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The culture of India is stunning beyond description. The exquisite designs of Indian bridal jewellery are what draw the most attention to it because of its visual attractiveness. In the context of Indian weddings, there is no such thing as “too much” or “too much of anything” when it comes to blings. However, the final makeup of an Indian bride is not regarded to be complete until she has put on her solah shingar, which is a collection of all of the many pieces of jewellery that are intended for a bride to wear. Without her jewellery, the bride would be without something essential. To wear jewellery is itself makeup. Either it should be a whole set including the lehenga, or it should include independent patterns that may be compared to each other. 

Here is a list of some regional jewellery combinations with appropriate makeup looks for Indian brides to wear on their wedding day to clear up any confusion and give you the clearest possible picture of how Indian brides take pride in following their cultural heritage by adorning themselves with beautiful jewellery on their D- day:

Kerala’s Bride

Kasavu saris in white and gold, paired with a substantial amount of gold jewellery, are traditional attire for brides in Kerala. A new sari, flowers, and temple jewellery define the elegance and grace of a Malayali bride. Every bride in Kerala wears a stunning red bindi on her forehead, as this component of bridal makeup is considered essential to the traditional look.


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Karnataka’s Bride 

When it comes to weddings, the people of Kannada have a strong preference for adhering to the age-old rituals and traditional clothes that have been passed down through the generations, especially in Bangalore. In terms of her jewellery, the bride wears a lot of gold jewellery, such as Maangtika, multiple gold necklaces, Kamarbandh around the waist, jhumkas on the ears, and also green glass bangles in her hands, in a manner that is comparable to that of a Maharashtrian bride. Don’t forget to get the perfect south bridal makeup look done along with your outfit and jewellery so that you look perfect on your wedding day. You can do a subtle diy bridal makeup or get it done by a professional bridal makeup artist in Bangalore.

Odisha’s Bride

In most cultures, the bride is expected to wear exquisite jewellery, typically made of gold, comprising necklaces, earrings, bangles, and rings. The bride wears a yellow sari called a BoulaPatta that has a red border around it according to Indian wedding customs. Modern Oriya brides, on the other hand, favour wearing intricate saris such as Benarasi or kanjeevaram, or even local red Ikkat silk saris or similar colours with beautiful zari or sequin work. The Oriya bride’s bridal gown is not complete without the Uttariyo, also known as a dupatta, as it is an essential component.

Marathi Bride

Pearls are traditionally used in the jewellery of Marathi weddings, thus all of the items of jewellery worn by the bride are an exquisite combination of gold and pearls. A radiant smile and understated grace are the defining characteristics of a Marathi bride. The understated nature of her Marathi wedding makeup draws attention to her natural charm, which complements the understated elegance of her clothing. 

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Bengali Bride

Traditionally, Bengali brides accessorise their wedding attire with all gold jewellery, including a matha Patti, a miniature gold crown, two necklaces, and white and red bangles. If you were to become a bride in Bengali culture, you would wear a crimson Benarasi silk sari with zari embroidery and be draped in the traditional Atpoure style. 

Let’s sum it up

In the same way that getting dressed with traditional Indian bridal makeup is like a miracle that only happens once in a girl’s life, wearing jewellery is like a miracle that only happens once. On the day of her wedding, she wants to appear simply lovely enough to attract the attention of the public and also to be the most essential part of the day of her wedding. For the purpose of assisting me in excelling in this area, everyone is looking for the most expensive jewellery set possible, together with just the correct amount of makeup.

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