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The phrase “tennis bracelet” is not as old in the fine jewellery field as the actual style. An eternity bracelet was a fine ring of diamonds worn around the wrist up until 1987. The association between this jewellery design and tennis was unintentional. Ace tennis player Chris Evert had to cancel a match that year because a diamond bracelet she was wearing fell loose and flew into the air. That incident undoubtedly made history, and the tennis bracelet has become a common name for this design ever since.

The diamond tennis bracelet has recently become a classic favourite due to its unrivalled elegance and adaptability. It twinkles just like a row of stars in a constellation would. A genuine diamond bracelet complements every outfit and provides the right amount of grandeur. When layered with simple or adorable charm bracelets, it gives off a sleek and modern vibe. When worn alone, it produces a traditional and classy style. There are countless styles and appealing settings for diamond tennis bracelets, including prongs, bezels, bars, channel settings, swirl motifs, hearts, infinity twists, and chevron patterns. With its inimitable charm, this classy yet modest jewellery design has the power to steal the show.


It may seem odd to wear jewellery while engaging in physical activity. You may easily endanger it. But how did the practice of donning tennis or diamond line bracelets while watching a game become so widespread?

For this, we must consider a well-known event in the tennis career of a young American player named Chris Evert. Although there are many disagreements over the exact date of this incident, everyone can agree that a new tradition of sporting accomplishment being celebrated with a wristband had begun.

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The majority of accounts claim that Chris’ diamond bracelet flew off her arm during their 1987 match against Martina Navratilova, ending the match. Funny enough, she had been given permission by the officials to look for it.

Other reports claim that Chris Evert, 19, had paused the game during the rally she was in the middle of to hunt for her bracelet. The bracelet served as her fortunate charm, and the game was supposed to have changed the course of her career. She began wearing a diamond bracelet to all of her matches starting that day. That one incident was the beginning of the path from a novice to a tennis legend with numerous Grand Slam victories. Regarding the tendency, it persisted. Serena Williams continues to wear her tennis bracelet while competing even today.

The four characteristics listed below define the tennis bracelet style:

  1. Stones:

While diamonds are almost always utilised, other precious stones may also be used in a tennis bracelet.

  1. Stone form:

The most common diamond shape is round, though princess cut and emerald stones can also be utilised.

  1. Metal:

Tennis bracelets are almost always made of white or yellow gold, however, occasionally rose gold is also used. Rarely, platinum is utilised to add an added security to heavy, valuable bracelets.

  1. Setting:

The most common setting for tennis bracelets is the traditional four-prong design because it minimises the amount of metal that can be seen.

Tennis bracelets can be worn in every situation, and they also make the ideal gifts for many occasions, whether it’s a gift for an anniversary, mother’s day, birthday party or wedding.

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The diamond tennis bracelet has the advantage of looking good with almost anything. You can wear yours at any time of day, with any attire, and for any occasion, according to this. Everything from ball dresses and pantsuits to t-shirts, jeans, and yes, even lounge wear and pyjamas, are included in this.


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Tennis bracelets are distinctively versatile and have enduring appeal, much like pearl earrings and the little black dress. A continuous row of diamonds on your wrist is a surefire-winning look. You could even wear the most exquisite diamond stud earrings and a diamond choker with them and yet pull off a casual-chic appearance without overdressing.


Add your favorite go-to bracelets to it.

Tennis bracelets are gorgeous because you can match them with practically anything, whether you pair them with your favorite scrunchies or stylish watch. Wear an exercise dress with a watch, hair tie, chain bracelet, and tennis bracelet for a simple yet fashionable daily outfit.



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Wear it by itself for a simple appearance.

With our traditional tennis bracelet in sterling silver or gold jewellery, you can elevate your go-to business attire. You can go from your morning meeting to drinks after work thanks to the gentle shine.

Tennis bracelets stacked one on top of the other

Who said you couldn’t combine your tennis bracelet collection? Tennis Bracelet, which has a delicate and is one of our favourite ways to change up this style.

Tennis Bracelet may be stacked with two traditional tennis bracelets to create a striking look that’s ideal for a night out.


Tennis bracelets are gorgeous on their own, but if you want to give them a fashionable edge, consider wearing them with a chic watch.

Matching diamond tennis bracelets with watches is much simpler than you may think because they are made to offer modest shine to your overall outfit. When both items are made of the same precious metal, whether it be traditional yellow gold, sophisticated white gold, or passionate rose gold, the pairing is very beautiful. When the watch has some opulent diamond accents, the parts work well together as well.

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You can always wear your watch on one hand and your tennis bracelet on the other if you wish to spread out your sense of style. This style is particularly appealing if your watch band is made of leather rather than metal because it keeps the diamond glitter to one side, where it won’t compete with the leather’s more casual appearance. In spite of this, it is quite acceptable to wear a leather watchband with a diamond bracelet. However, the delicate bracelet may sometimes seem out of place with the rather robust leather strap. However, as every person has their own sense of style, the final choice is ultimately based on the appearance you want.


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Last but not least, a basic rule for displaying all of your jewellery at once when styling your tennis bracelet with a watch is to use thinner and smaller bracelets when you’re wearing more than one. The general rule of thumb for multi-row tennis bracelet styling is to avoid wearing it too tightly and to tuck your watch just below the bracelet.

Since your diamond tennis bracelet is an expensive piece of jewellery, you should keep it for special events rather than wearing it every day. Why not accumulate a variety of inexpensive tennis wristbands that you can wear anywhere and preserve your expensive bracelets for special occasions?

If you have to spend on an economical tennis bracelet, you might choose a sterling silver tennis bracelet, a gold or platinum one.

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