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Jewelry helps in enhancing one’s beauty.  It also symbolizes wealth, power, and status. For some, jewelry is a form of art for self and creative expression.  Then, there are some people who use jewelry as part of their tradition and culture. jewelry plays a symbolic role.  They carry ethnic and spiritual meanings, especially during weddings.  The pieces of jewellery worn by the bride signifies that she is to become a part of her husband’s extended family. They are a part of the purification ritual as she becomes a part of the extended family of her bridegroom.


As mentioned above, wearing jewels carry a very deep significance in both tradition and religious beliefs. 


Gold is the most popular metal used in making jewelry.  It is durable and doesn’t tarnish despite everyday use.  Hindus believe that gold has the power to purify anything it touches. It is also considered as a sign of power and wealth. Aside from that, it also symbolizes good health, prosperity, and femininity.


Silver is also another metal that is often worn by people.  It stands next to gold.  Gold is worn above the waist. Meanwhile, you can wear silver from the waist down.  Bangles, platinum couple rings, anklets are usually made in silver. Silver, in their tradition, signifies protection from magic. Silver stands for the Moon or Luna.  It symbolizes femininity and motherhood. It is also believed that it helps fight negative emotions and improves one’s dreams.


Platinum is one of the most expensive metals that is used in making jewelleries.  It is easy to clean; you can use mild soap and a soft cloth to bring back its luster.  It is also known as a hypoallergenic metal, which is perfect for people suffering from allergies.  It’s a belief that traditions are baseless without any scientific backing or logic, proving this wrong, we have our tradition which has a scientific outlook behind each and every jewellery piece.


Toe rings (also known as bicchiya) are commonly worn by married Hindu women in India. The bicchiya is worn in pairs in the second toe of both feet and are usually made of silver metal.  They are worn by the women as the symbol of being married and are not removed throughout their lifetime.  While toe rings are known to have incredible social and religious significance, not a lot is known about the health benefits associated with these silver rings.


According to Ayurveda, the nerve on the second toe of the feet is connected directly to the uterus of the woman. So, a slight pressure is known to regulate the menstrual cycle. It is also known to ensure a healthy uterus.

Traditionally, a married woman wears the bicchiya on her second toe of the feet while the unmarried women wear it on the third toe.  It is said that wearing a silver toe ring in the third toe by unmarried women helps them get rid or atleast ease the period pain.


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It is also said that toe rings may result in acupressure benefits as well.  This is because they press some nerves in the feet which are known to help the reproductive system of the woman.

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The tradition of Indian women wearing bangles started in ancient times.  Women in India wear bangles to enhance their feminine grace and beauty.  The word bangle has been derived from the traditional word Bangri or Bangali, which in Sanskrit these words mean ‘the ornament that adorns the arm’.

 Bangles are ornaments by both unmarried women and married women in India.  Historically, there is strong evidence that Indian women have been adorning their arms with bangles since ancient times.  One of the oldest art objects in India, the bronze figurine of a dancing girl excavated at Mohenjo Daro epitomizes the antiquity and the universality of wrist ornaments in India.  The figurine stands in the nude with one arm at her hip, the other arm completely weighted down with a collection of bangles. 


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Even the Yakshinis are depicted wearing bangles. Banabhatt’s Kadambari has a reference to goddess Saraswati – the goddess of learning who is shown as wearing kangans. Ancient fragments testify that bangles were made from terracotta, stone, shell, copper, bronze, silver, gold, lac, etc. 

In Ancient days men used to go and work in farms and forests which involved a lot of muscle work, while women used to do all the household work. Though household chores and work involve a lot of work but when compared to a man’s work it is kind of small.  By sitting at home and not doing much physical work, there is a chance of high blood pressure, which leads to impatience,anger and depression.


Normally our wrists are in constant movement. In case of any ailments or any checkups,even our pulse is measured through our wrists only.  The Bangles and the wrists are in constant friction with each other which leads to an increase in the blood circulation level.

Bangles help in maintaining and recharging our energy levels as well. The electricity passing out through the skin is again reverted to our own body because of the ring-shaped bangles. Since bangles are circular in shape there are no ends to pass the energy outside ,and thus the energy is reverted back to the body.


According to the Indian tradition,Bangles are gifted to a woman during her baby shower. According to a scientific study, during the seventh month of pregnancy, the brain cells of a baby start developing and the baby starts recognizing sounds.

A tinkling sound of bangles provides an acoustic stimuli for the baby.  Studies have shown that cheerful or calming music reduces a pregnant woman’s stress and depression and helps the foetus develop the baby’s ability to hear.  According to the gynecologists,a pregnant woman who is stressed out is more likely to give birth to a preterm or underweight baby.


A research made on ladies wearing glass bangles and those wearing bangles made of other synthetic materials revealed that glass bangles vibrated and acted as pacifiers and moderators of strong emotions.  Those wearing non-glass bangles were found to be restive and excessively emotional, to given situations and stimulus, in the experiments conducted.


Ring It is the most common ornament worn by both men and women. The nerves of our body are connected to each other and metal is considered good for health. Ring finger has a nerve which is connected to the heart through the brain.  Thumb rings are said to stimulate the pleasure hormones.  Usually, Gold couple rings are not worn on the middle finger because the nerve of this finger passes through the brain divider line and if any metallic friction is here, then there is a confusion in the brain which affects decision-making ability.


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And, when you wear a ring in this finger, it causes constant friction, thus improving your health.  It is also said that by wearing a ring in this finger improves one’s ability to handle their life in a better way.  No wonder, many people prefer to wear their couple rings in the ring finger.

Index finger: The nerves are connected to the brain that further reach the learning capacitor neurons.

Middle finger: When you wear the ring here, the nerves pass through the divider line of the brain. Metallic fiction caused creates confusion

Ring finger: Here the metallic fiction caused is good for health. It is also said that the nerves are directly connected to the heart.

Smallest finger : The ring here controls the brain and if there is any fiction, it can intervene in the thought process.

Thumb finger: Believed to be connected to the neurons, the rings here stimulate the pleasure hormones. It can also have a bad effect on the organs.


Besides adding a charm to your face, the ears contain the nerves that connect to the eyes and to reproductive organs (only for females).  Wearing gold earrings causes friction and helps improve eyesight.  Moreover, wearing earrings also has an acupuncture effect on the body.  That is why wearing earrings are recommended both for women. Pierced ears also aid in menstrual problems.

Ears are also said to have the ‘Hunger Point’. Wearing a pair of earrings works on these hunger points and ensures your food cravings are kept in check as well as your weight.

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Studs are tiny earrings that sit on your earlobes. They are petite and make a great daily wear option. A special type of stud earring is solitaires.  Solitaire earrings may or may not have a fancy cut but a single gemstone or diamond in the design. Coloured earrings make quite jewellery in complementing the look.

Dangle earrings extend way beyond the earlobes and can vary for simple daily wear designs to fancy occasion wear stuff.  Likewise, they can either be lightweight or heavy designs based on your requirements.

Hoop earrings are hoop earrings that can be either worn to complete a formal meeting look or a fun outing with friends.



It is the dream of every woman to have a lot of Gold and silver jewellery. Understand from different sources that there is a scientific reason for wearing the jewellery.  

We keep hearing from our grandmothers that one should wear bindee, anklets, bangles and so on.  For each and every thing we see the scientific reason. 

 It is the anklets which give a beautiful look for the women’s feet.  Silver is the first choice when it comes to wearing the anklets.  Silver Anklets is one of the traditional jewelry that is coming from ancient times.


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There is a scientific reason for wearing silver anklets. Wearing anklets helps one to re-vibrate the energy to their own body.  

Wearing Silver anklets will relieve the pain and weakness in the legs. So this is the reason we see a lot of grand mom’s are still strong who followed the indian tradition.  Wearing silver anklets helps in regulating the blood circulation in the body and understanding from different sources that wearing silver anklets will  relieve pain from painful cracked heels & swollen heels.


Nose Jewelry has been a significant adornment for Indian women since ages. The significance of wearing nose rings differs from region to region.  Generally, the nose stud or ‘nath’ is worn by the bride on the day of her marriage according to the Hindu customs.  Nose piercing is a Hindu ritual, where nose rings are worn on the left or right side or both sides of the nostril.  Nowadays it has become a fashion accessory and is worn by everyone, but there are many scientific reasons as though why it has always been important for women to wear the customary nose rings.


Studies have shown that the nose, one of the six sense organs, isn’t just a sense organ that has been helping you in breathing and smelling various scents, it is additionally an organ that controls different feelings and emotions, for example, energy, sentiment and sexual emotions.  Ladies with nose pins are seen to be emotionally solid.  It has been demonstrated that ladies with nose pins are difficult to spellbind or hypnotize.


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The point of piercing in the nostril strengthens ovaries thereby bringing about positive changes in the sexuality of a woman and favorable conditions for child birth in her body. This is the reason why most customs insist on piercing nostrils and wearing nose pins when a girl is ready for marriage.

The point where the nose is pierced is the acupressure point which is related to the delivery, and when the nose is pierced at this point women would feel less pain during delivery with fewer complications.

The main objectives of women wearing Hindu ornaments are to absorb positive energy and to alleviate the distress by negative energies. It is believed that women who are very emotional should wear big-sized ornaments as this would activate their Raja-guna and awaken their warrior spirit. 

In addition, due to big-sized ornaments, positive energy is attracted in higher proportion and most parts of the body are covered with it; hence, negative energies face difficulty in entering the body of the woman.

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