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Unquestionably romantic our wedding bands. Your relationship status can be seen on your left hand, typically adorned with jewels and displayed in gold- or platinum-coloured jewellery. Wedding rings symbolise marriage in many cultures around the world that are emotionally charged.

It might come as a surprise to realise that wedding ring traditions have a long history given how commonplace they still are. Together, let’s travel back in time to learn more about the charm of this vintage love token.


Marriage bands stand for eternity. These symbolic jewellery items are circular bands with no beginning and no end and signify the wearer’s unwavering loyalty to their partner. The ring’s inner open circle symbolises the couple’s future together.

Thousands of years ago, in Ancient Egypt, the first ring exchange was recorded. The “vena amoris” (literally, “the vein of love”), according to ancient Egyptian belief, is a vein that runs through the third finger of the left hand and directly to the heart.

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While couples customarily exchange rings while exchanging vows, the ceremony emphasises the importance of the wedding band. There is no doubt about your unwavering dedication to one another after this profound encounter.

Wedding ring customs show that the wedding band’s importance endures long after the nuptials have taken place. Long after the wedding, a husband or wife may choose to keep wearing their wedding band as a sign of their unwavering devotion and as a way to express their love for their spouse.


The third finger from the thumb, popularly known as the “ring finger,” is where the wedding band has traditionally been worn. This finger also typically holds the engagement ring. The majority of people (including those in the UK) wear the ring on their left hand, though this varies across nations and cultures.


This custom dates back to the Roman era when many people thought that this finger and the heart were connected by a vein. Even though it has subsequently been established that this is inaccurate, many individuals still find the notion romantic and continue to wear their wedding rings on this finger.


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The custom of wearing one’s wedding ring on the right hand is often attributed to the ancient Romans. In those days, the left hand was thought to be unreliable, untrustworthy, and sad. Similar to this, it was traditional in India for many years to only wear rings on the right hand since the left hand was viewed as “impure.”

Thankfully, the stigma associated with wearing a ring on the left hand has diminished over time. Yet, some nations and cultures continue to favour using the right hand over the left or a combination of the two. For instance, in Germany and the Netherlands, wedding rings are worn on the right hand and beautiful engagement rings are worn on the left hand.


Though it goes against convention, an increasing number of couples are choosing to adorn their wedding bands with jewels, particularly diamonds.

Diamond wedding rings are well-liked for two main reasons, the first of which is that they complement diamond engagement bands well (if the bride chooses to wear the two together). Second, because of its unmatched endurance, the diamond is frequently regarded as a potent emblem of everlasting love.

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However, choosing a diamond wedding band might not be right for everyone, especially for of those whose jobs forbid wearing any ostentatious jewellery. Moreover, many grooms can choose a straightforward plain band, so if you’re keen on getting identical wedding bands, be sure to take this into account!


It’s time to discuss wedding ring customs for men, away from the ladies. Men wore wedding bands extremely infrequently in the past. It refers to the wedding ring’s earlier, more archaic connotation when the bride wore it to represent her husband’s ownership of her.

This all changed during World War II when many troops began donning wedding bands to act as a reminder of their wives while away on duty. After the war, this fashion persisted, and now, men’s wedding rings are considerably more typical.

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Nonetheless, a lot of guys still choose not to wear a wedding band. In the UK, Prince William is a well-known example whose straightforward justification was that he simply didn’t like wearing jewellery at all.

Many men opt to forgo rings for the exact same reason, while some will settle for a simple wedding band as a token of their love for their spouse. After all, a wedding band doesn’t have to be worn all the time; it can be taken off for specific occasions or even worn solely during the wedding ceremony.


The custom of wearing your wedding ring has been observed by practically all cultures worldwide for many generations. It is clear from history that the practice of wearing a wedding band has not changed much in recent decades. Instead, it has been in effect for a long time.

Have you ever considered the cause of this, though?

What makes this ring so important, exactly?

You should wear your wedding band for the following reasons:


Wedding rings serve as a reminder of your devotion to your spouse. Since the middle ages, when the groom would give the bride and her family an expensive ring to demonstrate his dedication to the marriage and that he would never walk away from this bond, wedding rings have served as symbols of devotion. Having the ring on you at all times demonstrates that you are upfront about being in a committed relationship and that you are not afraid to flaunt it. The ring represents your commitment to your partner. The ring on your finger can act as a constant reminder to the partner of your love for them and your commitment to them.

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An additional indication of devotion, love, and affection is wearing a wedding ring. Wearing your wedding ring conveys that you are committed to your spouse and that they have a vital meaning in your life, even though marriage is not always seen as the result of love in some situations or countries around the world. Also, the ring can practically serve as a memory by prompting you to think back on all the wonderful occasions you have spent with your spouse in the past, especially during those times when you miss them most. The ring not only symbolises holy matrimony but also conjures up happy memories for you and your spouse.


Your wedding band may serve as a reminder for you to consider the choices you make with your spouse in mind. You have an additional duty to consider your partner’s respect now that you have a wedding band on your finger. You must recognise that you are no longer single and that your choices can have an impact on both you and a loved one. As a result, you must stop to consider your actions before making them and ask yourself, “Am I treating my partner with respect by making this choice?” Maintaining your partner’s best interests at all times helps ensure that your relationship or marriage is stable. Respect is essential not only in marriage but in any relationship.

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You might then consider purchasing a matching set if the bride and groom are both eager to wear wedding bands.

According to wedding ring customs, having wedding bands that coordinate signifies that you two have united as one. It may also demonstrate your compatibility by demonstrating that your tastes are comparable. You might not, however, be able to locate a ring that is ideal for the two of you. You might be drawn to quite distinct ring styles if your hands have extremely varied skin tones, sizes, and personal tastes. There’s nothing wrong with choosing non-coinciding wedding bands in this situation. You will wear your wedding bands for the rest of your life after all.

Finally, your wedding band serves as a symbol of your undying love, devotion, and respect for your spouse as well as a protective barrier against any unwelcome or unfavourable forces. In the end, your marriage has nothing to do with the ideal diamond ring, gold, or any other metal; what matters most is the love shared by your spouses, not the ring you give them.

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