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Gifting jewellery has always been considered auspicious, and a highly positive gesture for any special occasion, such as as birthdays, weddings, birth of a baby, or housewarming. Corporates also choose to give their employees gold coins as gifts on Diwali or other festivals. Sometimes, we like giving and receiving gifts even when there’s no special occasion, just to remind our loved ones of the bond and love you share with them!

But, selecting a gift is a job far easier said than done. It’s so difficult to come up with unique gifting ideas every single time. Especially, when we want our gifts to be thoughtful. Well, why not blend one of the most perfect gifts of all times, a piece of jewellery, with some thought around a person’s profession? Confused?

We all have friends, family, and relatives who work in different professions. How would they feel if we give them a piece of jewellery that’s perfect for the profession they are in? This would make the gift extremely special and memorable to them, right? It will surely touch them and make them cherish the love you have for them!

We hunted high and low for some unique jewellery gifts by profession to help you out in your quest for the perfect present. Here are a few of the most common professions which will be shared by a lot of people you know…you can thank us later!

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10. Doctor:

Doctors take years to complete their education and earn a degree and then work hard for the rest of their lives to tend to their patients. If your loved one is employed as a doctor, you can get them a pendant that’s shaped like a stethoscope. You can also opt for a stethoscope bracelet in silver or gold. This also makes a wonderful gift for a medical student.

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9. Teacher:

Teachers are like our second parents. They give us knowledge, inculcate values in us and guide us to be better individuals in life. They’ll always be with us reminding us from time to time the things we’ve learnt from them. So why not gift them something that represents their own self? A lovely gold 3D face pendant, gold coin with a picture of hers or with a “Thank You” message is sure to make a stunning gift that will touch their heart.

8. Lawyer:

Lawyers are tough, smart and hard-working individuals! Delight your friend or family member who practises law, by gifting them a lawyer themed gift. For a girl, you can get a charming bracelet which has the scales of justice engraved in any precious metal of your choice. For a guy, try silver cufflinks with law themed phrases such as “guilty” and “not guilty” to add some fun!

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7. Musician:

It is often said that music is food for the soul. Musicians are very creative and talented. To celebrate the presence of a musician in your life, you can gift them a piece of jewellery that’s very closely resembles their profession. You can get their voice note or music piece engraved on a gold or silver ring. This personalized gift will definitely put a smile on their face.

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6. Accountant / Finance professional:

Accountants work with calculations all day. So giving them a calculator-themed gift will be perfect! A little silver calculator keychain or charm will capture the essence of their profession wonderfully. Since an abacus also represents calculations, you can even gift them a gold abacus pendant or charm.

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5. Engineer:

Engineering is probably the most sought after profession by kids today as it’s considered very lucrative. Since there are a wide range of engineering fields and applications, you can get creative and try a variety of gifting options. For example, for a mechanical engineer, you can opt for a pair of earrings that are designed like resistors.

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4. Dentist:

Dentists study almost as much as doctors and work hard to keep their patients in good oral health. For a dentist, the jewellery gift must have a tooth! So you can get a tooth charm to add to a silver bracelet, or opt for a 3D tooth pendant strung on a simple gold chain as an eye-catching present for the dentist in your life.

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3. Artist:

Artists work magic with their hands. They’re born with a rare talent that can create wonders on canvas. Since their hands and fingers do most of the work, how about gifting them a ring or pendant engraved with their fingerprint? A fingerprint ring is probably the most unique personalized jewellery gift will be something that they will ever receive.

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2. Retail:

Does your friend, colleague or family member work in or own a supermarket, grocery store or shop? Then there’s a wonderful gifting option for them too! You can get a barcode pattern engraved on the surface of a ring. Since most supermarkets and stores have a barcode on their products that’s scanned at the billing counter, this would be a perfect gift for anyone in the retail industry.

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Is one of your friends or a family member an architect? If yes, they’ll love creative designs and a perfect gift item for them would be the uniquely-designed ZeGram pendants. This could also be a great choice for people who are into calligraphy, designing, and other related professions.

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It goes without saying that every gift becomes more meaningful and is cherished more if you put in some thought behind it. People love receiving gifts if you’ve taken efforts to personalize them so they’d always remember you through your special gifts.

Have someone who doesn’t have a profession? Or perhaps you couldn’t think of a gift that’d be perfect for their profession? Do not worry! A ring, bracelet or other jewellery item with someone’s name, initials, or even fingerprints will always be a great gift that no one could resist.

Do try some of these options we’ve mentioned above and let us know the response of your loves ones in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your stories and experiences!



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