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Babies bring happiness and love into our lives, and touch our hearts in the way nothing else can. Be it a boy or a girl, their mere presence gives more meaning to a marriage, and their birth brings pure joy to the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, neighbours, and everyone else related to them. Their innocence, playfulness and love transform each day and make it more beautiful!

On the wonderful occasion of a child’s birth, there can be no better or more special gift than gold. Gold has always been the first gifting choice for a new born in India; it’s considered to be very auspicious as well as pure. It’s also believed to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity to the wearer. That’s why a new born is often showered with traditional gold bracelets, fingerprint rings and pendants. While the traditional gifts are still very popular, new and interesting jewellery styles are now available too. One of the best options to give a new born a gift for life is personalized jewellery.

For those who want to step out of the traditional gifting scene and have something more special made for their child, we have put together these unique personalized gold jewellery ideas. Give them a try!

Names and Initials

If the baby has been given a name already, this makes a simple yet lovely personalized gift for the child. Get their name sculpted in gold and strung on a gold chain as a beautiful gift. You can also have their initials in stylish fonts as a pendant, studded with diamonds for added charm. Don’t want just the name or initial? Try different figurine name pendants. You can also go for names engraved, etched or embossed on gorgeous fingerprint rings and bracelets.

Go Three-Dimensional

Your little boy or girl is the pride and joy of your life. Nothing can compare to the moment in your life when you first saw his/her face. So why not capture that sweet, innocent face, and then carve it in gold as a gift for your precious new born? With a 3D face pendant, you can have your little child’s first image sculpted in gold, and set into a gold pendant, and optionally customized with diamonds or gemstones for added flair. Add a gold frame to the face for a stunning look. You can also choose to have the 3D face sculpted on a gold finger ring.


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The Sound of Music

A baby’s laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you will hear in the world. And a baby’s cry is probably the first sound you hear from the little one at birth. You can now create a timeless piece of jewellery with these magical sounds. Get your baby’s laugh or first cry in the form of a sound wave, engraved on a classic gold band. This makes a stylish yet elegant gift that captures your baby’s unique voice note into a piece of memorable personalized jewellery. Customize with precious or semi-precious stones to make the voice ring even more special and beautiful.




As Unique As Fingerprints

We believe that everyone’s fingerprint is different. Even a pair of twins are said to have different fingerprints, and this is what sets them apart from each other and makes them unique. With the advancement in jewellery technology, you can now get your baby’s unique fingerprint engraved on gold. Just as their lives leave a lasting impression on your heart, get their prints on a ring or pendant to leave their mark on your personalized gift. Get the print engraved on the inside or outside of a ring, or on a square or circular gold pendant to create this beautiful gift.


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More than Just Toys

Kids love toys, and that’s no secret. Most people opt to gift little ones in their lives different types of toys, ranging from baby rattles to soft toys for new born babies. Why not blend the auspiciousness of gold with the playfulness of a toy? If you can get personalized toys, then that makes an even more wonderful gift for the little one. Take your pick from a lovely SUV, car, auto rickshaw, scooter, cycle or other vehicle made from gold. Get the little angel’s name engraved on the back or side of the vehicle for a custom touch. These 3D gold sculpture toys are sure to hold a special place in the child’s house and heart.


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