5 Tips And For Selling Your Antique And Estate Jewelry February 7, 2023 – Posted in: Blog

Antique jewelry is jewelry that is at least 100 years old, whereas estate jewelry is one that’s been passed down. The similarity between them is that they’ve been previously owned. 

At some point in owning this jewelry, you might’ve decided to get rid of some of the pieces, perhaps to declutter, dispose of it after the owner’s death, or boost your finances. Selling used jewelry isn’t similar to selling new jewelry. So how do you sell antique and estate jewelry?

Here are tips to assist you:

  • Find A Reliable Seller

Selling your estate jewelry by yourself can prove challenging. You might be forced to go door to door, which could be tiring. It’s best to work with a reliable seller or buyer, such as White Pine, who’ll assist you in getting rid of your jewelry. 

You can also work with a pawnshop or a jeweler, or use a selling platform. All options will work as long as they’re legitimate. You don’t want to be conned out of your money. 

It’d help to look at the seller’s reputation, whether a person or platform. Online reviews from their current and previous clients can help you determine their reliability and legitimacy. Refrain from working with any jeweler with negative or more negative than positive reviews. In this case, perfection in service delivery is key. 

  • Understand Your Jewelry

Before selling your jewelry, learn as much as you can about it. The details you learn will give you the power to negotiate prices and get the best deal. 

First, identify the kind of jewelry you have. Is it gold or silver? Does it have any gemstones? If yes, which are these stones? These aspects greatly determine the value of your pieces. The more exotic they are, the higher the value. 

Consider researching the average price of your jewelry in your region based on its properties. Doing so gives you a rough idea of how much your pieces will cost. You’ll get an idea of the ideal asking price. 

Jeweller hand polishing and cleaning jewelry diamond ring with micro fiber fabric

  • Appraise Your Jewelry

Appraising entails determining the value of your jewelry. It’s best done by a professional. The professional will analyze the physical properties of your pieces and use the information to evaluate them.

As you appraise jewelry, you need to be wary of whom you hire for the job. Some appraisers are con artists and might overprice it to get a cut from the sale. It’s likely the case if the person valuing your jewelry is the same one who’ll buy them or is connected to the buyer. That’s why you should work with a reputable third party. 

It’d help to get recommendations from friends and family who’ve previously sold their antique or estate jewelry. It narrows your search and increases the chances of getting a reputable appraiser. 

  • Repair Your Jewelry

The jewelry is likely to have some major or minor issues here and there. Addressing them is important if you want the best price from the sale. 

Some of the repairs will require professional services, but there might be others, like clasp issues and chain tangling, that you can address independently. Suppose a metal piece is missing from your jewelry. Consider hiring a professional to glue it back to place if it’s not lost. If it’s lost, they’ll find the perfect replacement that matches the other stone pieces. 

  • Clean Your Jewelry

A perfect appearance is key to fetching the best price for your antique and estate jewelry. One way of achieving perfection is cleaning your pieces. 

Start by assessing your jewelry; identify any issues they might have in your eyes. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, and identify what will put you off about the jewelry. Is the jewelry stained and dull? Does it have dirt embedded, or is it discolored? Issues like these may elicit the wrong emotions from the buyer and affect the price they’re willing to pay for it.

If you’re removing stains, use mild solutions. Harsh solutions, like ones containing chlorine, can damage your pieces. Polishing your jewelry should also be part of the cleaning. Be gentle as you polish to prevent scratching or chipping any gemstones on the jewelry. 

Consider seeking professional jewelry cleaning services. These providers have the skills and tools to work on your jewelry without damage.


Acquiring jewelry might have been quite an investment, especially if made from precious stones. The sale of this jewelry should give you the best money based on your initial investment.  

However, getting absolute value for your money depends on many factors. This article discusses how to go around these factors to ensure you get the best deal from selling your jewelry. Implement them as you sell your jewelry; the process is faster and easier.

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