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What is a wedding? Is it just a ceremony, party, food and dance? Certainly not! It’s about two people joined in the union of love. The man and woman promise to spend their lives together and care for each other no matter what. This amazing promise is what makes a wedding so special!

Friends and family make the wedding more meaningful, and of course fun! No wedding is complete without our loved ones around us. That’s why, people travel from one corner of the world only to be a part of the wedding of their loved one. But, sometimes, the distance or the circumstance just won’t allow us to make it to a special wedding in the family or among friends. No matter how hard you try! However, you can still arrange for your good wishes, blessings and love to reach the couple just in time…for the wedding. How?

If you’re living abroad, and simply can’t make it for a loved one’s wedding in India, then do the next best thing. Send a beautiful and unique wedding gift wrapped in your love, for the newlywed couple. But here’s the big question. What is the perfect wedding gift idea for the couple, which would not only shower them with all the best wishes in the world, but also make up for your absence?

From a traditional standpoint, giving gold jewellery as gifts is considered to be auspicious for weddings. Combine this with a contemporary trend of customization, and you take your gift to a whole new level. This makes your present special, as well as one-of-a-kind, which clearly reflects your thoughts and efforts to make the couple feel special on their big day.

With that end in mind, we have handpicked the best personalized jewellery gift ideas from AuGrav, which the couple won’t forget. Presenting the top five couple wedding gift ideas below!

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Inter Looping Heart Gold Pendant

A special design that’s got classic taste and attractive personalization options! This is a gorgeous, heart-shaped pendant in gold, embellished with tiny diamonds for rich appeal. Since hearts are considered to be symbolic of love, this is a perfect wedding gift.

It features two hearts joined together on the inside, which stands for a loving couple that’s united forever. You can get the bride and groom’s names engraved on this innovative wedding gift as well. Available in 18K/22K gold, and SL/VVS/CZ diamond clarity.

We welcome you to check out our wide collection of Designer pendants as well as Initial pendants, Name pendants, Zegram pendants and these beautiful necklaces!


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Husband Wife 3D Gold Ring

Can you arrange to get a picture of the bride and the groom? If yes, you can give them a massive surprise with this 3D Gold ring exclusively available at AuGrav. A stunning design that stands out from the crowd.

This is a dimensional ring crafted in 18K gold, which showcases the couple in 3D. It’s a sculpted jewellery piece, which flaunts the perfect portrait of the bride and groom. The portrait is embellished with VVS-clarity diamond-encrusted gold flowers at the base for added beauty. This 3D face ring makes for an ideal gift that reminds the couple of the bond of eternity that they share.


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Customized Bride and Groom Ring

A fascinating design that’s made just for the wearer. On their wedding day, why send them something that has a little bit of their own self in it? Available in both 18K and 22K yellow gold, this lovely ring has the person’s fingerprint engraved on the outer surface. Since each one’s fingerprint is unique, this makes every fingerprint a rare piece. You can buy a set of these rings, one with his and one with her fingerprint, to create a special wedding gift for bride and groom.

And how would you get the couple’s fingerprints? Connect with someone back home who could get a picture of the fingerprints of the couple. We know, it’s easier said than done, but imagine what it would mean to the couple if they realize you went through all that trouble to make their gift really special and unique!


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Gold Infinity Pendant with Name

A designer pendant that’s got a unique style and special pattern! The pendant would be a true testament to their infinite love and bonding, making this an apt gift for a couple. It celebrates the boundless love they share, and helps them remember that they’re made for each other for life. With the option of adding two names, it’s the perfect personalized wedding present for the bride and groom. Available in 14K/18K/22K, yellow/white/rose gold.


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Couple Face Engraved Gold Coin

Another traditional wedding present, with a trendy twist that makes it a cool wedding gift for the couple. Gold and silver coins have always been considered to be auspicious gifts that symbolize wealth and prosperity for the recipient. This 22K gold coin is more than just a regular coin. It’s customizable; you can engrave it with the couple’s photo on the front. What’s more, you can add your name on the back with ‘best wishes from’, making it perfect for sending your wedding wishes.


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Want to see more options at AuGrav? Head over to our exquisite customized Rings collection or explore our Gallery right here. We know, you’ll love our designs as they’re nothing like what you’d have seen before!

No matter where you are, in any part of the globe, you can make your presence felt on the couple’s big day with a grand present. Choose from a wide range of customizable gold, silver and diamond gifts that are available at AuGrav to wish the newly wed a blissful, successful marriage. With free shipping in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, and all over India, online wedding gift shopping was never simpler and so much fun.

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