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As an Indian woman, we all love traditional jewellery and perfectly match it to our ethnic wear.  But have you ever thought of pairing western outfits with your traditional jewellery? Wearing jewellery has moved from just adding glitter to your outfit; today it is more to do with making a statement and stepping up your style quotient.

At first, you might think that how can one wear gold jewellery with western outfits but then, coming to think of it… Don’t you see the fusion trend is up all around you?

Women used to wear their traditional gold jewellery with lehengas, kurtis or anarkalis, that too at exclusive events like weddings, engagement, etc. because that’s where all the ladies used to gather and judge each other’s gold jewellery.

There is something so exciting about teaming Indian gold jewelry with western outfits.  Have you seen that even celebrities have been seen adorning this style trend!

If you are someone who has been always proud of India’s rich culture and wishes to style jewelry with contemporary clothing in such a way that you rule the fashion scene, then here is how you can do that! 

The Indo-western clothing-jewellery combination is quite a bold fashion statement, one that shows off your fashion sensibilities and how creative you are.  When done right, western clothes, with the elegant Indian jewellery  especially with  the customized gold couple bands makes a stunning ensemble.

Here are a few hints to help you nail the pairing.


A heavy-duty statement necklace can be teamed up with an off-shoulder evening gown or a maxi dress.  The ensemble will make a serious style statement, leaving the onlookers stunned.  This ensemble will make you look like a true diva.  An ensemble of a collared shirt, a big necklace and a lehenga skirt is the easiest way to nail the Indo-Western look.


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You can also pair them with elegant gowns, especially neck-baring off shoulder dresses and little black dresses for a head-turner look. 


We love to wear Kadas and bangles with ethnic attire. But, have you tried wearing it with western attire?  You can pair your ethnic kadas with a long gown, different kinds of dresses and even with long sleeved shirts.  All you need to do is just try to pair it with some funky hand cuff and you will get the bold look instantly.  You can also match it with your earrings like the cute look of Alia Bhatt.


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Anklets are so Indian in their essence but what’s the best way to pair them with a western outfit?   Try a long side slit dress or pants with a top and wear anklets with them and a nice pair of wedges.  This is a fun way of mixing two distinct styles, where the jewellery retains your traditionalist while the outfit gives you a modern edge of looking fashionable.


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Gemstones are jewellery staples that are never going out of fashion! Perhaps the most versatile of jewellery options, gemstones can be used to accessorize any look no matter what the occasion is. 


Rare and precious, platinum jewelry is truly a perennial red-carpet favorite.   All over the world, designers prefer precious platinum to create master pieces because of its versatility, and because it is the most secure setting for any precious gemstone.   Platinum is one of the rarest metals & always stands out making a distinctive style statement.  Celebrities worldwide have been donning exquisite platinum designs for star-studded events, red carpets and other appearances to capture their most glamorous and memorable moments.


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Twinning with your loved ones is hot this season and if you wish to have any such this season then just take your plain finger platinum couple band and get it customized or match it up with your hubby or BFF.

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Chandbalis have always been on the top of the favorite ones for every lady.  Not only with long Kurtis and sarees, but they are also the best jeweler style with western fashions as well.

If you want to have a wonderful fusion where you want a heap of civilizations along with a modern twist, believe me, this big baalis is all you need.


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Unite your big baalis with western attire and garner all the courtesy for all the right details.   It could certainly be in various ways, generally picked up is that you may put these big bold circles with a high waisted pencil skirt, jumpsuit or western style collar Kurti.


When you want to stay comfortable and think about your outfits then the first preference comes to your mind that is Jeans.  But at the same time, you want to look trendy and wear some chunky jewelry at that time you are a little confused about what we should wear or pair with jeans.  But there are so many options like Jhumkas, hoop earrings, pearl earrings or for a fresh look with an extra edge, add a choker.


Yes, even the most lady-like of necklaces can work with a casual pair of jeans.  Paired with a luxurious sweater or a sharp fitted blazer, pearls are the perfect choice to create an effortlessly sophisticated look.  Whether you’re out for lunch at the new hotspot in town or taking meetings at the office, pearls will bring just the right amount of polish.

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Channel your inner rock star with beautiful bangles and a great pair of jeans.  Whether you wear diamond or gemstone studded or simple metal styles, stacked bracelets take on a chic vibe when worn with jeans.  Try this look on for size and you’ll see these two were made for each other.

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Similar to the effect of stacked bangles, layered necklaces can achieve a simultaneously laid back and glamorous look with jeans.  Pair with a white button down or a fitted black


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Start by adding your first layer that sits closest to your collarbone and work your way down from there. You can add on as many or as little as you like. If you leave enough space between the necklaces they would all get their moment in the spotlight. Layering your necklaces in a cascading format creates more visually styling options.

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If you want to achieve an entirely unique fusion look, then you can opt for the most traditional piece of jewellery, the maang tika. The traditional Indian headpieces will look absolutely stunning when you wear them with a casual t-shirt and jeans or even a short skirt with a top or a knee length dress. The maang tika comes in various sizes and shapes, so choose the one that suits your face.


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The process of making these stunning Indian baubles is commendable and when you have a beautiful collection of Polki or Diamond bangles in your box, why not flaunt them by wearing them with a cut-sleeves top and a long straight-fit skirt? The brightness of the diamonds or almost white-transparent or sheer looking Polkis in your bangles will light up the entire get up when you wear them with a casual, coloured top and cute denim shorts.


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Wearing your traditional Indian jewelry with the modern western clothes. This may seem confusing or rather odd to hear.  But when you team up the right accessories with the right clothes, the fusion look is just magic. There are many ways in which you can bring together the traditional accessories and the modern ensembles to achieve a trendy fusion look .

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