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The technology of 3D printing has opened doors in the jewellery industry and has given an all new dimension in the world of jewellery designing.

It has made even exquisite designs wearable and it has also made jewellery making easier and unique to each customer. We thought of giving you a list of top 15 pieces of 3D jewellery that are unique and are here to mark a difference.

1. 3D Printed Crystal Ring

It will be a unique wedding ring that you can buy for your partner. It will be a 3D printed crystal ring. The crystals are sharp and lots of attention paid to detail. It will be a cool ring to wear and you can choose the metal based on your partner’s taste.

3D Jewellery - Crystal Ring for Wedding

2. Fingerprinted Gold Ring

What can be unique more you than your fingerprint. It is a part of you that can not be duplicated or replicated by anyone else and it is a part of you. Get your fingerprint 3d printed on your wedding ring and it will represent you giving your heart away as it is a part of you. You can see more designs at here.


heart shaped custom wedding ring with fingerprint engraved on top of them. Available in yellow and rose gold.18K and 22K

3. Voice Printed Gold Ring

The 3 d print technology will capture your voice and it will be printed on your ring. It can carry a message that you will never be tired of repeating to your partner till the end.



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4. Hipster Glasses Cufflinks

Cufflinks is part of the wedding trousseau for every man and when that cuff link is uniquely printed in 3D technology and has an out of the run design like hipster glasses it definitely makes you a special groom.

Unique Hipster glasses cufflinks

 5. Scalpel Tie Pin

If your man is a doctor then what can be a better gift than gifting him a scalpel tie pin. It can be a tie pin that can be worn on your D-day. It will be the unique gift that your man can proudly wear to his workplace too.


Scalpel tie pin 3D Design

6. Mosquito Earrings

every girl is unique in her likes and dislikes and some have quirky tastes. Not all pieces of jewellery will be able to satisfy the quirky girl in you. Mosquito jewellery printed in 3d format is available and it will definitely be quirky and stylish.
Mosquito earrings-3D Printed Custom jewellery

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7. Butterfly Ring

Every wedding ring need not be a run of the mill wedding ring. If you are a lover of nature, make your wedding ring special by getting a butterfly’s wing 3d printed on a ring. It will be delicate and will also be detailed.
3D Printed Custom Butterfly Ring

Customized Jewellery In India



8. Octopus Pendant

Every animal is different. An octopus is the producer of pearl and it is considered in high esteem in certain cultures. Wear an octopus as a pendant and proclaim to the world that you are a producer of precious things like the pear.
Octopus 3D Printed Pendant

9. Lady Bracelet

Take the road less travelled and wear your femininity in the form of a bracelet. The 3d printed bracelet signifies symbolically that a girl will never break and is flexible.
3D Printed Gold Lady Bracelet

10. Honeycomb Ring

A honeycomb ring is intricate in it’s design and it is complicated even to look at but even that complicated design can be printed to perfection using 3d printing.

Custom Engagement Ring Designs in 3D

11. DNA Ring

A DNA ring shows that your anatomy is unique and your pattern is unique to you and is 3d printed in the form of a ring and it shows that you are unique.

3D Printed Engagement Ring - DNA Ring

12. Anatomical Heart Pendant

A heart is what gives us life. If your better half is your life what better way than to gift her a 3d printed heart pendant. It expresses your feelings without having to utter a single word.

3D Anatomical heart Gold pendant

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13. Dumbbell Pendant

A fitness freak likes to let the world know that he is into fitness with every given possible chance, then why would he let go of a chance to wear a 3d printed dumbbell. It is a way of telling the world of his strength and power.

Custom Dumbbell 3D pendant

14. Girl Acrobat Pendant

Acrobatics and girls are synonymous and a pendant that portrays an acrobatic girl in 3d print will show a girl’s attitude is limitless and her spirit is free as an acrobatic girl but is also strong.

Girl Acrobat pendant 3D design

15. Ying Yang Earring

Gift a ying yang earring as a wedding gift to your better half and let her know how you will be her better half through the good and bad times and will always be her best half.

3D Printed YinYang EarRings - 18K


How will 3D printing will impact in Jewellery Industry?. Comment your thoughts.

Image Credits : Shape Ways

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