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The jewellery worn by the protagonists in Ponniyin Selvan- 1 is real gold, according to the film’s creators, and it was created with the Chola era’s finer features in mind.

The beautiful diamonds that Trisha, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and the rest of the ensemble cast wore in the movie are all genuine, which is an intriguing revelation. Usually, duplicate jewels are used in movies, but Mani Ratnam, a perfectionist, chose to utilize the originals. A video posted by Lyca Productions, which is funding the massive endeavour, announced a partnership between the project and Hyderabad-based Kishan Das and Co., which would supply the original jewellery.

If you can remember, every bride started to need and want historical jewellery in a vintage design. For a decade, it served as the standard for wedding jewellery, and it was maybe inspired by Rai Bachchan’s Jodhaa Akbar part. The actor’s layering of jewellery sets from the neck to the navel in the 2008 movie caused a stir among fans. All the young damsels were enthralled by a vision board, and a new revolution is about to begin.

This historical drama, takes place in the 10th century and is based on the novel by Kalki Krishnamurthy, portrays the grandeur and splendour of the Chola Dynasty and makes for an impressive visual spectacle. The effort to keep period-specific sets and costumes that capture key features from the Chola dynasty is highlighted by the cinematic retelling of the narrative. Additionally, the jewellery worn by the characters plays a crucial role in the plot, illustrating the character’s stature and persona.


The Madras Talkies production crew gave the group a lot of research and advice. Eka Lakhani and the crew conducted an in-depth study on the kinds of items that may be used as well as the limitations we faced. According to the character sketches that were provided they developed unique looks for the characters, remembering Pratiksha.

The Research process

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The crew received pertinent information and briefs about the Cholas. The Cholas were Shiva devotees, hence they were prohibited from using any themes or symbols related to Vishnu or Krishna.  Each character’s appearance and haircut were briefly described. The jewellery was then designed to coordinate with the clothing’s styling and the characters’ characteristic appearance, which the creative genius Mani Ratnam imagined as smoothly blending into the characters’ colour palettes.

The Kishandas team spent months reading and researching before designing the jewels for the cast, which enhanced the film’s concept and plot while reflecting the personalities of the characters. The characters’ jewellery is handcrafted and meticulously replicated to transport viewers to the Chola age and the lavishness of royal jewellery.


During the Chola Dynasty in the ninth century, temple jewellery first appeared. This jewellery was made with gold as its base metal. The movie recreates these images using a variety of patterns, including snakes, lotuses, and peacocks in addition to flora and wildlife.

The Chola era-appropriate designs employed were primarily flowers and filigree work. Due to trade connections connecting Burma, Burmese rubies made up the majority of the stones we used. The jewellery was made with very few emeralds and uncut diamonds to make it authentic to the time period it was set in.



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The signet ring, which is featured prominently in the film and is extensively described in the novel by Kalki Krishnamurthy on which the film is based, was another difficult task. The team struggled for a long time to get the insignia’s design quite right, but they eventually succeeded in staying faithful to the spirit of the book’s description.

A team of 50 artists individually handmade each item of jewellery to accentuate the beauty of each character. The primary, secondary, and tertiary actors that appeared in court festivities, dance scenes, and battle scenes each wore almost 400 pieces of genuine jewellery that had been created. The team of artisans and Pratiksha worked for more than six months, starting with historical research and character design. Additionally, all steps in the creation of temple jewellery, like moulding, filing, and finishing, were carried out by hand. All of the jewellery is genuine. All of the rubies, diamonds, silver, and gold are genuine. Mani Ratnam sought perfection in every aspect of the movie, as Pratiksha recounts.


Finding jewellery for Trisha and Aishwarya’s hair bun was the most difficult part of getting ready, even though their earrings and necklaces were simple. Then there were the complex haircuts, buns, and hairdos that were prescribed for each character, as well as waist belts, hip chains, armlets, and “vankis” produced in various designs to match the outfits.

“To design the jewellery, we had to take measurements of the angle and size of the hair bun. Additionally, when it changed in each scene, the jewellery did too “says to Pratiksha, creative director of the brand. Although the jewellery was modest for characters like Vanathi and Poonguzhali, the style was unique. It was silver and constructed of thread for Poonguzhali.


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After extensive investigation, traditional jewellery with traditional motifs like as nose pins, “vankis,” armbands, “vaddanams,” hair pieces, and neckpieces were produced. The handcrafted gold jewellery, including “thussis,” long and medium necklaces, “maang tikas,” “maatha pattis,” “jhumkas,” rings, and bangles, was designed to resemble temple jewellery. Burmese rubies, emeralds, and uncut diamonds were used in its creation. Each item was designed to go well with the outfit and hairstyle. On the jewellery from the Chola era, the motifs employed were primarily flowers, birds, lotuses, peacocks, parrots, gods, and goddesses.


Rings, armlets, belts, and body chains were made specifically for the males in the movie, including Vikram as Aditya Karikalan, Karthi as Vanthiyathevan, Jayam Ravi as Arulmozhivarman, and the other supporting actors. Armbands were manufactured to be worn on top of the armour for combat scenes, while “kadas” were made for scenarios in the regal Darbar.

Mens Jewellery

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Mani Ratnam, the film’s director, remarked in a chat about the jewellery design: “We placed extra emphasis on the costume to make them credible, offer the period-specific authenticity, and still conjure that sense of royalty. We worked with actual gold jewellery and were extremely fortunate to have Kishandas (the jewellery designer) on board.

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