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Every bride wants a fairy tale wedding and she wants to be the princess in it. When we are talking about a summer wedding, we have lots to play with! The pretty pastels, the pop of colour and sparkling sultry fabrics! Here, we list 5 summer-chic bridal sarees for you to have a look on! Ladies, have a peek at this gorgeous bridal spread for the bridal avatar you are looking for! Whether you are aspiring for sultry, sexy or sweet look-we are going to make every bride-to-be happy with the Indian bridal sarees!

Paint a pretty picture in this beautiful Banarasi Saree, the epitome of a bridal saree. The resplendent silk blended with golden zari threads to bring you the brightest and most vivid of fabric. A dream of every bride and an heirloom for every mother here is a list of wedding saree images and bridal sarees online!




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The silk yarn and zari threads manipulated in the loom, the finesse of human touch and efforts! This is all it takes to bring you a handcrafted marvel to give you a princess-like feel on your D-day. A saree that is not your conventionally red – but again, who wants to be conventional? Set your own rules and flaunt your style while living your traditions the way you want to!



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A piece of a timeless classic for your golden moments! The pink and peach bridal silk sarees for your summer-chic bridal statement! Redefine elegance and strike a dramatic pose! A little drama, -this is what Indian marriages are about, right?




Tired of ‘been there, seen there’jewellery? It is possible to break the norm, take an alternative approach and still look breathtaking as ever! Here is the much-needed breakthrough of floral jewellery for the romantic of the hearts, and designer sarees for wedding party that are very contemporary in a traditional way!




Want to be the unfussy bride and still don’t want to let go of the princess-worthy outfit that you deserve to wear on your big day? Why fear, when pink wedding sarees for the bride is here! Red is passé and the hottest colour on the block for bridal saree is pink- in every shade possible! Here we have – hot pink in pure matka silkKeep your cool when you see the heartbeats racing and temperature rising due to sheer hotness!


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Top up your look with sequin-embellished, barely-there cholis and teasingly sheer blouses along with South Indian wedding sarees online shopping! Be the blend of sweet and saucy! Why take the higher road, if you have a middle ground taking you right at the destination – your summer-chic bridal wardrobe and buy wedding silk sarees online! Check out for wedding saree collection with a price.

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