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Before you say ‘I do’ to your partner for life, there’s something else that’s waiting for your lifelong commitment… wedding jewellery that you will buy.

Not only are you buying jewels to deck up for your wedding, if you make the right investment, jewellery can be a valuable asset in the future. That’s why, when you are going to buy wedding jewellery, you need to be patient, and follow a patient step by step process to know if you are making the right choice. Make sure you have comprehensive detailed wedding checklist handy before you start the planning.


Invest in Wedding Rings

Wedding bands are becoming a fast favorite — and if you invest in gold rings, (white, yellow or rose) its value will increase in the future. Gold rings have an evergreen fashion appeal. Platinum rings also add to the classical, timelessness of wedding jewellery and are also a great investment.



Purchase the Wedding Jewellery First, Lehenga Later

Since your wedding jewellery is a huge investment, choose a timeless piece that will become a cherished family heirloom and valuable investment. If you choose bridal jewellery based on your wedding dress, you will end up choosing a piece that might be trendy but might or might not be a good investment.




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But First, Set Your Budget

It is very tempting to go overboard when you are out shopping for wedding jewellery, but that’s how doing some pre-shopping research will help. Look through the internet and research the average cost for the kind of jewellery you have in mind and then calculate if it will fit in with your overall wedding budget. Having a spending limit helps when you’re going jewellery shopping.


Pick the Right Pattern

The appeal and timelessness of your wedding jewellery are essential but what style you buy depends on your individual taste.

However, here are a few pointers to make sure you are making the right investment.

  • Remember if you are getting your bridal jewellery made, then the cost will rise if the pattern is more intricate.
  • Semi-precious stones, crystals will add to the price but sadly the making cost, semi-precious stones will have no value when you want to resell.

Ensure Quality

The most significant emphasis on bridal jewellery shopping should be on buying quality jewellery, or else it will be worthless in a few years. A helpful pointer is to buy gold from a jeweller certified from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).


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Don’t Be Over Enthusiastic About Bridal Jewellery As an Investment

Yes, it’s your wedding day, and you deserve to pamper yourself. The sentimental value of bridal jewellery is unmatched. But don’t go overboard with it. While gold and diamond jewellery is a good investment, you can also consider investing in gold such gold bars or coins whose resale value will be better. Gold bars and coins are generally 24 carats, while wedding jewellery is 22 carats; hence, the resale value of jewellery will always be less.

Gold is an excellent investment since it retains its value over time and has excellent potential for return. If you want to invest in buying a timeless piece of jewellery, but you don’t have to dig into your savings or worry about how a large part of your wedding budget will be spent on bridal jewellery, you can instead opt for a wedding loan that you can repay in easy, monthly EMIs.

And when you are buying your bridal jewellery, one thing is important — have fun while you do it.

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