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Getting incredible wedding ring photos time after time can take a toll.  Finding the right background, lighting, and settings for the wedding rings is just as stressful as planning the perfect shot for your couple.

When it comes to showing off that bling, we know a thing or two about doing it right!  One of the first photos we make sure to always capture on your wedding day is a photo that shows off your bands together.

Wedding photography is all about the details—from capturing the happy tears in your eyes to the velvety petals of your blooming bouquet.  Another one of those unforgettable big day details? Your engagement ring and wedding bands, of course!  Before those bands are slipped onto your fingers as a symbol of your eternal devotion to one another, have your photographer snap a sweet shot of those diamond dazzlers where they can truly shine.

So we’re showing you how we capture some of our favorite shots, plus give you a ton of inspiration photos to try.  Show off your bands with these fun backdrop ideas.



Archie and Sansan of the Manila, Philippines-based wedding videography service sent in this little bit of inspiration for wedding ring shots.  It’s a collection of their best clips and concepts, many of which are “not for the faint hearted” (the couple says they won’t ever try some of the clips again).

Their goal was to make “heart stopping” ring shots for newlyweds by using fire, water, and gravity in creative — but risky — ways. Everything was captured.




Bride’s love incorporating other elements of their wedding day in their photographs whether it be portraits or detail shots.  Use the bouquet as a backdrop for wedding ring photos or place the ring inside one of the flowers.


Photo Credits : Ring Photography


For a more personalized wedding ring picture try utilizing your couple’s wedding invite. Come in handy to keep the rings in place without you having to try and spend 30 minutes trying to make them balance.


Photo Credits:



Using LED string lights in portraiture to emulate sun flare or golden hour, but just as we discussed earlier, the more compression when photographing wedding rings, the better. Place the spread apart lights behind close to a foot behind the rings to get the best result.


Photo Credits:


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Think about how to take a photo through a ring?  This photo does not belong to the traditional ones.  It doesn’t suit every couple and only some people really like it. But there is something special about it.  The ring in this photo is a symbol of the family’s future.  And also, this is a great idea for a romantic wedding kiss.  For such a picture you can use a natural background or a summer landscape.


Photo Credits: Lisa west Photography



Take creative wedding ring shots using a simple background to attract all the attention to the rings. Take some close-ups, placing them on a glass surface.  Most photographers use black smooth backgrounds.  It helps to focus on the main attribute.  Don’t forget to play with the reflection for a complete picture.


Photo Credits: True Photography



The choice of the wedding date is an important question for most loving couples, so they are superstitious about it.  You can take creative wedding ring photos on the background of a greeting card or an invitation that reminds of the date, or use the calendar, daily newspaper, or any props, which mark a significant day.  Talk with the newlyweds and choose the desired format. Prepare all the necessary props in advance.


Photo Credits :



A brilliant Bokeh circle makes wedding ring photos so fairytale and romantic! I find this background the best choice for wedding macro photography.  If you really want to get really creative, go for big bokeh, those soft round blurred shapes in the background.  If you failed to do bokeh while shooting, apply Bokeh Photoshop overlays while photo retouching.

Photo Credits :


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Place two hands and two rings in the frame. This image of engagement ring photos on hands symbolizes the family harmony. This is a common photo, but nothing will show so much love and support. Having taken close-up pictures of beautiful hands with rings, do not forget to draw attention to the wedding bracelet and manicure of the bride.


Photo Credits: Pinterest



The shooting location or the time of year is quite important for a wedding day.  So, why not relate pictures of wedding bands with them?

Photo Credits :Fresh Look Photography


You can take a picture of the place where you celebrate the event and relate some environmental elements.  It can be autumn leaves, summer flowers, and even beach sand. It’s a nice idea to take wedding rings photographs with the symbol of the place where the newlyweds met, or the place of their engagement.

Whether sitting amongst your getting-ready gear, nestled within your bouquet’s blooms or laying on a handwritten love note from your spouse, the wedding bling takes center stage here! These ultra-unique snapshots go way beyond just a zoomed-in pic of your golden bands.  Instead, they capture not only the beauty of your new bling but all that they represent as a whole. Wedding rings are finally getting their close-up! 

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