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With its unequaled fusion of spiritualism and great creativity, AuGrav’s all-purpose divine gold pendants are ideal for wearing every day or on momentous occasions. Each customized gold pendant expresses loudly the depth of its religious significance and rich Indian culture. The artistry is meant to infuse you with heavenly consciousness and give your uniqueness a strong aesthetic component.

By all means, a unique combination of forms and shapes is ravishing; we crave you with the “More-and-More” strategy. This lovely gold pendant gives a more intimate setting a dash of bold, energizing, and traditional elegance. This gold vel pendant gold collection radiates a frequency of supreme consciousness and special energy.

These dashing and playful religious pieces of art are highly in demand for executing a perfect balance between traditional and modern outlooks. This has been the first step in making a self-perpetuating lavishing fashion statement. We have a range of delicately crafted spiritual gold pendants designed to reflect divine power and spiritual energy around you. The pendant collection has a stroke of creativity and purity that enrich you with happiness, luck, love, and spiritual peace.


Men, women, and children have worn religious jewellery for generations. In those days, wearing religious jewellery, such as pendants, rings, and charms, was thought to both protect the wearer from evil eyes and to demonstrate their religious commitment. Religious jewellery is now worn more for fashion purposes than for spiritual reasons. The reason might be that religious jewellery comes in many various forms, and many people who wear it do it to express their sense of style. Religious pendants, charm bracelets, and customized rings are common pieces of jewellery worn by women.

Making religious jewellery with this in mind, taking into account their clients’ shifting tastes and preferences. Indians enjoy wearing sacred jewellery and giving it as gifts to others.

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Expressing your faith in the form of jewelry is a graceful way to complement your everyday style. Let your spiritual side come to life in gold or silver, while exploring unique religious jewellery for men and women.

Spiritualism and symbolism are two trending religious jewellery themes that can be interpreted in many different ways, from the celestial to the mystical to oriental traditions. This particular trend creates new ways to express one’s beliefs fashionably.
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Murugu literally translates to divine, young, fragrant, etc. The god was appropriately given the name Murugan since he is regarded as a personification of masculinity and beauty. He is called Muruga or Muruka for still another reason.

Mu stands for Mukundan, Ru for Rudra, and Ka for Kamalan, or Brahma. Ru stands for Shiva. Thus, in Tamil mythology, his name represents the three main forces of nature. Muruga also goes by the name Shanmukha, which means “six-faced.” The faces stand for the harmonious operation of the five senses and the mind. The weapon of Vel in Karthikeyan’s hands is also a deity in and of itself, and is regarded as the instrument that would eradicate ignorance.

The peacock is traditionally Subramanya’s chariot. The bird represents ego, which frequently results in erratic behaviour and is noted for its unpredictable behaviour. The image of Lord Muruga riding a peacock represents letting go of one’s ego. The official religious group known as Koumaram, which was sanctified by Sri Shankaracharya, practised worshipping Karthikeyan as the son of Lord Shiva. This philosophy was also spread by his Shanmata method.


1. He is the God of war and the leader of the Devas. Of all the Hindu Gods, he is the most ferocious and macho. He is also fire, and he has a fiery disposition. More significantly, he represents perfection and the necessity for all living things to strive for perfection.

2. Skanda Purana, one of the Puranas created by Veda Vyasa, says that Lord Murugan have been created from the sparks from Supreme Lord Shiva’s third eye.

3. Saundaravalli and Amaratavalli, the daughters of Lord Vishnu, the creator of the world, were ardent followers of Lord Skanda.

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4. The name Aarupadai Veedu, which translates to “six war houses of the Lord,” is given to these six residences -Swamimalai, Palani, Pazhamudirsolai, Thiruparamkundram, Thiruchendur, and Thiruthani.Despite the fact that Muruga has innumerable temples, these six abodes draw thousands of devotees from all over the world.

5. In Tamil Nadu, Lord Skanda first became well-known as a Hindu deity during the Sangam Period, which lasted from 3 to 4 B.C. Furthermore, Lord Skanda is exalted as the God of Eternal Youth in the Thirumurugatruppadai, a profound old devotional poem by Nakeerar.

6. One of the most important holidays dedicated to the worship of Lord Skanda is Thaipusam. It is also held outside of India, mainly by the Tamil-speaking community settled in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.

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If you’re like millions of others, you simply love wearing religious jewellery that not only enhances your overall appearance but also gives a true insight into your personality and lifestyle. Adorning yourself with just the right kind of necklace, ring, pendant, or other type of jewellery can truly make you stand out in a crowd and provide you with your very own individual style. Religious jewellery comes with its own special set of circumstances in terms of what it represents for many wearers. To explain why certain types of adornments are important to so many people, let’s delve into a few facts about religious jewellery.


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Religious jewellery comes in a number of styles, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and pendants. There are many different kinds and designs for every sort of jewellery available, with crosses and hearts being two of the most popular. Additionally, you can have religious jewellery manufactured to order so that you can add your own special touch.

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Religious jewellery is frequently worn to celebrate a person’s faith, but there’s no denying that the wearer’s beauty will be significantly improved by these exquisite symbols. Religious jewellery can be worn daily or for almost any occasion and goes well with a wide range of clothing.

Om is a proverbial mantra that signifies the power of the infinite. In Hinduism, the sounds “Om,” “Aum,” and “Ohm” are revered as the sacred stones of the cosmos. Om, when spoken, produces holy vibrations that further enliven the body’s chakras, particularly the third eye and the crown chakras. In the end, it enables us to communicate with our own divine energy.

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To add optimism to their lives, many people today are even seen wearing jewellery with the Om sign. Wearing the Om symbol, meanwhile, is thought to relax your senses, release stress, and promote awareness and consciousness. Nothing could be further from the truth than the notion that religious jewellery is reserved for adherents of a particular faith. Before they are regarded as amulets or symbols of faith, they are displayed for the symbolism they stand for, although there is a vast range that expresses their sentiments and views.

Depending on its quality, a holy jewel may have exquisite finishing elements that make it even more unique and the ideal choice for a gift, to wear as a compliment, or with that mystic charge that encapsulates the human religion within Spirituality.

Faith and style can be perfectly matched thanks to the wide variety of forms and patterns available for religious jewellery.

AuGrav (Au-Gold, Grav-To Etch, to Engrave) Strongly believes that any Jewel should be a natural extension of yourself.  It could be as simple as your Names, your Fingerprints, your Voice Waves, or anything that describes your Persona.  To create a piece that will be worn by only 1 out of 7 billion people on earth, Get In Touch with us.  Our Jewelry experts have all ears to listen to your story and suggest creating a masterpiece.

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