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In conversation with Meet KamdarAvlani, who is the Jewellery Designer and Founder of a boutique Atelier,  KamdarAvlani  – on his personal views on Design and Aesthetics of Fine Jewellery

 Meet, is a first generation jeweller and a jewellery designer who founded KAMDARAVLANI. 

KamdarAvlani is a boutique Atelier in Kalaghoda, Mumbai that displays  limited one of a kind  jewellery each unique in their own aesthetic.


 What in your opinion defines a good design ? 

I personally feel there is no good or bad design- generally beauty is in the eye of the beholder, isn’t it?  Jewellery more than an object is an emotion especially fine jewellery. A way of expression of the person who wears it- an extension of their own personality. Any design that is unique, innovative and appealing to the eye is a good design. Aesthetics play a huge role especially to me when I look at a piece of jewellery. I always look at jewellery as a piece of emotion and provocation. A good design is something that would hold value for generations to come and become an heirloom eventually.


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Why do you look at Jewellery as emotion ? 

Jewellery is a personal style statement may it be something worn daily or on a special occasion. It’s an enhancement to our status quo, our life style and also our opinion on what is good design. Design & Feelings are contextual. And it’s always an emotion that draws us to own a piece of jewellery. Also jewellery purchase is not an impulse buy – it’s celebratory. An occasion, an achievement, a gift, an heirloom passed on. Thus jewellery is very sentimental. 


Why do you prefer being called a designer over a jeweller ?

Design is an integral part of me. It was the passion that I had for designing as well as my love for jewellery that made me choose my path in life. I yearn to create something unique, and thus I choose myself to be someone who is a designer. 


Do your pieces have a unique and identifiable design aesthetic ?

I find it really difficult being a young designer to have a unique style. I am very versatile with my design aesthetic and i love to experiment. My pieces are a mix of different styles of design, But I do love using diamonds, colour stones and pearls all in one piece. Hopefully in the near future i will have a fixed design aesthetic which will be identifiable. 


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Which jewellery designers do you look up to today in India or around the world ?

Viren Bhagat, Ambaji Shinde, Cartier, Wallace Chan are legends in their own right – Design Maestros. There are many more but the list would go on and on.  These Maestros have a brilliant aesthetics where the stones dictate the design. Their vision and foresight with design is unparalleled and every piece they have commissioned is a true piece of art. 


What challenges do you face with designing a piece of Jewellery ?

There aren’t any challenges that I face as such. But time consumed behind each piece of design is a lot. The design needs to be unique something that is an extension of my aesthetic where i still get to be versatile becomes a major decision marker. The back and forth with one design is a challenge i face generally and any design from it first draft goes through various changes and usually takes me upto 1-2 months for me to finalise on a piece and the longest that I have taken is even a year. I don’t consider it a challenge as such as I quite enjoy the process.    

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