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Marriage would surely be one of the happiest moments in your life. And as a social entity, you would have the purest desire to share this happiness with everyone close to you. You would want all your loved ones to be present for the celebrations and shower their blessings as you tie the knot. For you and your family, the event would definitely be incomplete without those loved ones!

Be it decorations, food, jewellery, music or even the minute details, we are sure that you would choose the best of the best when it comes to your wedding. The event would be graced by guests coming from near and far, and you would definitely see it as your responsibility to greet them with utmost hospitality. So, when it comes to inviting them to the event, why shy away?

How many times have you received a marriage invitation and opened it indifferently? No, you never do that. You almost always open the wedding invitation with anticipation, excitement and thrill. You are eager to see the wedding details and more importantly, how the card looks. Even your wedding invitation would be looked at in the same manner; your loved ones will be excited seeing it.

Unfortunately, many people feel that wedding cards are not important; they are just about the date and place of the wedding. And hence, the design of the wedding invitation card is one of the most overlooked aspects during wedding preparations.

However, it is the best and the only advertisement that you will do for your wedding day. Your wedding invitation card will speak more about the wedding to your guests than you have ever imagined.

So design the unique marriage card with care and let it leave your guests with a smile on their faces.

And if you are looking for someone to design your wedding card then our list of top online wedding card providers is one that you should definitely take a look at. Here is the list; we hope that you find the card design of your choice;

1. King of cards

With a guarantee of the lowest-priced cards, they are one of the best in the business. Be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or interfaith weddings, King of Cards always comes up with the best quality cards.
King of card - wedding cards

2. Seven Promises

Kick off your marriage in style by choosing from the wide range of wedding cards offered by Seven Promises. They understand that a lot goes into making a marriage special and provide the best quality cards to help you set the apt tone for your marriage.
Seven promises wedding invitation with elephant

3. Indian Wedding Store

Third on our list is the Indian Wedding Store, a marketplace where manufacturers sell directly to clients. Hence, variety in card designs is one thing that you should definitely expect when visiting the Indian Wedding Store.
Indian wedding store- wedding invitation

4. Regal Cards

They design wedding cards that are unique and also a perfect match for the theme of your wedding. They provide samples before bulk printing so that you can be sure about the quality.
Regal cards - marriage invitations

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5. Card Affairs

Card Affairs has a young team that always comes up with vibrant and creative ideas. If you are looking for a beautiful and colourful wedding card then this is one website you should definitely take a look at.

Card affairs dot in - Wedding cards

finger Print Ring


6. Seven Colors

Seven Colors has a highly trained and creative staff which offers personalized service for every client. Besides delivering in India, they also ship cards to America, Europe, Africa, and South Asian countries.
Indian wedding cards online

7. Universal Wedding Cards

With three decades of experience, Universal Wedding Cards is known globally for their quality designs. Their cards are reasonably priced with ingenuity of design and breathtaking finish being the other highlights.
Universal wedding cards

8. Parekh Cards

A renowned brand in India, Parekh Cards has been in the card market for twenty years now. The cards offered here cater to the rich cultural diversity of India and come with the promise of quality.
Prekh cards

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9. Kards

A design service from Chembur, Mumbai, Kards is a perfect choice if you are looking to custom design your wedding invitation card. They provide both print friendly and social media versions of your card.

Wedding Invitations

10. Madhurash

Madhurash came into existence in 1983 and since then has not looked back. They believe in creation, innovation and pioneering work. And their wedding invitation cards always reflect their positive ideals.

Madhurash wedding invitation


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