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Crystal Jewelry For Healing: How To Choose The Right One For You

With the rising popularity of New Age spirituality, various practices, such as using crystals for healing, are also being reintroduced to the masses. Different cultures such as the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, and the Chinese used them as cosmetics and jewelry, but more importantly, in healing. 

Wearing crystal jewelry is a popular way of using crystals for healing today. If you’d like to know how to choose the right crystal, read here.  

How Do Healing Crystals Work?

Experts have stated that a crystal can act as a tool for healing as it aids the flow of positive energy while drawing out negative energy. It’s a form of alternative therapy; wearing them as jewelry makes it easier for the crystals to channel your energy levels and help your body heal from the inside.  

Here are ways to choose crystals: 

  • Note Your Reaction To The Stones 

It’s said that your body can tell what type of crystal jewelry you need. At the same time, your gut instinct will also tell you which one stands out. You can relax and see if a crystal appears more noticeable, glowing or sparkling. Use your non-dominant hand and sweep it over the crystals. See if you can feel a subtle tug from any of them.  

  • Choose According To What You Want To Heal  

Choosing the right crystal also means deciding on what you want to heal. There are different healing crystals for various purposes: 

  • Spiritual Healing 

You can wear crystal jewelry if you need to reconnect to Source, the Universe, Mother, God, and other higher sources. You can wear it as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and earrings.  Using crystals is a great way to solidify your bond with your spiritual journey, a way to find yourself and deepen that connection. You can turn to angelite, moonstone, rutilated quartz, and more.  

  • Physical Healing 

Many are turning to alternative medicine and other holistic aids for the energetic healing of various ailments. You can learn more about which crystal suits your condition such as headaches, chronic pain, and more. Some examples of crystals for physical healing are amethyst for sleeping and easing body aches and pains. 

  • Emotional Healing 

Crystals are believed to reverberate with frequencies like humans. Use them to change, absorb, and diffuse energies inside the body. Some crystals can also remove negative energy from the mind and body and release blocked or trapped energy like trauma. Examples are rose quartz for heart healing and self-love, bloodstone for resilience, and blue calcite for unlearning limiting beliefs. 

  • Follow The Chakras 

Among the best ways to select a crystal is to choose one connected to a specific chakra. The chakra system originated in India and is believed to be energy points that can become blocked through too much mental and physical stress. Crystals are said to be capable of increasing the energy of the chakras. 

  • Root Or Base (First) 

The first chakra is at the spine’s base, the tailbone (back), and pubic bone (front). The base chakra is also responsible for the need for safety, survival, and security. It has a profound connection with Mother Earth. Smokey quartz, black tourmaline, and obsidian are related to the root chakra.  

  • Sacral (Second) 

Your vital energy flows within the sacral chakra. It’s underneath the belly button and has ties with your creativity, intuition, pleasure, self-worth, and sex. The body parts related to this chakra are the kidneys, bladder, and large intestines for women. You can wear jewelry with amber, sunstone, and carnelian.


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  • Solar Plexus (Third) 

The solar plexus is located two inches under the breastbone behind the stomach where it lies at the center. This chakra is associated with impulses, personal power, ego, anger, and strength. Crystals related to this chakra are citrine, malachite, topaz, and yellow calcite.  

  • Heart (Fourth) 

It’s the center for love, spirituality, and compassion. It’s at the back of the breastbone (front) and between the shoulder blades. The heart chakra is responsible for self-love, how one loves themselves, and the ability to give and receive love. Emerald, rose quartz, jade, and green aventurine are associated with this chakra. 

  • Throat (Fifth) 

Associated with communication and speaking the most profound truths, it’s also where healing, transformation, and change are possible, and anger is kept and expelled. The crystals associated here are lapis lazuli, blue lace agate, turquoise, and blue apatite. 

  • Third Eye (Sixth) 

Situated at the center of the forehead, it’s the center for higher intuition, psychic abilities, and connection to higher plains of being. Labradorite, sodalite, amethyst, and shungite are the crystals you can use for this chakra. 

  • Crown (Seventh) 

It’s found at the back of the top of the skull and is the center of enlightenment, spirituality, energy, and dynamic thought. Wisdom and cosmic consciousness flow through here and is the center of connection with the Goddess or God. You can use the Oregon opal, clear quartz, and amethyst here. 

You can follow these options or wear whichever crystal jewelry speaks to you. How you choose to wear it is also a preference that will allow you to use crystals spiritually.  


You can wear crystal jewelry for healing and choose what’s suitable for you through intuition, choosing what to heal it with, or using the chakra system. There are many crystals that you can use for a specific purpose. You don’t need to have every crystal at your disposal. You can learn their intentions to know how to use them to enrich your life.  

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