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Of all types of jewelry, bracelets can add some dazzle to any outfit and help you express your unique style regardless of the occasion. What’s more fun than having a jangling armful of bangles to complete your casual look or wearing a delicate pretty chain with a subtle diamond to complete your evening dress?

That said, when browsing for bracelets, you’ll have to face a great deal of selection. While having too many choices is a great thing, you may be wondering how to make a choice and choose the best bracelet or two for your style. 

This article shares some expert tips for when you’re shopping for the right bracelet to complete your look. And when you’re ready to make a choice, consider visiting SVANA to browse some fine selections of bracelets.

  • Always Start With The Size

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the right bracelet is your size. Know how large your wrist is before buying. You don’t want a too-big bracelet that goes all the way to your arms or slides off your wrist or a too-small one that you can’t even put the clasp together. While sizing may depend on a specific style you want, there’s a general measurement rule for bracelets. 

Any bracelet style you choose should be at least three-fourths of an inch to 1.5 inches bigger. The bigger the size, the greater the draper will be. From there, you need to understand the relationship between your wrist’s width and a specific bracelet’s size. In general, if you have narrow and small wrists, you should stay away from the bulky, larger styles since they can look unbalanced. 

  • Choose A Style

When browsing for a bracelet, you’ll be surprised at the wide variety of styles available today. From statement cuffs to sleek bangles and to intricate pieces adorned with precious stones, each bracelet style comes with its own subset of looks and designs suitable for a variety of occasions or outfits. Here are some of the more popular bracelet styles:

  • Bangles

Bangles are rigid, inflexible types of bracelets. You can find them in two typesthe classic closed bangles and the open bangles that can easily fit a wide range of wrist sizes. Typically made in gold, silver, and other types of metal, bangles often have a simple engraved design or can be adorned with gemstones for an elegant statement. Bangles can be worn loose on the wrist, higher up on the arm, or layered with other types of bracelets, depending on your style. 



  • Chains And Links

Chain and link bracelets are predominantly made of connected metallic links, usually in silver or gold. This type of bracelet is flexible and can range in looks from chunky styles suitable for men to dainty chains. The type of chain can also vary, with the most popular ones being the classic cable chains which feature interlocked box chains, oval links, curb chains, and Byzantine chains. 

  • Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are well known for their straight chain design with individually set gemstones, either diamonds or affordable gem types such as Cubic zirconia. They feature a symmetrical design, having connected gemstones on a metal chain or fixture that can be elasticated or rigid. Tennis bracelets are considered one of the timeless types of bracelets that rank high in universal appeal and versatility. 

  • Charm Bracelets

In general, charm bracelets are simply chains or bangles adorned with charms and trinkets for decorative or symbolic purposes. You can have a single dangling charm or dozens to showcase your personality and style, and to go with your casual outfits. 

  • Cuff Bracelets

Like bangles, cuff bracelets are rigid and inflexible oval or circular shapes. That said, they often have a wider design that hugs the wrist or arms and is crafted from solid metals. Cuffs are considered statement pieces for formal attire due to their larger designs. 

Take note that these are just some of the most popular types. There are other bracelet styles out there including beaded bracelets, bar bracelets, wrap bracelets, braided bracelets, and leather bracelets. 

  • Is It Stackable?

Stacked bracelets offer a unique look, and most people like to experiment and try this look with bracelets they already own. Thus, when looking for a bracelet, consider how stackable it is. Does the style of a specific bracelet complement your existing collection? Don’t be afraid to mix and match to find the best look for your outfit. 

That said, be cautious about mixing different types of metals or colours or using too many bracelets since this can create a messy and chunky look. 


Whether it’s your first bracelet or your twentieth, shopping and choosing the right bracelet can be daunting if you don’t know what to look for. With too many possibilities and choices, considering the above tips can help make your bracelet shopping a bit easier and help you choose the perfect one for your style.

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