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The year is 2022, and given how much has changed in a year, it is time to stop using the same old, dull wedding invitations. We think invites are incredibly important! You must announce your D-day in flair because it is the main event! The issue about weddings is that no matter how much you want to plan things, you wind up settling for something a little less than basic because everything appears to be moving in fast forward all of a sudden. So, when you are juggling other important duties, this list can assist you in making your decision.


Buddy Handmades by Resham Thakur

Artist: Buddy Handmades by Resham Thakur

It’s time to choose the ideal wedding invitations for your guests because your wedding is just around the horizon. While some wedding invites stand out and are special in their way, others blend and appear the same.



Photo Credits: webneel.com

You want your invitees to receive all the information they require, including the date, time, and location, when you send out your invitations for the big day. However, you can want to aim for them to get a gorgeously made bundle that represents you both. Finding the ideal invitation, though, can be challenging. After all, there are several exquisite designs available. Here is a collection of great creative invitations to get you inspired, whether you’re looking for something classy, whimsical, basic, or exquisite.


Although large, bouncing balloons undoubtedly scream party and good times, did you know that you may also use them at your wedding? Let’s admit it, we’re utterly smitten with them. After becoming synonymous with birthday celebrations, they are now slowly finding their way to weddings. Adulting is over, bye.

Therefore, balloons are a fantastic addition to your special day if you’re looking for reasonably priced products to spruce up your decor and wedding photos!


Photo Credits: Greenweddingshoes.com

Date-saving balloons. This balloon wedding invite concept is really entertaining, in my opinion. Send your guests a balloon with all the information about your special day if you want to do something unique and leave them in awe.


In the booklet-style invitation, a little paper folding enhances the sound of a sewing needle running through the grooves of a flexidisc record, as the designer so eloquently explains. A distorted but discernible listening of a couple’s original song is produced by the hand-spun record. It involves some fiddling and folding, effectively encouraging the recipient’s inner science-nerd child.


The entire package functions as an interactive packaging for the music, which can be heard on the paper record player, unscrewed & placed on a standard turntable, or enjoyed online (for the less nerdy and/or audiophile listeners out there).” Below is a demonstration of the invitation:


Photo Credits: kellianderson.com


A true illustration of rustic design is a work of wood. An invitation for a wedding that has been hand-painted with brilliant colours and is embossed on a wooden frame has a cosy appearance. Consider this if you’re seeking small-scale, post-lockdown wedding inspiration. The rustic wooden invitation has an attractive appearance and is strong enough to act as a keepsake that endures for a very long time. Your vintage wedding will definitely stand out with the wooden invitation.



Photo Credits: Etsy.com


Seed paper wedding invites are becoming increasingly common in India as more and more couples choose to have eco-friendly weddings. Seed paper invitations are lovely leftovers from wedding celebrations that can be nurtured into flowering plants, unlike other wedding invitations that wind up being thrown under beds or in stacks of old newspapers. After the festivities are finished, shred the cards and flyers into smaller pieces, plant them in the ground, and give them plenty of water and sunlight to grow. Voila! Your little garden will soon be filled with blooming flowers that will smell like the joyous wedding celebrations.


Photo Credits: Ebcevents.com



What comes to mind when the words “vintage” or “rural” are used? Well, the words “rustic” and “vintage” most likely conjure up images of the countryside. That is how it is portrayed in movies, books, and daily soap operas. Consider sending out wedding invitations with a country theme, which evokes both a rustic and vintage aesthetic. The country-style invitations are created on a background of brown that simulates wooden planks, and you may want to add accessories like a beer cup or fairy lights to create a rustic feel.



                   Photo Credits: Boredpanda

Origami is the practice of paper folding that is connected to Japanese culture. The art of folding is breathtaking. While traditional cards are wonderful, you may also send your guests a tiny box with an origami wedding card invitation inside to surprise them. Everyone will be drawn to the shape and colour. You should choose straightforward yet opulent colours, such as a mix of black and gold.


This couple wanted a fun, functional, and unique invitation that others could use. They ended up with a recipe-style invitation on a miniature cutting board. It’s a super cool invite for food lovers!

Although many may think that invitation cards are pretty much useless after the wedding day, this is not the case for the designs we are about to show you! Your invitation card can impress your guests, at first sight, prepare them in the right mood for the big day, and become a fun keepsake.


vector stock

Photo Credits: Vectorstock


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