northern Hemisphere reckon it more accurately resembles a ‘teapot’.

The ninth astrological sign of the zodiac, those born under the star sign of Sagittarius are said to be curious, energetic and crazy about traveling, also known as ‘the wanderers of the zodiac.’ Sagittarians are strong-willed truth seekers, with a remarkable ability to adapt to new situations.

Strengths: generous, idealistic, great sense of humour.

Weaknesses: promises more than can deliver, very impatient, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic.

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Capricornus is the 40th biggest constellation in the sky, occupying an area of 414 square degrees. It lies in the fourth quadrant of the southern hemisphere

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Capricornus is Latin for ‘horned goat’, ‘goat horns’ or ‘having horns like a goat’s’ and it’s most common depiction is as a sea-goat, half-mythical sea creature or fish and half goat.  The 40th largest constellation in the night sky, Capricorn is best viewed in the Northern Hemisphere in early Autumn.

Capricorn, the star sign represented by the constellation Capricornus and is the tenth astrological sign of the zodiac. People born under this Capricorn are responsible and no strangers to self-discipline. Capricorns are also great fun and these guys have a cracking sense of humour, especially once they let their guard down.

Strengths: responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers.

Weaknesses: know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst.


Aquarius the Water Bearer is a large but faint constellation in the Southern sky.  Aquarius is a constellation of the Zodiac and one of the oldest documented constellations.

The constellation of Aquarius is Latin for ‘water-carrier’ and is one of the oldest constellations among the zodiac. This star sign is visible from almost the entire planet and also resides in the area of the sky sometimes referred to as ‘the sea’. It is called this due to the other water-associated constellations that are found there.

The eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarians have an extraordinary ability to see the best in everybody.  These highly intelligent, deep thinkers flit between being shy and reserved and at other times eccentric and energetic.

Strengths: Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian.

Weaknesses: Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof.


Pisces constellation lies in the northern sky and its name means “the fish” in Latin.

Pisces resides in the Northern sky, located between Aquarius to the West and Aries to the East. The name Pisces means “the fish” (plural) in Latin. And these two celestial fish represent Cupid and Venus in Roman mythology.  Legend has it that these two transformed themselves into fish to escape the infamous monster Typhon.

The final sign of the zodiac, people born under Pisces have extreme depth and compassion. Pisces is a fluid water sign, ruled by the planet Neptune and Pisces are also renowned for their remarkable sensitivity and their tendency to be sympathetic to the underdog.

Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical.

Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality.

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