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Planning a memorable wedding can be challenging as it involves numerous daunting tasks. From booking the right venue to getting the best attire, DJ, and MC, pre-wedding plans are unarguably something most people wouldn’t love to handle themselves. 

However, you can deliver an impressive job if you start early and you have a checklist of what to do and when to do them. 

Hence, this article discusses things to do to have one of the most memorable weddings in town. It also encourages early wedding preparation. 

Enough of the introduction; here you go…


  • Decide Your Budget

Here’s the first thing to do while preparing for your wedding, although some would say it’s too early. Discuss with your spouse and decide how much to spend on the wedding ceremony. 

Your budget will determine how many guests to invite, the kind of ceremony (low-key or grand style), the variety of food, and the event hall. 

  • Create a Rough Guest List 

Create a rough list of people you want around when you say “I do”. You might limit the list to 50, 100, or more people based on your budget. Close and well-respected personalities should top the list, and make sure you don’t forget anyone. 

  • Discuss The Theme And Color Scheme With Your Partner 

A wedding ceremony requires many deliberations between the couple and the planning committee. Discuss the color scheme and the overall wedding theme with your spouse before settling for one. 

Don’t select a theme on the spot, be creative about it. Follow wedding trends on Pinterest, Instagram, and other Social media for inspiration. 

Then, settle for a color scheme that best portrays your fashion tastes and beliefs as a happy couple. 


  • Book Wedding Photographer and Videographer

It isn’t early to book a photographer ten months before the wedding. Find an experienced and expert photographer who will deliver top-notch service on the day. 

Factors to consider when looking for a wedding photographer include prices, experience, image quality and style, tools, and credentials. Deposit half payment and secure his services for the glorious day. 

  • Search and Book Your Wedding Venue 

Find the best venue for your wedding. The things to consider while searching for a venue for your wedding include security, convenience, price, cut-off time, nearness to hotels or guesthouses, restrictions, etc. 

Having found the right location, deposit part payment to avoid losing it to other celebrants. 

  • Purchase Wedding Insurance 

Wedding insurance is a service that protects everything you’ve purchased for the day. It will cover your wedding dress, engagement ring, and other materials in the deal. 

With this insurance service, you will get maximum protection for all the items you purchased early. 


  • Take the Legal Step by Visiting the Registry

You can’t marry your lovely woman without visiting the registry office to make it legal. You and your lovebird should visit the wedding registrar and ‘give notice’ about your intention. 

Pay for marriage certificates, and the registrar will give you a form to fill out. Fill out the form with accurate information and submit it at least a month before the day. 

Visiting the registry seven months before the wedding will give the registrar sufficient time to create all the required documents and certificates. 

  • Book a Wedding Band or DJ 

Here is another pre-wedding task you should complete as soon as possible. Book a DJ or wedding band to entertain your guests during the day. 

The price, wedding type, and guests’ preferences will determine whether to go for a DJ or a wedding band. 

  • Book a Catering Service

Hire a catering service for your wedding if the event hosts won’t provide them. Take your time to find the best catering service providers because they will play a significant role in your desire for a memorable event. 

Endeavor to engage in a menu-tasting session with the preferred caterers before booking their services. 

Other things to do within the time frame include booking a florist, wedding cake supplier, lighting technicians, and make-up artist for your wedding. 


  • Choose the Date 

It’s time to choose the wedding date. Discuss with your spouse, both families, and the presiding priest. All parties must collectively select a day for the wedding. 

  • Produce Your Wedding Invitation Cards 

Get an experienced and reliable graphic designer to create attractive wedding invitation cards for the wedding. 

Ensure the chosen designer will deliver all the cards five months before the day so you can send them to deserving guests. 

  • Create a Final Guest List

Create a final list of people you want at your wedding reception. Don’t hesitate to reduce the initial guest list if necessary. 

  • Invite Your Guests 

Invest all the personalities in your final guest list by sending them well-designed wedding cards.


  • Purchase Your Wedding Suit and Attires

This is the best time to get your wedding attire, including a suit, shoes, tie, etc. Things to consider while shopping for a fitted wedding suit include your size, groomsmen’s dress (it should be different from yours), other attires. 

  • Assign Wedding Roles 

Assign wedding roles once the ceremony is three months away. Choose the best man, bridesmaid, groomsmen, ushers, flower girls, made of honor, officiants, etc. 

Don’t select anyone randomly. Choose reliable people who will make the preparation seamless and perfect. 

  • Book Accommodation for Your Guests 

Some of your guests live in faraway cities and countries. Hence, provide a comfortable place for them. 

Book conducive accommodations for guests who will spend one or two days before or after the event. Similarly, you can book transportation for the guest if you are financially buoyant. 

Other things to do five months before the wedding include booking a honeymoon destination, deciding a wedding gift list (optional), and getting the master of ceremony. 


  • Purchase the Wedding Ring and Other Accessories 

The wait is almost over, and you can’t leave any stone unturned. It’s time to get a wedding ring that reflects your undying love for your soon-to-be partner. 

You can check out various online stores if you don’t want to stress yourself and want to be spoilt with several options for beautiful and durable wedding rings. However, make sure the online store is reputable and has positive online reviews.

Also, to get the best wedding bands, you can go for stores that are gender-specific such as mensweddingbands.io

  • Create Your Menu List 

Create the list of foods you want to serve your guests. Make sure your chosen caterers can cook everything on your menu list. 

  • Write Your Vows

Vows are an integral part of modern-day wedding ceremonies. Hence, be creative enough to write romantic and memorable vows your bride will love to hear daily. 

  • Give DJ Your Preferred Music List

You’ve chosen your DJ but don’t forget to give him the list of songs he should play. Your music list should include songs that reflect everything about you and the bride. 

  • Create a List of Programs 

Discuss with all the parties involved while creating the list of programs. Don’t ignore the MC; he might have one or two suggestions based on his experience. 

  • Make Full Payments 

Settle all bills from the venue to photographers, caterers, DJs, etc. Ensure you sort everything out to avoid paying debt after the wedding. 

  • Book a Special Limo Service for Newly-wedded Couple 

This transportation service guarantees a romantic ride to your new home. 

  • Ensure Everything Is Ready for the Day 

Ensure everything and everyone is ready for the big event. The bridesmaids and the best man should be set at this point while the venue is properly arranged for the day. 

Purchase every small item like ring-bearer accessories, flower-girl accessories, cake stands, knives, etc. 

Test everything, select Bible verses for the day, and get assurance from all the officiants and wedding committee.  


You will have a good wedding if you complete all the tasks at the right time. All the best…

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