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 Marriage is a union made in heaven that manifests on earth. This is possibly the reason why marriage is associated with so many customs and ceremonies. They assert that marriage is a union created in heaven and manifested on earth. This is presumably the reason why marriage-related traditions and rituals are so prevalent. One such ritual in Tamil wedding ceremonies, which has great significance for any Tamil bride, is the groom tying a sacred thread around the bride’s neck.

South Indian jewellery is exquisitely crafted, both in terms of beauty and design. Heavy chains made of gold, with side pendants in the form of thalis and a peacock pendant and a leaf pendant set with pink and green stones and a Gold chain with stunning red stones from Mugappu. All chains feature intricate designs and mugappu or mope with semi-precious stones. A Gold Thali Chain To Give You.


The wedding band represents commitment, unity, and respect for one another, the same as the Tamil mangalsutra or thaali is the emblematic symbol of a Hindu marriage. The ceremony known as “Mangala Dharanam” occurs when the groom dresses his bride in a Thaali. There are several more names for Thaali, including Thirumangalayam, Mangalyam, Thaaly, and Kodi. Thaali can take on a variety of forms. These came from mythology or were based on the traditions of the family. The symbols etched on the Thaali include the family god, the tulsi plant, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Meenakshi. It has four to five grammes of gold. A family may decide to add gold, coins, jewels, and stones to the main Thaali or to the sides as seen below to make it more elaborate.

Classical Round Name Engraved Golden Mugappu2


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Modern mangalsutra is setting the style and serves as a statement piece. As of today, wearing a mangalsutra has become fashionable. Jewellers are also developing various styles, such as the mangalsutra, with a hint of colour using some gemstones in response to expanding movement and requests. In the past, mangalsutra was frequently worn with chains. Recently, chain-style Mangalsutras have been repurposed for use as bracelets.

The meaning of the mangalsutra remains the same, despite the fact that many mangalsutra designs and styles are currently greatly gaining favour, even among young brides who seek something stylish and elegant.

Women are now substituting fancy chains or bracelets that match their attire and tastes for conventional gold mangalsutra chains.

Pleasing Name Engraved Golden Mugappu1


A gold chain is the most prized possession of a South Indian bride. It signifies the importance of lifelong commitment. So, people pay extra attention while selecting a thali chain design for a newlywed woman. Classical motifs are frequently used in thali chain designs to support the mood they convey. But over time, our designers and artisans have gained the flexibility to express themselves in a variety of ways. The Mugappu chain pendant and the 22K gold studded pendant mugappu chain are modern interpretations of traditional neckwear and are available in customized styles at AuGrav.  Mugappu necklaces are also available in contemporary styles. The conventional workmanship of our new customized Golden Mugappu thali chain serves as an enduring link to our culture’s deepest roots. We must admit that these patterns are perfect for any newlyweds or future brides.


(i) Inscribe Special Dates on Them

The subtle secret of a customized mugappu is its beauty. Most couples decide to have the inscription which means that only you and your sweetheart will know the small message. best-ever romantic moments? Definitely.

(ii) Add gemstones to them 

What if you wanted to be a little more covert? To create a private moment with your beloved accessory, set the stone to your golden mugappu

(iii)Inscribe It With Brief Sentences

Through meaningful inscriptions, convey your love’s sentiment. You can write nearly anything on your mugappu as long as it isn’t too wordy. This might include unique nicknames, a song lyric, where you first met, and a whole lot more!

(iv)Put each other’s fingerprints

Everybody is aware that their fingerprints serve as a completely individual form of identification. Imagine having the version that belongs to your soul mate permanently inscribed on your golden mugappu Right, that sounds like a dream.



For any Indian woman, a gold mangalsutra is much more than just a piece of jewellery. Beyond just being an ornament to beautify her, it has further significance. She represents her marriage, love, and dedication with a mangalsutra. She attached enormous significance to it because a mangalsutra is thought to possess heavenly abilities.  The collection’s 22-karat gold thaali Kodi has the sweetest patterns and represents the enduring love, faith, and respect that a married couple shares.

Lovely Words Engraved Golden Mugappu1

Lovely Words Engraved Golden Mugappu1

 Everything, from the conventional to the contemporary, may be found in our selection.

With just one piece of jewellery, many ladies prefer to stick to tradition.. Traditional pendant patterns golden mugappu are featured in classic designs. Modern married ladies, on the other hand, favour something unique and modern with a mugappu pendant at the side of the neck.


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Wearing a diamond-studded mugappuu thali chain can glam up your bridal ensemble. Gold thali chain versions gently incorporate diamonds, and they have a refined air about them.

Many brides also favour modern mugappu designs for thali gold chains. Although such jewellery items are typically lighter than their predecessors, they will captivate you at first glance. To get your ideal fit, browse our elegant mugappu designs for thali gold chains. By collaborating, you may always achieve a balance in terms of fashion for your face.


Trendy Peacock Golden Mugappu1

Thaali Kodis are available in a variety of themes, patterns, and styles in response to women’s increased demand. Along with presenting traditional and modern styles, we also have stylish and fashionable thaalikodi with customized mugappu patterns that adhere to current trends while maintaining the traditional value of this priceless jewellery. Traditional beads or a modern gold thaali kodi pendant are used in current mangalsutras.

It serves as an evil eye shield mostly because other girls shouldn’t be able to see it. Therefore, rather than a plain gold chain like the one below, brides prefer to have a decorative chain. There are numerous variations, including side diamonds, jewels, various gold chain styles, and thicknesses. As people will only see the chain, you can add a little bit of design along with customized mugappu.

Many women no longer live at home and devote their full time to taking care of the household. Women do pursue professional professions, and they are required to stay up with their environments on a global scale the style could not go well with contemporary clothing. We assist brides with culturally appropriate thaali Kodi customization. Our designs are more contemporary and adaptable. The style maintains the traditional significance while reflecting the bride’s contemporary lifestyle.

All we can say to wrap off this post is to have fun when deciding how to personalise your golden mugappu. Don’t let the numerous customising options overwhelm you; instead, pick the one that seems the truest to you and your companion.

AuGrav (Au-Gold, Grav-To Etch, to Engrave) Strongly believes that any Jewel should be a natural extension of yourself.  It could be as simple as your Names, your Fingerprints, your Voice Waves, or anything that describes your Persona.  To create a piece that will be worn by only 1 out of 7 billion people on earth, Get In Touch with us.  Our Jewelry experts have all ears to listen to your story and suggest creating a masterpiece.

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