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Finding jewelry for our loved ones is a thought invoking process that charges up our thoughts about what we know about them.

We find ourselves asking ourselves and others, what do you think he would like? It’s not a great way of finding the best jewelry for them because you just never know for sure.

Unless you do. Jewelry with meaningful messages has been created to help settle our minds on what to buy.


We all want to express who we are. Often we tell the world about ourselves through the way we dress, and most of us have a “style” which we like and are recognised for by our friends and colleagues. 

Jewellery is another way that we can express our identity if you think about the men’s watches, or a style of gold ring that you may associate one of your female friends with wearing.  They are a reflection on your personality and give those around you an indication about the type of person that you are.


To a certain degree, we all want to be unique as it sets us apart from others. It can be a reflection on your beliefs, your attributes or perhaps your attitude.  Something about you will be significantly different from your friends and even family members. Think about your birthday, where you were born or maybe your favourite colour. These are all things that can be reflected through jewellery.


Even from a young age, many of us want to be known for whom we are, and often this is a form of personal stamp. It might be a haircut, a style of clothing, a watch or a necklace that you have worn constantly for years.  When others describe you, it is often one of the things that you are associated with and becomes almost an aspect of your personality.  Often jewellery is far more subtle than a particular style of clothing, but it can make a big statement. 




It is common for jewellery to be passed down from one generation to the next, so, in some cases, has more sentimental rather than financial value. However, the term family silver can sometimes represent the monetary value of the item, and it becomes something of a legacy. Sentimental pieces may include birthstone earrings of a grandmother, and by wearing them, you are remembering that person or maintaining a family tradition.


It is very rarely true that someone hasn’t got a style. The fact is, they do have a style but it may be a style which is more subconscious.

For those who are proud of their style, they could choose jewellery that matches – such as something minimalist, classic.  Jewellery is often chosen to accentuate any style, such as a staple necklace that matches any item of clothing, smart or casual.  You could opt for diamond earrings that reflect your identity and your association with understated luxury and refinement.



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Finally, giving jewellery as a gift is one of the most thoughtful gestures that people can make, especially if it has some special meaning.  For example, earrings with birthstones, or for grander gestures, such as proposing with a diamond engagement couple ring.  In the case of an engagement, a  golden couple  ring represents two people’s identity merging into one and symbolises a future together.

A gift is meant to be long-lasting and hopefully impactful to the receiver. Giving your loved ones a piece of one of these beautiful silent but powerful messages sometimes mean the world.Your searches stop here.


Gift giving doesn’t only have to happen on special occasions.  A beautiful and inspirational message couple kadas can be a lasting reminder of a favorite saying or word to share a little hope at the right time.  Sharing a piece of jewelry with a favorite phrase is a heartfelt and intimate gift that speaks heart to heart and soul to soul.  Whether it is poetry, scripture, a word of action or a simple text reminder.



Speak loudly with a beautiful piece of inspirational jewelry.  Sterling silver pendants and beads make the perfect gift for someone who needs a little uplifting reminder of how much you care about them.  A single word or a sweet message is all you need to make a statement.


Ambigram pendants and ambigram couple rings are currently in vogue and the season’s hottest fashion trends. Be the talk of the town with this gorgeous Ambigram Zegram pendant.  Sporting a combination of two letters (or letter + number), this 3D printed pendant when viewed from one side will show one letter/number and when observed from another side will display another letter/number.



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Jewelry doesn’t get much more personal than a handwriting gold couple ring from Heart on Your Wrist. It can be inscribed with your initials, or your own handwritten message, to make a sweet and stylish gift for someone you love. 


Sleek and simple, our handwriting gold couple rings can also be worn as memorial jewelry to honor the memory of someone you’ve lost — simply send us a sample of their handwriting and we’ll turn it into an enduring memento to keep them close to you every time you wear it. And if you have something to celebrate? A silver couple ring inscribed with the date is a failsafe way to make sure you never forget your anniversary.


Every fingerprint is unique — AuGrav loves translating that uniqueness into a fingerprint pendant designed to be treasured. Whether you’re shopping for a keepsake for yourself or a personalized gift for someone else, our handmade necklaces are a beautiful way to welcome a new baby, or to honor someone you’ve lost in a piece of memorial jewelry.



The ear stud from ancient times is a unique creative concept ever since the creation of jewellery.  It holds its own classic position as an illusory piece of ornament.  Sitting on the earlobe the stud creates an illusion of a sparkle on either side of the face.  Studs are usually gems set in precious metal that flush into the earlobe as though they are afloat on the cartilage. The ear stud is a piece of jewellery which enhances not only the status of a woman but also lends a twinkling sheen to her mystery! 


Want to give the trend a go? Embrace it with a touch of gold from earrings in shapes like circle and squares are winners as are the hammered gold pieces. Use them to add a contemporary twist to a sari or pair the trend with denims and a white tee. Throw some glamour for a night-out look and complement your edgy cut-out dress with geometric jewellery for everyday wear!


Personalised Jewelry is the way to go if you want  to own something which reflects your taste, liking and style. There is no other gift, than a personalised jewelry which can create that aura of a lasting memento and express the amount of love you put in a relationship.


A flower fails to blossom without sunshine so how dead will life be without your beloved to love you. Your anniversary is the perfect time to let your loved one know how much he/she means to you. The perfect anniversary gift would be a 3d portrait sculpted gold couple ring which has the perfect image of both of you. It will be a gift that reminds you of the bond of eternity that you share with your beloved. 


AuGrav (Au-Gold, Grav-To Etch, to Engrave) Strongly believes that any Jewel should be a natural extension of yourself.  It could be as simple as your Names, to your Fingerprints, your Voice Waves, or anything that describes your Persona.  To create a piece that will be worn by only 1 out of 7 billion people on earth, Get In Touch with us.  Our Jewelry experts have all ears to listen to your story and suggest creating a masterpiece.

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