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You definitely want a distinctive personalised engagement ring that can serve as a sign of your love if you’re getting ready to pop the question. A personalised engagement ring may be just as economical as one that has been pre-designed, with the extra benefit of being fashioned especially for you. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand how long it could take to create a personalised engagement ring. Depending on the design, it can take days or weeks to make a personalised ring. 

Jewelry design is the practice of creating and designing jewellery. A jewellery designer creates comprehensive technical drawings after rendering design thoughts for a piece of jewellery, taking into account every feature and idea before incorporating them into the final design.

Jewelry design still frequently starts with traditional hand-drawing and drafting techniques, especially during the idea phase. But as the use of computer-aided design software increases, 3D jewellery design is beginning to take shape.

Have you ever visited a jewellery store and discovered that none of the items matches your criteria? You can acquire products that aren’t always available in real stores when you shop online. Online jewellery stores offer a greater variety of selections, and you can quickly compare multiple items by clicking a button.

You do admire a design but the size does not fit you? Online purchases allow for this level of personalization, but physical stores with static inventory are unable to meet your needs in this way which takes almost 45 days to design and deliver the product meeting our needs.

Since you can get exactly what you need and ask for customizations, you don’t have to worry about the jewellery fitting you or not. Additionally, you may take your time selecting the gemstones or type of metal you want, contrast various designs, and select your jewellery so it appears to have been specially designed for you and it days only seven to ten working days to deliver your product once the order is placed.

In order to create the ideal piece, exactly as it was envisioned, while maintaining the highest standard of quality and the assurance of features that make the piece unique and therefore more valuable, while still fitting within a budget, 3D design helps bring the idea to life down to the smallest details.

In a word, the new 3D jewellery design techniques enable us to achieve the highest quality, at an affordable price, by making a realistic replica of the desired piece before it is manufactured to ensure that it is precise as anticipated and desired. At AuGrav, you have almost limitless customising options.


Consultation with experienced custom jewellers is the first step in creating a personalised engagement ring. You talk about the details of the engagement ring you want here. These specifics include the ring’s size, shape, and metal type that you desire. This first meeting could last just a few seconds or several hours.


Design is obviously just as crucial as producing the 3D object. CAD software is useful in this situation. These tools enable the construction of extremely detailed pieces of jewellery from a wide selection of components combined, enabling the user to view photo-realistic views of produced 3D models. Highly detailed 3D things may be created with 3D design, which is perfect for professional work. 


Design a Customized Jewel Absolutely Free Of Cost

A jewellery designer will provide a unique representation of the ring after the meeting is finished. Your previously given preferences will be taken into consideration while designing and creating the ring. Everything you select, including the type of metal, ring size, shape, and jewels used in the design, will be strictly followed. 


Custom jewellery has previously been an expensive luxury due to the complexity of the design and production processes. But with digital tools, jewellers have already begun to add bespoke creations to their standard services or as a value-added service. Benefits of 3D jewellery design for jewellers and customers.


Here, you have the opportunity to review the rendered design before the ring is made. You can then approve it or request a modification of the design. At AuGrav, we work on your requested changes before proceeding with the next steps. Reviewing may take a couple of days.


The jeweller designer starts actually creating the personalised engagement ring once you approve the digital design. The ring is created from the metal of your choice and has the dimensions and shape shown in the earlier computer rendering.

Your bespoke ring will be thoroughly polished after everything is in place. This makes sure that the ring has a gorgeous finish and a smooth surface. The metal is thoroughly inspected to make sure there are no dents, scratches, or other flaws. The jewels are then precisely set. The custom ring may take seven to ten working days depending on the design. 


It’s time to evaluate the finished item after your bespoke engagement ring is made. We share an image of the ring so you can see what to anticipate when it is delivered. The ring is wrapped and delivered upon approval.

At AuGrav, we specialise in producing unique works of art. We enjoy creating your jewellery to satisfy all your requirements and even go above and beyond them. 

The precision of 3D jewellery creation is last but not least critical. Extreme precision is used in the creation of the models developed utilising CAD 3D jewellery design. As a result, consistent quality and results are assured. Furthermore, compared to drawings created by hand, fine details can be achieved more quickly and affordably. Of course, using current CAD technology in the highest calibre goods and services is the ideal approach to offer the best 3D jewellery design technique.

AuGrav (Au-Gold, Grav-To Etch, to Engrave) Strongly believes that any Jewel should be a natural extension of yourself.  It could be as simple as your Names, your Fingerprints, your Voice Waves, or anything that describes your Persona.  To create a piece that will be worn by only 1 out of 7 billion people on earth, Get In Touch with us.  Our Jewelry experts have all ears to listen to your story and suggest creating a masterpiece.

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