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Indian weddings have always included a mix of customs, ceremonies, rituals, celebrations, and of course, a lot of planning. The definition of an Indian wedding has, however, slightly changed over time. The traditional, familial Indian weddings have evolved into enormous “Big Fat Indian Weddings,” despite the fact that the essence is still very much there.

There has been a significant change as a result of this transformation into the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Weddings are no longer just family affairs. The role of uncles and cousins running wedding errands right from the regular tailor stitching of the wedding lehenga, the ‘mithai-wale’ making the sweets and the mums and aunts doing the makeup, just about everything has undergone a major change. The days of calling the “Biggest Celebrities” by their names to make sure that your wedding was the most talked-about event in the appropriate “Social Circles” are long gone.

The opulence and grandeur displayed in these films are what motivates the “In order to create the NEXT LEVEL wedding experience for the bride and groom as well as all the hosts and guests, not-so-celebrity couples invest a significant portion of their family’s savings in such weddings. Because we now view weddings as an event, there has been a rapid shift in the “so-called” celeb wedding trend.

“Weddings have become more Bollywoodized, and the Millennialization process has begun. The splendour and extravagance associated with such common “The modernization of Big Fat Indian Weddings is just around the corner. Currently, clients are looking for experiential agencies rather than traditional wedding designers.


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Families are preparing to embrace the new trends that will pave the way for Indian Weddings 2.0, from the use of technology, social media, or experience planning, to hiring the right planner & designer who would integrate the right partners to make your wedding worthy of being talked about or covered by the right platforms online.


Another emerging trend is for couples to monitor their heart rates while watching their partner walk down the aisle at the wedding by donning tech wearables (heart-rate bands). The video editors who create the wedding film after the complete celebration are using this excellent “aww” moment.

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“Virtual save-the-dates can save your life. We began doing this during the pandemic to save money on printing, postage, and a full round of personalised stationery to keep the lines of communication open more quickly in case the plans needed to alter. It seems to have managed to hang on. Sending the save-the-date and receiving responses straight immediately provides an immediate sense of satisfaction. Additionally, it has found it to be very enticing to begin exchanging communications digitally regarding the specifics of the wedding weekend. 


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Weddings are increasing their emphasis on tradition and enjoyment. But welcome parties and rehearsal dinners are all about having fun, with themes. An eco-friendly wedding can simply begin with selecting a venue that lessens the event’s carbon footprint. An outdoor garden is the simplest option for such a location. As foliage serves as a gorgeous backdrop for the wedding, it uses less energy by using less lighting and less décor. A rich green garden, lovely lawn, magnificent vineyard, rolling hills, or any other breathtaking location can encourage a sustainable wedding by reducing the need for decor.

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High-end, carefully selected wedding planning revolves around customization with a focus on the guest experience.  A grandiose wedding may be made to stand out by adding a lot of personal touches. Nearly every aspect of the wedding was customised, including the bride and groom’s attire, and wedding jewellery which was motivated by the proposed location.

A promise is a promise – an eternal bond, timeless, permanent, unbreakable. Whether it’s a romantic promise or a filial one, seal it in gold with this beautiful Promise Gold Coin that marks your relationship. It’s the perfect way to commemorate a relationship and it can be engraved with an important date or other special messages.

Modern mangalsutra is setting the style and serves as a statement piece. As of today, wearing a mangalsutra has become fashionable. Jewellers are also developing various styles, such as the mangalsutra, with a hint of colour using some gemstones in response to expanding movement and requests. In the past, the mangalsutra was frequently worn with  chains.

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Another significant expenditure this season is buying wedding gifts. “Social media is one of the primary factors in determining how one wants to arrange their wedding.

Such weddings have very experiential finer points. Personalization has expanded the market for several additional businesses, like stationery, pillow printing, custom fabrics, and décor, with the goal of creating a wedding’s overall style that genuinely reflects the personalities of the couple.


3D printing technology is shaping the future of jewellery design and fast becoming mainstream in the jewellery industry. If one thought about this a few years back, it would seem like something from a science fiction movie.  However, today, with the help of 3D printers, designers can create unique and stunning pieces of jewellery.

Customers have hugely benefitted as 3D printing offers a great level of customization. Personalised 3D printed jewellery is a brilliant way of expressing your love and affection for your partner on the wedding day. Using 3D printing technology, you can get a great piece of jewellery made as per your taste and expectations. These 3D-printed ornaments feel and look extraordinary and will leave your friends and family amazed.

To make the entire wedding journey for a guest an exciting and lasting memory, interactive technologies, holograms, and innovative installations are being added.

The focus has shifted from discussing the size, scope, and grandeur of Indian weddings to discussing the overall experience and how to make a wedding more new worthy and popular! May the force be with us as we evolve and modernise the Indian Weddings & Wedding Planners sector of the market!

Indian weddings are known for their lavish parties, emotional rituals, delectable fare, and deep emotions. Weddings are increasingly fundamental to grandeur and richness in urban India, where there has been a tremendous paradigm change. With the recent push for sustainability, eco-aware millennial couples, eco-friendly wedding decorations, and suggestions for throwing a sustainable luxury wedding are all on the rise. When planning their wedding, more millennials are seeking environmentally responsible options, such as employing eco-friendly venues, digital invitations for a short guest list, and locally sourced and seasonally appropriate decor.

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