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As couples prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day, there is more love in the air right now than at any other time of the year. People may exhibit more open displays of affection in public to show how much they care for one another, whether it’s holding hands while walking or kissing in a park. Because of these behaviours, people frequently refer to such couples as “a pair of lovebirds,” but why?


If you assumed that the word’s etymology could be linked to a specific bird species, you would be correct. Several little, short-tailed parrot species are referred to as “lovebirds,” and the majority of them have mostly green, blue, or grey plumage. The parrots are indigenous to Madagascar and Africa. These birds are well-liked as cage birds among pet owners.

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These birds are renowned above all for their incredibly kind interactions with one another. Couples normally have a very close bond and are lifelong partners. Couples will frequently sit together and groom or pet their partner. We refer to analogous human conduct using the same term because of these overt displays of affection.


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Geoffrey Chaucer, an English poet who lived in the 14th century, is credited with creating the first link between St. Valentine’s Day and romantic love, and lovebirds are involved! Henry Ansgar Kelly, a medievalist at UCLA, claims that King Richard II used Chaucer in his court. Chaucer created the poem “Parlement of Foules” (also known as “Parliament of Fowls”) on May 3, 1382, one year after the king announced his engagement to Anne of Bohemia. In it, he draws comparisons between human mating rituals and those of birds.

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For this occurred on Seynt Valentyne’s Day, “when every foul cometh there to choose his mate,” wrote Chaucer. For St. Valentine’s Day, when every bird goes there to find a partner, this occurred. The poem made the implication that birds come out to mate and form relationships on St. Valentine’s Day. Chaucer included springtime images in his poem because he connected St. Valentine’s Day in Genoa, Italy, with the king’s engagement on May 3. Feb. 14 eventually became the day for lovers and the commemoration of St. Valentine’s life, most likely due to confusion with another St. Valentine.


The phrase “lovebirds” was thereafter adopted to refer to both types of people. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a notable instance of the term’s use in reference to birds is in the 1595 line from John Lyly’s comedy-drama The Woman in the Moone, “Ile offer thee… Birds of love whose feathers will be beaten into gold. As stated in an 1858 reference in the December issue of Harper’s Magazine: “What are the love-initials, bird I wonder?” the phrase is frequently used to refer to amorous couples. “Lovebirds” has a long history and a long heritage when it comes to romance, especially for a term that is so frequently used. You ought to retain it.


The Valentine’s Day symbol is a pair of birds in love. Valentine’s Day, often known as the “day of love,” has long been connected with cupid, flowers, candy, hearts, and not forgetting, the “birds of love.” While some claim that the lovebirds, a species of parrot, genuinely symbolise Valentine’s Day, others think the dove is the more appropriate symbol for this day of romance.

Since the Middle Ages, when humans thought that all birds made their mating decisions on Valentine’s Day, there has been a connection between birds and the holiday. Although certain birds, such as the mistle thrush, blackbird, and partridge, do mate in the middle of February, the majority of birds mate in the spring and summer. People decided to choose doves or lovebirds as a symbol for this day out of all the birds that mate in the middle of February.

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No matter which of the two species it is, they all have one thing in common: We always see these lovely feathered friends of ours in pairs. are therefore the perfect representation of love, ecstasy, dedication over time, loyalty, and care. Isn’t it fun to see adorable baby birds cuddling and making love?


It is soft. It’s passionate. It’s the one day of the year when everyone thinks exclusively about love. And, to be really honest, it can be too much. There can be a lot of pressure on February 14th, whether you’ve been married for years, you just started dating, you’ve only been in a situational relationship, or none of the above. You can always depend on jewellery to help you get through the day, though.

Purchase something to convey your feelings without using words. Or just say it; we don’t mind. Jewellery is the emotional and physical expression of affection. It has meaning in a very literal sense. There are many possibilities, so it doesn’t matter if you want to buy a modest gesture of love or a statement item.

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What is more appreciated than chocolate as Valentine’s Day gift that lasts longer than roses? Exactly as you predicted, customized jewellery for valentines day! She will adore the thoughtful touch of personalised engraved jewellery that demonstrates your concern for her.

Valentine’s Day is a unique celebration of love. This day is an ode to that warm, fuzzy feeling we have with the people who matter in our lives. Love may not necessarily be restricted to romantic relationships; it may also be found in the small displays of affection we receive from members of our family, coworkers, or even our housemates. This Valentine’s Day 2023, show your gratitude with a strong deed. Enjoy it by wearing these jewellery items that represent your love every day.

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Lovebirds generally refer to a romantic partnership, however, this is not the only meaning. They stand for a particular transcending friendship built on devotion and free will. This can represent the ties that bind best friends who have vowed to stand by one another through thick and thin.

Some of us never take our jewellery off since it is literally near to our hearts. There’s no doubt that some items go beyond mere accessories, whether it’s a ring or necklace with a significant emotional significance. Gifts of personalised jewellery for Valentine’s day 2023 serve as physical remembrances of the people we cherish and the moments we cherish. Additionally, incorporating customisation into the mix guarantees that a bauble’s significance is maintained for future generations. Therefore, if you’re unsure of what to give for Valentine’s Day but still want to, consider personalised jewellery.

The perfect time to celebrate that special someone who makes your heart skip a beat is on Valentine’s Day. The best presents are found in the smallest boxes, whether you’re attempting to ignite a brand-new romance or commemorate years of marriage.

Jewellery is a wise choice when looking for thoughtful Valentine’s Day 2023 gifts for your loved someone. To hit the mark, though, you must locate something that has significant significance and reflects their unique style. AuGrav will help you select a heartfelt valentine’s gift that will make this Valentine’s Day 2023 to remember.

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