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 “Every child we encounter is a divine appointment.” So when you have a task of awarding these cute brats who steal your hearts with their impish smiles and naughty acts with gifts it is a herculean task; a task which you don’t want to fail as no one wants to be on the bad side of these angels on earth who can create a Pandora box within a flash. So how do you go about the task of buying the right gift to impress these tiny tots? We thought we will help you out with some unique gift ideas for kids to help you choose the gifts that might put you on their favorites list.

1. Collectibles

Every kid likes a collection of some kind of toy and it varies based on their exposure and interest. It can vary right from Barbie, cars, transformers, super heroes, train sets, lego to something as small as various soft balls. Take the effort to find out what is the kid’s interest and add a collectible to their huge collection. Just ensure that you have not bought a repeat as it will be a disappointment to them. It will be a gift that will be treasured as it will expand their collection.


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2.Personalized Jewellery

This is a gift that will never fail you and a gift that will last a lifetime. It will be treasured by the kid as he/she grows and if it is personalized it will become a part of the little one as it is a piece expressing who the little one is and you can be sure that it will be displayed with pride by the kid. You can choose from a range of personalized gifts for kids like a pendant or ear ring. There are a few unique pieces of jewellery at .



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3. Literature 

Literature Vera Nazarian said, “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.” Books are fool proof gifts that will be useful any day and the kid will definitely thank you one day for nurturing the reading habit in this world that is driven by technology where the knowledge and language acquired through books is fast vanishing but the world will have to turn to books soon for all the right reasons. So choose age appropriate books and with characters that will interest the kid. If the little one is interested in Disney buy a Mickey Mouse clubhouse or a Winnie the Pooh and not a horror book as it will just not interest the kid.


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4.Board Games

Board games In a nuclear family, kids tend to end up watching the idiot box in order to while away their time. Board games are a definite yes for all age groups and it will be perfect gifts that will help the entire family bond and spend some quality time together and board games also make them enjoy their time indoors.


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5. Outdoor Fun

Outdoor fun Not every kid gets to have lot of space in the backyard or a community area where they can kick a ball. Try gifting a mini basketball set up that will not occupy much space or a trampoline that will be compact. This will help them to enjoy some physical activity and it will also not make their parents hunt for space.


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6.Personalized Stationery

Personalized stationery Every kid likes to show off a bit in front of his/her friends and that boasting reaches an all new level when it is about an item that bears their name on it. You can buy them a personalized bag, pencil box or lunch bag or a water bottle with their photograph on it. Their joy and pride will know no bounds when they see their name or photograph inscribed on something that they can carry to school. It will be a great gift for kids under ten as they are the ones who usually enjoy these things the maximum and it is available online too. So it is time to head out and shop for your favorite little one and pick up unique birthday gifts and we can assure you that the time spent in choosing the gift will definitely be worth it when you see them smile and squeal in excitement when they unwrap your gifts.


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